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Rekordbox VS Serato: Which DJ Software in 2021 is Best For Clubs?

DJ software is rarely found but Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ are the rarest of them all. However, best always remains relevant and today we will find out who wins the Rekordbox VS Serato battle!

But first, the basics. DJ controllers are gadgets used to help DJs blend track with DJ software the use of knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, backlit buttons, contact strips, and different components. Now, know for certain that Rekordbox and Serato DJ are the best DJ softwares available in the market. There are many other brands in the play as well: Pioneer and Numark are to name a few.

Let’s begin the analysis of the two best DJ software available in the market. You will simply love it:

What are the Main Differences Between Rekordbox VS Serato? Which Software is Better?

We all know one thing. Your best choice is always subjective. It depends on what your needs are and how you will use your best choice. Best Choice of no two persons is the same.

So, your best choice for DJ software depends on what are you looking for. For the users who are on a tight budget and want a sleeker and modern version of DJ software, it is better to select Rekordbox DJ.

However, if my readers want a DJ software that is more compatible and reliable with DJ controllers, have no hesitation before selecting Serato DJ Pro.

But one thing is for certain. Both the DJ software controllers are the best of their kind. Feel free to choose your best DJ controller as per your need.

Is Serato the best DJ software For Clubs?


Recall what we said earlier. Both the DJ software are practical and reliable options for any modern DJ. But we are considering Serato DJ Pro for this section. Here are some of its pro features for your best choice:

  • First Launched In the Mid-2000s. It provides a pretty awesome Built-In Feature.
  • Provides one of the broadest DJ software solutions in today’s market.
  • Quite a Friendly User Interface which is packed with Information along with vertical waveform displays with more added features.
  • A Very Stable DJ Software that works well on a range of older machines.

Serato DJ Pro Software is your best possible choice for the DVS world. You may wonder why in this Rekordbox vs Serato comparison. The reason is pretty obvious. It can pair with various kinds of hardware. You have the freedom to expand the functions of your system the way you like.

Before we delve deep into more features of Serato DJ software, here is a quick video explainer to help you setup the system:

Hope this video helps. We have some more Serato DJ Features before you leave:

Serato DJ Pro: Hardware Features

Serato DJ controller does not use the Hardware Options manufactured by Pioneer or Native Instruments. Thus, it provides you with a lot of choices. Going down to the specifics, you will find that Serato DJ Pro uses 16 mixers, 53 controllers, and 4 different interfaces. You will also find more interfaces available with upto 14 accessories. For example FX Controllers.

Serato DJ: User Interface Specs

If you compare with other similar options like Traktor, the interface provided by Serato DJ software is more serious in style and a lot darker.

Obviously, we are beginners. We have only basic knowledge about musical devices and the software based on which it runs. So, you may take a while to be used to the software, but you will eventually make your way out. Why not giving yourself a few hours to experiment with the software?

Enough is enough. We can no longer keep the secrets of the software to ourselves in this Rekordbox VS Serato comparison. The best feature of Serato Software is its browser.

Serato Disco Jockey Software: Stability Features

Every true DJ will know one thing for sure: Stability is always crucial for DJs. Serato DJ software is very stable. Also to the above, the DJ software works well on older machines. We have some examples as well: You can use Serato with MacBook Pro 2011. So don’t wait and upgrade your laptop with Serato. I have done the same as well.

Do Pros use Rekordbox DJ for clubs and music?


Rekordbox DJ sits ably poised on the cutting edge of the industry. The company has successfully able to deliver high-quality audio technology for many respected artists. Let’s find some top-notch features for Rekordbox DJ software:

  • An able output from Pioneer DJ. Rekordbox DJ was initially designed to help Disco Jockeys organize and tracks to USB drives.
  • The compatibility of the Rekordbox DJ is limited to 12 mixers, 22 controllers, and 10 CDJs.
  • Offers many expansion packs such as Rekordbox DVS with Timecode Vinyl Setup and Timecode Control of Scratches.
  • Extension of Pioneer’s free music prep software offering laptop-based control.

Rekordbox DJ software looks ultra-professional with a minimal and sleek appearance. If you look at a side-by-side track view, you will get a nice extra touch. You can use this music software even when you are not connected to a controller or deck.

We have more features of Rekordbox DJ software in this Rekordbox VS Serato comparison to disclose. But first, check this video explainer exclusively made for beginners:

Rekordbox DJ

We know this video will help you, especially if you are a beginner. It’s high time we reveal the main features of Rekordbox DJ Software:

Rekordbox DJ Software: Hardware Specs

The flexibility of the Recordbox is pretty limited but it has a dominance for CDJ mixing. If you will only mix on Pioneer CDJs, Rekordbox is pretty much your option. In the DJ industry, Pioneers are titans of.Hardware and they lot of new-gen pros. Know for certain, that Rekordbox is an extension of free music prep software of Pioneer.

Rekordbox DJ Music: Features of User Interface

Rekordbox DJ User Interface is great because you can always use it when you are not connected to controller or deck. What this means is that you can use Rekordbox Software to try different combos of tunes at any time even when you are just hanging out on the catch.

Rekordbox Disco Software: Why So Stable?

Rekordbox DJ setup is built on the Pioneer framework in Rekordbox VS Serato comparison. If my readers are looking for an ideal CDJ setup, then Rekordbox is the only choice. You will find it lot easier to tap into the solutions of Pioneer CDJ with Rekordbox. And do you know what’s the most interesting thing about it? You can get your gigs going with nothing but a USB stick.

Rekordbox DJ or Serato DJ: Quick Summary On What’s the Best DJ?

We hope that our analysis on two best DJ softwares for clubs and music will help all pros in 2021. For the quick summary, we can say that the Rekordbox vs Serato difference is like the difference between Apple or PC. Rekordbox DJ keeps the pros firmly within it’s own ecosystem whereas the Serato software is more flexible. On quality basis, we can easily recommend Rekordbox DJ software as it’s the market leader when it comes to mixing with pioneer CDJs.

We hope you can make a wise choice out of the two best DJ softwares available in the market. Did this article helped you? Share it in the comments below!

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