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Megablast vs Megaboom 3: Get The Best Bass Now [2021]

When it comes to portable bluetooth speakers, Ultimate Ears is everyone’s first and last option.

Over the years, UE speakers have delivered quality sound with booming bass in their portable speaker segment.

And today, we shall find your best choice in Megablast vs Megaboom 3 review comparison.

Let’s get started:

Which UE is the Best in Megablast vs Megaboom 3 Comparison?

  • Best Value

    UE Megablast Smart Speaker

    ultimate ears megablast speaker
    • Worth The Money with great sound quality and Amazon Alexa integration.
    • Better than most Echo speakers with 16 hours long battery life.
    • Features Power Button in the center with LED indicator and 45 meters Bluetooth range.
    • Enjoys IP67 rating as it easily survives in 3.3 feet of water for upto 30 minutes.
    • Delivers satisfying balanced sound with plenty of bass power for your favorite party songs and DJ outings. Best for users who have smart home devices and need Alexa for assistance.
  • Best Value

    Megaboom 3 Portable Speaker

    ultimate ears megaboom 3 bluetooth speaker
    • Worth its price with its water-resistant portable design and excellent sounding output.
    • Your perfect pick for outdoor music at the pool, festival, and muddy camping.
    • Features Magic Button so that you play/pause your favorite songs, skip tracks and summon playlists.
    • Fully Dust + Waterproof Build and Design with an IP67 rating.
    • Delivers bass-boosted sound with a terrific sense of rhythm to set the party on fire. No Wi-Fi control or in-built smart assistant like Alexa.

Over the years, UE speakers have delivered quality sound with booming bass in their portable speaker segment.

However, the market is more competitive than ever before. So, now the speaker company has set its foot in the smart device marketplace as well.

UE Megaboom and Ultimate Ears Boom 2 have established their name in the portable speaker portfolio.

But that isn’t enough…

For the next-gen music lovers. We are living in the decade of smart devices with Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone-to-speaker integration, and touch-enabled features.

How can Ultimate Ears lag behind in this growing smart speaker marketplace?

Blast Family smart speakers are launched by Ultimate Ears to diversify its portfolio in its bluetooth speaker regime.

You have landed on this expert speaker review site looking for the best UE speaker to suites your need and is worth the money.

Here you will find the most relevant Bluetooth Speaker Comparison so that you have all the insights in UE Megablast vs Megaboom 3 comparison.

We are always in favor of our users and will provide the speaker comparison which will save your money on the purchase.

You can also check out this UE Bluetooth Speaker comparison for more choices on your shopping list.

We give you the power to select the speaker which you want. It’s that simple.

Let’s dive in for more:

Is Megablast Your Best Smart Speaker?

Ultimate Ears Smart Powerhouse

megablast vs megaboom 3

UE Megablast Review

  • Delivers Satisfying Loud Bass-Filled Sound which can easily fill a crowded room with party music.
  • Amazon Alexa integration with Wifi control so that the next-gen music experience never leaves you even during travel.
  • IP67-rated waterproof and splashproof design so that your pool parties just don’t end the wrong way!
  • Best smart speaker from Ultimate Ears which can last upto 16 hours on a single charge.

Are UE Megablast specs worth it?

UE Megablast Specs
UE Megablast Specs

Design and Overall Features

Megablast smart speaker provides the characteristic UE design with a cylindrical body and sharp contour for the next-gen feel.

There are no wired audio connections in this bluetooth speaker.

There is a reason why we call Megablast the Smart Powerhouse of Ultimate Ears.

You get Amazon Alexa in-built for your smart music experience.

The portable speaker easily pairs with 8 other Megablast or Blast speakers.

The music speaker enjoys an IPX7 rating for a fully waterproof design.

You can use UE Megablast for upto 16 hours on a single charge.

Sound Experience and Audio Output

The best UE smart speaker delivers a bass-powered impressively loud sound for your pool party music.

The speaker juggles the different parts of the audio very well offering a sculpted yet balanced sound.

The smart bluetooth speaker can easily fill a crowded room with maximum volume.

Overall, UE Megablast delivers satisfyingly loud sounds to electrify any party atmosphere.

Short Summary on Megablast Review

Megablast smart speaker is the loudest and largest speaker from Ultimate Ears.

It promises great sound, features Wi-Fi connectivity, and allows Amazon Alexa integration.

Superb portability and gorgeous design make this bluetooth speaker a fit case for your dream smart home.

Who Is UE Megablast For?

Megablast is a stereo speaker which lacks low bass like most other small speakers, but it has a pretty sound profile.

It is amazing for Voice-Assistants thanks to its built-in Alexa support through a Wi-Fi Connection.

The best part?

Alexa can hear your voice even when you are far from the speaker or in a noisy environment quite clearly.

Next, UE Megaboom is excellent for podcasts.

You can hear the voices from all angles thanks to its 360-degree audio directivity. Its neutral sound profile reproduces dialogues very clearly.

(There is only one catch: A Slight Compression at max volume. Better hear your favorite speakers at moderate audible volumes only).

Ok, so what about music and movies?

Don’t worry. These portable speakers are decent in that respect too.

The only problem is that you will not feel the deep thump and rumble in bass-heavy genres like EDM or in action-packed scenes in movies.

This is because it lacks low-bass which I told you of earlier.

Megablast Pros and Cons


  • Great Portable Design with rugged gorgeous style.
  • Delivers powerful sound with plenty of bass power.
  • 16-hour of Battery Life on a single charge.
  • IP67-rated waterproof built. The bluetooth speaker is submerged in 3.3 feet of water for upto half an hour.
  • Comes with a customizable EQ (Boom App).


  • Can distort on deep sub-bass.
  • No speakerphone.
  • Some voice-control features missing.

Megablast FAQs Answered!

Megablast FAQs
Find all answers here!

How Good Is UE Megablast?

Short Answer: Very Good.

Megablast has an outstanding soundstage performance making it best for music listening. Whether you love sweet lyrics or bassy jazz songs, Megablast will keep you covered.

This UE speaker has an amazing directivity due to its 360-degree design, so the sound output is clear and clean from all angles.

Again, this speaker can play stereo content very well and offers a decent dynamics performance.

How Many Megablasts Can You Pair With?

You will be shocked to know that you can pair up to 8 Megablast speakers in one go.

This helps you play the same music in different rooms for a blasting performance.

Any combination of Megablast or blast speakers is supported for pairs.

Does The UE Megablast Float?

No, they don’t really float.

Megablast speakers are waterproof no doubt and you expect a lot of tube time with them for your relaxing musical showers!

You can take them while swimming but they flip upside down and barely treads in water.

How Long Does Megablast Battery Last?

This ultimate endurance speaker from UE gives an unreal 16 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.

The white LED on the front of POWER UP will pulse when you keep your Megablast on charge.

Once it gets 100% charged, the LED Light will show a solid white color.

It typically takes 3 hours to charge so have patience for some amazing music.

What Is The Difference Between Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast?

Well, the first is its size.

UE Blast is a smaller version of Megablast but there is no real difference when it comes to design, features, and ports.

You get far-field voice recognition and Amazon Alexa built-in in both of these UE Speakers.

But UE Blast is more compact and portable than the big Megablast.

However, the winner in this comparison is the big Megablast only, so don’t think it otherwise.

Here are the reasons:

1) 4 hours more battery life

2) 2 more speaker drivers

3) Bigger Driver Unit by 20mm

4) Comes with a noise-canceling microphone

5) Users enjoy an efficient mute function

6) The sound output has more strong and juicier bass thanks to its 30Hz lower low frequency

5)You get a detachable cable in Megaboom, and lot’s more.

Does Megablast Have A Microphone?

You know what?

Megablast is a Alexa-enabled standalone device and doesn’t even require a Dot or an Echo.

You get a smooth far field voice recognition and control experiences with multiple noise-cancelling microphones with beam forming technology.

How Do I Connect And Use Alexa To My Megablast Speaker?

Megablast is an Alexa-enabled device.

This means you don’t have to connect anything to Megablast.

All you need to do is to connect to Wi-Fi (See below).

If you want to you can pair any Bluetooth devices to enable Alexa.

This will set Spotify playing without having to pair any mobile device to it.

Now, to use Alexa:

You will have to use the UE’s free Ultimate Ears app.

That’s it.

This app will walk you through the entire step-by-step process of connecting the device to Wi-Fi, pairing it with BT, and logging into your Amazon account to use Alexa on your portable speaker.

Is Megaboom 3 Your Best Booming Speaker?

UE Portable Speaker

megablast vs megaboom 3

Megaboom Specs

  • Best of the Ultimate Ears Boom product line with excellent sound and great detail.
  • Design is super-lightweight making it your perfect pick for your musical travel.
  • The portable UE speaker lasts upto 20 hours on a single charge for your endless playlists.
  • Users have full control on their music with UE Magic Button.

Are UE Megaboom 3 specs worth it?

UE Megaboom 3 Features
UE Megaboom 3 Features

Design and Overall Features

Megaboom 3 portable speaker is built for outdoor music to enchant and entertain.

Use it during pool parties, festivals, and Mudd camping to enjoying the solid bass sound.

The design of the UE speaker is simple and lightweight so you can carry them during long travels to enjoy the music along.

The design of the Bluetooth speaker is indestructible and chunky.

Ultimate Ears promises you a complete 20 hours of the best sound experience on a full charge.

No water splash worries as IPX7 splashproof certification is there by your side.

Sound Experience and Audio Output

This bluetooth speaker delivers punchy fun-filled impressive sound which can easily fill up an entire room.

The speakers are capable to disperse sound around 360-degrees with an amazing sense of rhythm.

Megaboom 3 comes with an enhanced passive radiator so you get deeper bass in your favorite party songs.

Overall, the speaker company UE assures you a satisfyingly solid sound output for all its users.

Short Summary on Megaboom 3 Review

Remember, booming music is a must for an ecstatic party the whole night.

And UE Megaboom 3 promises that party-up booming sound.

You don’t get any in-built smart assistants but the max sound levels can leave you tapping on your DJ shoes.

Its fun-filled features make it your perfect partner for travel to carry the music along.

Overall, the best portable UE speaker assures us a powerful bass output with 20-hour long battery life.

Who Is UE Megaboom 3 For?

Megaboom 3 is a waterproof portable speaker which is very well-suited doe outdoor use thanks to its long battery life.

You can hear clear sound from all angles clearly thanks to its open and spacious soundstage and 360-degree design.

It has a sturdy build, lightweight, and comes with 17.7 hours of battery life.

Perfect for all the outdoor fun.

(Just like Megablast, you suffer from certain compression at max volume. So be careful of that).

Next, it is great for podcasts. Its balanced mid-range reproduces dialogues very accurately but you get no multi-device pairing.

Finally, it is decent for music and movies with just the same catch as Megablast:

Lack of low-bass which isn’t good for your action-packed scenes it EDM.

But its fairly balanced mid-range reproduces vocals and instruments very accurately. So have fun listening to rap or jazz.

Plus, you can customize the sound as you like through graphic EQ in its companion app.

Megaboom 3 Pros and Cons


  • Easy compatibility with over 150 Megaboom and UE Boom speakers for full Party-Up experience.
  • Super Portable design with excellent sturdy look and feel.
  • 20-hours of Battery Life on a single charge.
  • Easy to use bluetooth speaker with many fun-filled features added.
  • Delivers punchy and loud balanced sound to tune into your party mood.
  • Comes with customizable EQ (Boom App)


  • No Wi-Fi control or in-built smart assistant like Alexa.
  • No 3.5mm jack

Megaboom 3 FAQs Answered!

Megaboom 3 FAQs
Megaboom 3 FAQs

How Do I Make My UE Megaboom 3 louder?

Megaboom is already very loud and bass-heavy.

But what if you want an even louder sound?

Enter: UE Boom 2 App (for Android or iOS).

Use this app to connect your UE Megaboom with any other Ultimate Ear Bluetooth speaker using the “Double Up” feature.

The best part?

You can use this app to power on/off the speaker from a remote distance.

(Perfect for a careless freak like me :))

This app also helps you to set music alarms to wake you up.

Awesome, isn’t it?

How Long Does UE Megaboom 3 Battery Last?

With better bass and enhanced durability, the Megaboom portable speaker has also a very good battery life.

To be precise:

You get 20 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge.

But mind you, you cannot overcharge your Megaboom speaker.

This is because it has a smart Lithium-ion battery that automatically stops the recharge after 100%.

If you think this is good there is something better:

You can play music through UE Megaboom even while charging.

But its battery is not replaceable.

Is UE Megaboom 3 Loud?

I have said this already. But I have no regrets sharing you the details:

Megaboom can get really loud.

Ultimate Ears claims that its maximum volume is 90 decibels.

That’s the sound of a lawnmower working.

Even at 85 decibels of output, its output can easily fill up the entire room making your indoor party go crazy.

However, I measured the maximum volume to be close to 95 decibels.

The sound has a rich bass texture and is tailor-made for DJ or jazz.

But there is one catch:

The output begins to get distorted around 90 decibels.

(Never listen at a max volume too close to the speaker. It can damage your ears).

How Do I Clean UE Boom Speakers?

Follow this step-by-step process:

#1: Take a soft bristle brush and wet it with soap water.

#2: Use this wetted brush to lightly scrub the skin of the UE Speaker.

#3: Wipe off the body with a damp cloth or rinse the soap off the surface fast.

#4: Once it gets cleaned, let the speaker air dry completely before you plug it in for charging.

How Do You Connect 2 Ultimate Ears Megaboom Speakers?

Simple. Just follow this step-by-step guide:

#1: Press and hold the Bluetooth button and Volume+ button of your speaker simultaneously until you hear a tone.

#2: Turn on your second UE Megaboom device.

#3: Now, press the Bluetooth button on your second Megaboom speaker twice.

#4: This will set the 2 Megaboom speakers to communicate with each other.

#5: Once the two speakers connect, you will get an audible confirmation.

And you are all set to blast the same music in different rooms to have a rocking indoor party!

How Long Does It Take For My UE Megaboom 3 Speaker To Fully Charge?

I assume that you are using the same USB Cable as provided in the box for charging.

Plus, I assume that you are using a standard USB Cable (e.g. Laptop).

Using this, it will approximately take 5 hours 30 minutes for a full 100% charge.

You can use USB chargers to charge your device and the output of your USB Charger can affect the charging speed of your speaker.

How Do I Connect Megaboom 3 to my PC?

Follow this step-step process:

Step #1: Turn on the Megaboom 3 Speaker.

Step #2: There is a Bluetooth Button above the power button. Hold down that button until you hear a tone.

Step #3: Now, open your control panel.

Step #4: From the control panel, select Sound and Hardware.

Step #5: Select Devices and Printers.

Step #6: Next, you need to choose Bluetooth Devices.

Step #7: Click on the option, “Add a Device”

Step #8: Finally, you need to select ULTIMATE EARS BOOM from the list of available devices

Step #9: Click on Continue.

And you are done 🙂

And Here Is Your Winner!

Winner UE Speaker
Winner UE Speaker

The specs, features, and pros/cons in this comparison tells us that there is no clear winner in this comparison.

Both the bluetooth speakers are established in the UE product line in their own right.

UE Megablast with Alexa provides the best smart speaker option delivering excellent sound in a gorgeous look like no other.

Powerful Megaboom 3 is a perfect pick for all DJ lovers and hard-core party enthusiasts for its great bass-booming sound.

But how to find your best bluetooth speaker?

How To Find The Best Bluetooth Speaker
Is it difficult?


You just need to find out why you need an Ultimate Ears speaker in the first place.

What prompted you to land on our speaker review to get the best choice.

Based on your preference, you can select the speaker which you want.

Megablast smart speaker is for users who have smart home devices in their control.

They are comfortable using Alexa on other devices.

Most importantly, they are looking for better sound quality than Amazon Echo speakers even if it means spending more than the budget.

Megaboom 3 portable speaker is for hard-core bass lovers.

Full-time party freaks who can sacrifice Wifi-integration and Alexa support to get solid sound with long-lasting battery life.

Users who need portable yet powerful bluetooth speaker to enjoy the stereo sound with full control.

Then, who is the winner in the megablast vs megaboom 3 comparison?

The Megaboom 3 simply because of its solid stereo output and long battery life.

But, hey!

The final choice is yours and you can always choose the smarter Megablast and build a better music environment.

Our needs are changing every day and smart devices are here to stay.

So, there is no harm in giving a second thought to UE Blast family!

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