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Attention Audiophile! Here we bring the Best Cowin E9 Reviews for a great music listening with spot-on audio quality. Our best review will provide you the necessary data to make a wise choice and get the perfect value for your money. We will break down the detailed specs, show you the pros-cons of this awesome audio product so that you have the birds-eye view of your product before you purchase. So, let’s get started!

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Before we finally begin, we will like to say that COWIN is a reputed international brand for headphones which is always awesome for a great music listening experience! They are constantly updating their customer support issues for a better user experience.

Now, Let’s Dive In:

Don’t Have Time? Here are some quick specs:


Cowin E9 Headphones

  • Cancels Noise Effectively in travel, work, and anywhere in between with Active ANC Technology.
  • Delivers deep, powerful, and superior sound quality at any volume.
  • Obtained 4.3/5 ratings from Customer Reviews with 5/5 grades on Comfort Criteria.
  • Allows CVC HD Calls and Business Class Communications with Built-in Mic and BT 5.0 technology.
  • Best suited for music listening and audiophile use!
  • 800 mAh Battery allowing 30+ hours of long time usage with brilliant noise cancellation.
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Some More Product Features of Cowin E9 Headphones:

Cowin Headphones

E9 Version

  • Great for canceling noise during places with city traffic or long trips on a plane with advanced Active ANC so that you can focus only on what you want to hear.
  • Allows better durability and comfort with long-listen comfort and upgraded soft ear cushions.
  • Stable and Quick Connection with Bluetooth enabled devices with 15m transmission distance range through Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • Provides 30 Hours of Music Playtime with AAC Audio Codecs for an ecstatic audio experience!
  • Successfully Quells City Traffic, Busy Office, and Airplane Cabin Noise with brilliant noise-canceling technology which has been improved over the years.
  • Provides better overall with the constant improving sound quality for your endless musical pursuit!
  • Brilliant Built-In Mic for awesome business class communications through CVC HD Calls.
  • Quick and Stable Connections of your favorite Cowin Headphones through the latest BT 5.0 technology.
  • Enjoy Immersive Sound with a deep and powerful feel anytime anywhere with AAC Audio Codecs for superior sound quality!
  • Guarantees superior comfort without any wires through a world-class performance experience in the way you want for your phenomenal style!
  • Best suited for high-quality music listening across genres that you can experience even on the go, thanks to its foldable design which takes its little space!

Want Full Picture with Pros and Cons? Here you get them:


  • Sound Quality is Brilliant in AptX-HD mode with better bass with added clarity and detail.
  • Successfully cancels out more frequencies than most other competitors with Active ANC Technology.
  • Super-Comfortable to use with nice earmuffs padding.
  • Phenomenal Battery Life which is great for music listening.
  • Provides nice build quality with metal accents and solid feel.


  • Slight issues with headband quality.
  • Problems with earmuffs adjustment as a beginner.

And now, the final results!

If you made it through our best Cowin Headphones Review, you are sure to get the bird-eye view of the entire data. As you may have made out, Cowin E9 is best suited for music listening and audiophile usage! It is crafted for travel thanks to its brilliant foldable design which is made comfortable due to its nice earmuffs padding. It places itself in a decent position with stalwarts in the headphone industry with the likes of Beats, Bose, and Sennheiser Headphones.

Moreover, it has earned 5/5 rating points on Comfort Criteria, 4.6/5 ratings on Battery Life, 4.3/5 ratings on Sound Quality, and 4.2/5 Noise Cancellation parameters. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Cowin Headphones NOW and enjoy your playlists the whole new way!

Now, I head over to you. Will you buy Cowin E9 because of its brilliant sound quality or you have some other headphone in mind? Tell me in the comments below!

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