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What Headset Does Markiplier Use_

What Headset Does Markiplier Use In 2022? [Steal His Setup😉]

His real name is Mark Edward Fishbach aka Markiplier.

Markiplier has over 16 million loyal subscribers on YouTube.

And today we will be giving you the full details on what headset does Markiplier use.

So continue reading as we reveal some key gaming equipment used by this millionaire Hawaiian.

🚀Headphones Used By Markiplier In 2021: Quick Overview

Markiplier Headphones
Markiplier Headphones

Markiplier is using the Sennheiser HD 599 SE headphones for game commentary from 2018.

They are high-quality headphones and were first launched in 2010 by Sennheiser, a German audio company.

Here we reveal the detailed specs of these Markiplier headphones with pros and cons:

Top Pick
Markiplier Open-Back Headphones

🎮Sennheiser HD 599

Open-Back Headphones

These headphones have a special open-back design delivering a special type of sound for an acoustic experience. Their audio output has a clearer image and has a much wider soundstage.

This pair of Sennheiser headphones are best for critical listening who are keen to observe the subtle nuances in every listening session.

They are perfect for professional mixing sound engineers and audiophiles like me. HD 599 SE delivers performance similar to high-fidelity studio monitors but users don’t suffer from the problem of filling the room with high volume sound.

Users don’t suffer from temperature accumulation in their ear cup and ventilated breathable ear pads make them suitable for serious gaming for a long duration as well.

Overall, buyers get a fantastic value for their money but HD 599 SE is not suited for phone usage due to high impedance.

🤞Want More Details About Markiplier Himself? Check This Out!

Markiplier was born on the 28th of June 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

His father was a German American and served in the U.S. Army.

Fishbach grew up in Milford, Ohio and studied biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati but he dropped out from his course to start his YouTube Career.

Markiplier is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He has primarily known for walkthroughs of horror and indie games like the Five Nights at Freddy’s series and has collaborated with sketch comedy videos as well.

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He earns in millions from his massive subscriber base. He has also donated over a million dollars to charity causes as well.

With a business that solely runs on tech with no real expenses, it is not hard to realize that Markiplier owns a great pair of gaming headphones.

Enthusiastic gamers like you and me are often confused about our buying choice.

So it is easy to know what headphones our favorite YouTubers are using and see whether they will suit our needs as well.

If you came to this page for this very reason, then keep reading below:

📝 What Headset Does Markiplier Use? Detailed Specs

Sennheiser Open-Back Headphones
Sennheiser Open-Back Headphones

Here we will reveal the detailed specs on the headphones used by Markiplier in 2021. These specs are based on customer reviews on Amazon, expert analysis by top reviewers, and our personal assessment, all in one place.

Let’s begin:

💪Build Quality

There are not much changes on the build quality of Sennheiser HD 699 SE from its previous version HD 598.

However, we can find some minor changes being done in the headband design. There is bit more metal used in the headband and around the ear cups.

Moreover, the headband is now covered with a more premium leather coating for high quality design and comfort.

Despite the changes being made, there is still some limitations left in the design. The headset frame still feels a bit weak at the hinges when compared to some other open-back headphones.

We didn’t find these headphones stable enough for heavy outdoor usage like in sports but they work pretty decently for casual music listening.

You get a detachable cable that automatically gets disconnected if it gets hooked up on something.

Ear cups slip off from your ears and sway away from your head if you use them while running or gaming.

So better use them for indoor listening only.

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💫Sound Quality and Design

As said earlier, HD 599 Sennheiser headphones are ideal for neutral listening.

They deliver better bass sound with vocals and other instruments.

Users enjoy a well-balanced audio reproduction and spacious soundstage, thanks to their open-back design.

This pair of Sennheiser headphones offer a decent consistency in the frequency response range again due to its open-back design.

Its design allows the sound to rely less on an air-tight seal to create its low-end.

Coming to its bass accuracy, it offers good performance in bass range making the output more boomy.

Other than the slight bump in the low-mid, its high-mid and mid are almost perfectly reproduced.

Sound imaging and treble accuracy guarantees a wholesome audiophile experience for dedicated listeners.

The design of HD 599 got a slight improvement with a premium look and better padding around the ear cups.

The metal around the ear cups is made of more cheaper material than its HD 598 counterpart but overall, its open-back design is not very different from its previous version.

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No matter you are a gamer or an avid music listener, comfort is a vital aspect to look for before you buy a headphone.

This is also one of the key parameters I look for to review any headset because I just cannot withstand irritation from ear sweat.

Pressure on my head and ears is also another problem. It can cause serious damage to your listening and ruin your entire experience.

HD 599 headphones are very comfortable for long hours of listening. Their ear cups fit comfortably around the ears, are well-padded and have a large oval design.

Users rarely feel any fatigue wearing these open-back headphones even for hours with its amply padded headband which is not too tight on your head.

The padding on the ear cups is skin-friendly and soft thanks to its microfiber fabric coating.

The ear cups allow decent breathability so that you don’t suffer from any ear sweat irritation during extended hours of usage.


I always wondered what is soundstage in audio.

So while reviewing about HD 599 Sennheiser headphones, I looked for its meaning from various sources.

Here is what I found:

Soundstage essentially allows the listener to hear the location of the musical instruments and vocals as he/she listens to any form of music.

It matters in every type of music so never forget to look into soundstage specs before you buy any headset for music.

HD 599 has a decent passive soundstage with amazing openness and ecstatic acoustic space excitation.

This means you can easily enjoy the sounds of classical music and other instrumental sounds with great clarity.

However, these headsets do not offer any virtual soundstage.

🔊Sound Isolation and Leakage

HD 599 does not offer any noise isolation. But that is natural for most open-back headphones.

This means that you cannot use these Sennheiser headphones in noisy environments.

Better use them for indoor listening and usage only just like Markiplier himself.

Just like sound isolation, HD 599 suffers from poor leakage due to its open-back design.

🧑‍🎤Compatibility and other Features

HD 599 Sennheiser headphones has no Bluetooth-enabled feature. Its compatible with PC/PS4 analog and Xbox One Analog in audio only.

It lacks the smart features which is common in modern audio devices.

You get a detachable cable with these headphones which is 4.4ft long and supports Analog Audio.

✅Markiplier Headphones: Pros and Cons


  • Very comfortable with large oval well-padded ear cups and headband design.
  • No heat accumulation on ear cups allowing extended use for marathon music sessions.
  • Delivers high fidelity-audio with flat frequency response and wide realistic soundstage for neutral listening.
  • Equipped with high-quality interchangeable cord which does not get tangled easily.


  • Poor Sound Isolation
  • No Sound Leakage
  • Does not include a microphone
  • High impedance in output restricts phone usage.

Hope you find our review helpful. Now, lets reveal some more premium devices in Markiplier tool box:

🕹️Markiplier Gaming Setup: What Microphone Does Markiplier Use in 2021?

Now, we will provide you some more details on the microphone used by your favorite Youtuber.

See if you can use them to launch your YouTube Gaming Career!

Shure KSM44A Specs
What microphone does markiplier use?

🎙️Shure KSM44A Studio Microphone

Shure is a reputed brand when it comes to microphones and other audio devices.

KSM44A offers great flexibility to its users as it is capable of recording bidirectional, Cardioid, and omnidirectional sound.

The subsonic filters of the mic don’t pick up environmental noises like the sound of a fan moving, so you can record clean and precise audio for YouTube videos.

We found the design of this Shure mic like a large capsule. When paired with a good mic arm with its internal shock amount, KSM44A remains steady and allows users to record dulcet tones without any disturbance.

This Shure mic is made of high quality durable zinc and its grille is made of carbon steel. This makes it perfect even during your most angry moments when you can’t help but flip your desk.

It is equipped with a switchable 15dB pad so that users can adjust their device at any time and handle audio pressure above normal levels without compromising on its sound quality.

In short, if you are like Markplier who screams and hoarse in front of a microphone, choose the Shure KSM44A Studio mic. Its flip feature will save your audience from suffering from hearing loss!


  • Offers great response to record diverse voices with stunning clarity.
  • Robust build quality with carbon steel-made grille and zinc built.
  • Ideal for bassy voices and cuts off screams and noisy sounds.


  • Setup is a bit complicated

🎗️Final Words on Headsets used by Markiplier

Final Words on Markiplier Headphones
Final Words on Markiplier Headphones

We are sure that you have got a detailed insight into the headsets and microphone used by Markiplier.

It is not necessary that you need to select these devices just because it is used by a popular Youtuber. Your requirement may not match them and you may need some other type of headphones.

I am looking for your comments so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Have a good day, readers!

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