Best Open Back Headphones under 200

Top 10 Best Open Back Headphones under 200

Best open back headphones under 200: Music has the power to break boundaries and instill courage and positivity amidst these difficult times. We all want to stay positive, remain hopeful, and fight these difficult times for our Life called the New Normal! In the end, Success comes to those who learn to labor and to wait! And what’s a better way to rejuvenate yourself than to dive in the lyric dance of amusement!

Musicians, artists, and music lovers worldwide are all looking forward to use the digital playground to fight the battle their own way! The Internet is filled with various headphones choices and finding your ideal choice is never easy.

Most of the time, we get overwhelmed and confused with irrelevant referrals and end up buying products that are not worth its price. Taking these genuine concerns of music lovers worldwide, we have decided to present the Top 10 Best open back headphones under 200 for you to choose from! Value for Price matters in times of Pandemic! Click here to get Top 10 Headphones to Buy in 2020.

Let’s get started:

Best Open Back Headphones: A Quick Overview


Claw SM50

  • Brilliant Look and Robust Build Quality.
  • Laced with detachable cables for easy use.
  • Enjoy Music without hindrance with 40mm neodymium drivers.
  • Attend Calls on the move with inline remote + Mic.
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Sennheiser HD 206

  • Balanced Audio Output with Sennheiser Signature Sound Quality.
  • Immersive Music Experience with Active ANC Feature.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Design.
  • Pleasing Bass Sound to suit every music genre.
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Boult Audio ProBass Flex

  • Bass Heavy Sound Output.
  • In-Built Mic for Hands-Free Voice Calling.
  • Offers upto 10 Hours of Music Playtime
  • Passive ANC Feature.
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  • Immersive Surround Sound Experience.
  • Rich Bass Output for the blissful lyric experience.
  • Premium Look and Feel maintaining Industry Standards.
  • Comfortable cushion ear cups for extended use.
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Sennheiser HD 205 II

  • Excellent Bass Response.
  • Good Passive ANC
  • Suitable for use with Smartphones.
  • Studio-Quality Sound Output.
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Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2

  • Super Comfortable to use with 100% leather made ear pads.
  • Equipped with an efficient noise-cancellation feature.
  • Delivers Studio-grade sound output.
  • Metallic finish and superior design.
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Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

  • Features Passive ANC for crisp sound.
  • Delivers Bass-rich sound output.
  • Excellent Sound with 40mm neodymium magnet powered speaker drivers
  • Pressure-relieving earpads for super comfy use.
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Claw SM100

  • Super wired design for efficient use.
  • Provides the best fit with adjustable earpieces.
  • Reduces noise-distortion even at high volumes.
  • Equipped with an in-line mic for hands-free calling.
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Sony MDR-XB 450AP

  • Tangle-free serration cord for efficient use.
  • Deep Bass Sound with pronounced lows.
  • Metallic finish with elegant design.
  • Made for long use.
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Redgear Dagger

  • Best Suited for Gaming Use.
  • Stereo Surround Sound with awesome lighting effects.
  • Highly Sensitive Mic for Hands-Free Voice Calling.
  • Laced with premium ergonomic design.
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1. Claw SM50

Claw Headphones

Claw Headphones

SM50 Version

  • Best open back headphones under 200 pick in the premium mid-range series with standout features.
  • Equipped with detachable cables for easy and efficient use.
  • Delivers Brilliant Sound Quality to engage all music lovers!
  • Laced with Inline Remote with Mic to attend voice and conference calls on the move.


  • Offers Robust Build Quality for durable audio performance.
  • Equipped with Foldable ear cups for comfortable use.
  • Laced with comfy earpad cushion for Nirvana Music Experience!
  • Provides pleasant bass-rich sound output delivering value for it’s the price!


  • Bulky Design making it difficult to carry on the move.

Claw SM50: Design and Build Quality

  • Blessed with Rigid and Robust Build Quality for a brilliant look and long-lasting music performance!
  • Offers great wearing comfort with wearing cushions and the lightweight plastic it comes with! The cushion provides ample listening comfort and you can engage in Marathon Music Sessions with this premium device!
  • You can easily carry the headphones in tight spaces thanks to the foldable earpiece section and the overall design.
  • Finally, you get a premium touch in these headphones with its circular patterned trim on it’s two earpieces!

Claw SM50: Sound Quality

  • Powered with a 40mm neodymium speaker which lets the user cover an honorable frequency spectrum ranging between 20Hz to 20kHz. This means that you can enjoy all the instrument notes without any hindrance!
  • The headphones provide very deep bass levels which resonate well with the treble notes and crispy clean vocals!
  • You can easily switch between 2.8m coiled cable and 1.2m regular cable without any serious effort!
  • Dual output ports also constitute a standout feature of these premium headphones!

2. Sennheiser HD 206

Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser HD 206

HD 206 Version

  • Delivers a Sennheiser Signature Sound Quality under an affordable budget!
  • Provides crisp and clear sound output for an acoustic listening experience!
  • Laced with Excellent Noise Attenuation to add more to its premium features.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for easy use on the move.


  • Lightweight on your Budget making it an ideal Pandemic Buy for your New Normal Life!
  • Provides Premium Sennheiser Sound Quality for every music lover’s delight.
  • Equipped with long 3m cable for efficient use.


  • Does not come with an inline microphone to help users attend voice and conference calls.

Sennheiser HD 206: Design and Build Quality

  • Extremely comfortable to wear and carry as it is polycarbonate plastics.
  • Good Build Quality with no creeks on the chassis.
  • A Premium Touch and Feel due to dual-tone black and added silver finish for next-gen users!
  • Capable to withstand rough damage as the cables attached to this best open back headphones under 200 are reinforced at the joints!

Sennheiser HD 206: Sound Quality

  • Provides accurate audio reproduction with 32mm custom factory tuned drivers.
  • Provides tonally balanced audio output across the whole 21-18000Hz frequency spectrum making it one of the best super-aural headphones you will get at such affordable price.
  • Suites every genre of music as it delivers pleasant bass sound which compliments well with the trebles and mids.
  • Offers immersive music experience with its closed-back design preventing background noise from getting inside your ears.
  • Convenient smartphone plugin use with its long 1.2m cables delivering quality sound output and preventing both the smartphone and the headphone from damage.

3. Boult Audio ProBass Flex

Boult Audio Headphones

Boult Audio Probass Flex

ProBass Flex Version

  • Equipped with Foldable earcups for easy and comfortable use.
  • Provides Bass Rich Sound Output for true Music Nirvana Experience!
  • Delivers upto 10 hours of Battery Life for your Marathon Music Sessions!


  • Adorned with Premium Glossy Design and Superior Metallic Finish for the next-gen look this New Normal Season.
  • Delivers Passive Noise Cancellation Features for dedicated music enthusiasts!
  • Provides Adjustable Headband for easy and efficient use.


  • Takes longer charging hours for a full charge, three hours to be in particular.

Boult Audio ProBass Flex: Design and Build Quality

  • Decent Build Design of this best open back headphones under 200 which is made of hard plastics laced with Matt finished Body luring many music fans with its minimal design and overview.
  • Equipped with good quality headband cushion and comfortable ear foams adding great value to the users for its price.
  • Provides better portability with fully retractable ear cups.

Boult Audio ProBass Flex: Sound Quality

  • Delivers Bass-heavy sound output with 32mm speaker drivers.
  • Provides a tonally balanced sound signature for a decent musical experience. The rich bass compensates well with treble and vocals ensuring decent performance in all music genres.
  • Features an in-built microphone to allow hands-free voice calling further adding merit to its price.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Voice Assistants like iOS Siri or Google Assistant to process and execute user voice commands.
  • Robust Performance is backed by decent battery capacity which allows upto 10 hours of music playback time on a single charge.
  • Easy to Carry on tight backpacks as foldable earcups occupy less space.

4. AKG K52

AKG Headphones


K52 Version

  • Delivers Immersive Surround Sound Experience for the next-gen musicians and fans!
  • Provides rich bass output for a blissful lyric experience.
  • Equipped with a robust build quality for long and heavy use.
  • Provides excellent stereo stage separation to add more feather to its crown!


  • Laced with Minimal yet elegant design for a true music lover delight!
  • Adorned with Closed-Back Design for Premium Look and Feel.
  • Delivers Passive Noise Cancellation for every music lover dream come true!


  • No microphone is added-with for hands-free voice calling.

AKG K52: Design and Build Quality

  • Premium Look and Feel with Industry Design Standards with brushed metal body and minimal outlook for an elegant experience.
  • Allows easy and efficient use and wear with adjustable headband and comfortable cushion on-ear cups. Users will face no ear fatigue in the long-run due to breathable lightweight ear pads.
  • Allows immersive music experience and minimal sound loss with its industry-acclaimed closed-back design.

AKG K52: Sound Quality

  • Produces natural and rich bass notes with 40mm custom-tuned drivers allowing an extended low-frequency response.
  • Clean and Crisp vocals and trebles with brilliant stage separation for mystical music delight.
  • User can enjoy recording studio-like sound experience with high fidelity music
  • Capable to handle minor abuses efficiently with sufficiently thick single-sided cable in this best open back headphones under 200.

5. Sennheiser HD 205 II

Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser HD 205 II

HD 205 II

  • Provides Excellent Bass Response for the Ultimate Music Enthusiasts!
  • Delivers good passive noise cancellation for a blissful lyrical delight!
  • Features Studio Quality Sound Output for your New Normal Music Life!
  • Two-year added warranty for complete security check.


  • Features Robust Build Quality for long and heavy use.
  • Equipped with an adjustable headband with sufficient cushioning for added comfort.
  • Single-sided cable for efficient use.


  • Bulky in Design making to difficult to carry and use on the move.

Sennheiser HD 205 II: Design and Build Quality

  • Durable Build and strong design with high-quality polycarbonate plastic materials.
  • Modern and Sleek Design with a silver finish for the premium look and feel.
  • No user discomfort even after multiple hours of usage thanks to its over the war cushions for efficient listening.
  • Ideal Best Open Back Headphones under 200 pick for Disco Jockeys.

Sennheiser HD 205 II: Sound Quality

  • Provides best rich bass signature which does not overlap with vocal and treble notes.
  • Soothing yet bass-rich audio experience due to vocal-treble complimentary coordination.
  • Enhanced experience with passive noise cancellation adding stars to it’s over-ear cushioning feature.
  • Suitable for use with smartphones and other low-powered devices like smartphones. It has a low impedance rating of just 32 ohms.

6. Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2

Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins

P5 S2 Version

  • Ideal for Studio-grade sound output as one of the top picks of best open back headphones under 200.
  • Best suited for Indoor Listening to this New Normal Season!
  • Features genuine leather paddings for easy and comfortable use!


  • Best Audiophile-grade sound quality for music lovers.
  • Features Best in class sound fidelity to provide value for its price.
  • High Quality fit and finish for a premium look and feel.
  • Laced with unique design and metallic finish for next-gen music lovers!


  • Suffers from proprietary cables letting slight hearing issues.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2: Design and Build Quality

  • Simple yet elegant design providing luxury through 100% pure leather made ear pads and cushions which are comfortable to wear and use.
  • No user discomfort while long usage due to tight fit on the head and on the ears.
  • Comprises two sets of cables one specifically designed for Apple devices. These cables are detachable from the earpiece.
  • Features foldable earcups making it super easy to carry and use.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2: Sound Quality

  • Delivers a smooth and concise signature sound experience with 50mm Hi-Fi certified driver units.
  • Best possible studio-like audio quality aligning to the latest trends set by experts in acoustics and music industries.
  • Never miss any beats of the song you love with low frequency as low as 10Hz, rich bass, and clear mid and trebles.
  • You can change the cushions in earcups for better fitting with snap-on covers that are attached to the base of ear cups with magnets.

7. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Audio Technica Headphones

Audio Technica

ATH-M20x version

  • Provides the right balance between affordability and performance.
  • Features brilliant bass-rich sound output for your favorite songs and tunes.
  • Features Passive Noise Cancellation for clean and crisp sound.


  • Provides solid build quality for long and extensive use.
  • Features pressure-relieving earpads for easy, comfortable, and efficient use.
  • Features no sound leakage for a truly blissful music environment.


  • Suffers from bulky design making it difficult to use and carry on the move.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x: Design and Build Quality

  • Durable and Strong Body of this best open back headphones under 200 which is made from polycarbonate material.
  • Build for long and extensive use with no noticeable loopholes in the structure and form.
  • Features exceptional detail and pressure relieving-cushions for easy and efficient use.
  • No user discomfort during marathon music sessions being made from faux leather covered headband which adds sufficient cushioning.
  • Capable to provide better audibility in a noisy environment with closed-back nature of the earpieces providing the much-needed noise cancellation feature.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x: Sound Quality

  • Provides a wide range of exceptional sound quality with 40mm neodymium magnet powered speaker drivers reproducing musical notes between 15-20,000 Hz in all its glory.
  • Features sufficient loud noise with no sound distortion with 96dB audio sensitivity output.
  • Minimizes sound leak for acoustic performance with contoured ear cup offering tight seal for the ear canal.
  • Decreases the electrical signal resistance for improved speaker sensitivity through copper-clad aluminum voice calls.

8. Claw SM100

Claw Professional Headphones

Claw SM100

SM100 version

  • Features Steel Alloy Construction for long and durable use.
  • Best suited for music listening across all genres.
  • Equipped with Kevlar coated long cable for easy and efficient use.


  • Perfect for studio monitoring purposes with Improved Sound Signature Performance.
  • Laden with Industry aligned design for a premium look and feel.
  • Equipped with a detachable cable system for efficient usage.
  • Features thick looped cable for professional use.


  • Suffers from Heavy Design making it difficult to carry on the move.

Claw SM100: Design and Build Quality

  • Extremely gorgeous and unique design that is aligned with the latest industry trends.
  • Top-notch construction quality made of steel metal-alloy and high-quality plastics all around. Provides a sense of luxury with strong and sturdy performance.
  • Provides the best fit with adjustable earpieces which can be rotated in different directions.
  • Champion in withstanding minor abuse with strong kevlar-coated cable.

Claw SM100: Sound Quality

  • You can enjoy music across all genres with well-balanced sound output giving equal importance to low, mid, and high notes.
  • Provides wide sound-stage like experience with 50mm speaker drivers covering standard 20-20,000 Hz frequency.
  • Reduces noise-distortion to much extent at high volumes.
  • Provides superior noise isolation for serene music experience with a tight fit and sturdy housing features.
  • Equipped with an in-line microphone with remote for hands-free voice calling delivering sound quality.

9. Sony MDR-XB 450 AP

Sony Headphones

Sony Headphones

MDR-XB 450 AP Version

  • Best rated product for Sony loyalists and bass lovers.
  • Blessed with elegant design and metallic finish for a premium look and feel.
  • Equipped with comfortable ear cups for efficient use.


  • Delivers rich and heavy bass for next-level music listening across all genres.
  • Features pressure-relieving earpads for easy and efficient use.


  • Less-treble sound

Sony MDR-XB 450AP: Design and Build Quality

  • Features premium design adding value to its price tag. You can easily carry this best open back headphones under 200 in tightly packed bags as the earpiece in itself swivels flat.
  • Enhanced Bass Experience with the improved seal between the driver housing and the ears.
  • Made with good quality material giving premium and top-notch touch and feel.

Sony MDR-XB 450AP: Sound Quality

  • Provides deep bass with pronounced lows with 30mm driver unit and low 24 Ohm Impedance Ratings.
  • You will never miss your favorite notes in the trending songs with the frequency response range varying as low as 5-20000Hz.
  • Features tangle-free serration cord for easy and efficient use.
  • Comfortable ear cups adding a further feather in the crown of its features.

10. Redgear Dagger

Redgear Headphones

Redgear Dagger

Dagger Version

  • Gaming Centric Features for an awesome playful experience.
  • Delivers stereo surround sound output for the awesome hearing experience.
  • Equipped with High Sensitivity Microphone for efficient hands-free voice calling.
  • Laden with RGB LED lighting effects for a premium look and feel.


  • Provides multi-platform compatibility for next-gen efficient usage.
  • Features air cushions for easy and comfortable use.
  • Laden with Ergonomic design for premium look and feel.


  • Heavy in design making it difficult to carry and use on the move.

Redgear Dagger: Design and Build Quality

  • Proper gaming best open back headphones under 200 with the muscular form factor and over-the-ear design.
  • Robust and Durable Performance with adjustable headband comfortable usage with ear cushions that wraps around your ears gently.
  • Delivers better voice clarity in noisy gaming environments with a super-quality extendable microphone.

Redgear Dagger: Sound Quality

  • Delivers excellent bass response with 40mm neodymium speaker drivers which are large enough to deliver rich bass and clear vocals to suit your gaming needs.
  • Compatible with computers, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Wii.
  • Final premium gaming flair added with RGB LED Ligh Effects.

We are sure that you will find your ideal best open back headphones under 200 from our expertly curated Top 10 List which suits the diverse needs of audiophiles worldwide. We are open to suggestions and comments for updates to this list to add more value to our readers!

Stay Tuned for more Top 10 best buy articles for your New Normal Digital Life!

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