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Buy Beats Online Headphones

5 Buy Beats Online Headphones 2022 [Insider Collection]

We have presented before you the Top 10 Buy Beats Online Headphones which are appreciated by its customers and hailed by experts worldwide.

You will get your best buy headphones at ease as we present you the New Normal Premium Choices amidst this Pandemic.

Why not find your best beats headphones here?

Best Beats Headphones: A Quick Overview

Beats Solo 3 #1

Beats Solo 3

  • Premium Playback and Award-Winning Acoustics.
  • Delivers upto 40 Hours of Battery Life.
  • All-day Listening Comfort.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
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Beats Solo Pro #2

Beats Solo Pro

  • Immersive Music Experience
  • Foldable Design
  • Stylish for the Next-Gen Pros.
  • Active ANC for Nirvana Music Experience.
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Beats Ep#3

Beats Ep

  • Masterfully Tuned Sound with Incredible Clarity
  • Lightweight Design which is tough to handle rough use.
  • Hassle-Free Fixed Cable.
  • In-Built Mic for Hands-Free Calling.
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Beats Powerbeats Pro #4

Beats Powerbeats Pro

  • High-Performance Sweat-Resistant Earphones.
  • 9 Hours of Music Playback.
  • Efficient Compatibility with Android and iOS devices.
  • Light-weight comfort with a secure fit.
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Beats Studio 3 #5

Beats Studio 3

  • Pure ANC with Real-Time Audio Calibration.
  • Easy Charging on the Move.
  • Made for Long-Term Usage.
  • Powered by Apple W1 chip and industry-leading BT Technology.
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Buy Beats Online Headphones are best for gaming and music production.

We all are going through challenging times. The Pandemic and its subsequent aftermath have made one thing clear, the Virus is not going anywhere without a fight.

This is the time to consolidate ourselves and fight our daily lives in the right mindset for New Normal. And what’s a better way to break through the barrier than the Melody of Music!

Beats Headphones are undoubtedly the most popular brand of headphones worldwide. They are premium in quality and artistic in design to help you flaunt and wear your style amidst these challenging times.

We are all looking for value for money in this Pandemic and the Buy Beats Online Headphones just provide that.

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1. Is Beats Solo 3 Noise Cancelling?

Beats Solo Headphones

Beats 1
Beats 1

Wireless On-Ear Headphones

  • Let the Music Feel You with Award-Winning Beats Sound. Delivers Premium Playback with finely tuned acoustics.
  • Driven by the efficiency of Apple WI Chip to deliver up to 40 hours of Battery Life.
  • You can customize your headphones fit for all-day listening comfort.


  • Great and Clear Sound.
  • Lasting Battery Life.
  • Connects well with your iOS device.
  • Overall good deal for your money.


  • User discomfort during long usage.
  • Bass Quality Needs Improvement.

Beats Solo 3: Features

  • Features Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity for a brilliant wireless performance.
  • The battery lasts longer with upto 40 hours of Playback Time on Single Charge.
  • Efficient Compatibility with iOS and Android Devices.
  • Fast Fuel 5 minute-charge giving you 3 hours of Music Playback Time.
  • Comfortable Cushioned Ear-cups for easy and comfortable use during your marathon music sessions.
  • Durable and sleek design to suit your needs wherever you go.
  • Multi-function on-ear controls to get voice assistants like Siri on your command.
  • Brilliant Sound Quality which amplifies clarity, breadth, and balance.

2. Are the Beats Solo Pro worth it?

Beats Solo Headphones

Beats 2
Beats 2

On-Ear Solo Pro Version

  • Immersive Music Experience with the advanced acoustic platform and noise-canceling feature.
  • Easy to use and carry on the go with the unfold design and long battery life.
  • Ergonomically designed headphones to meet your style for the New Normal.
  • Features Active Noise Canceling Feature for Nirvana Musical Experience!


  • Great Sound Quality.
  • Punchy Bass.
  • Good Fit for easy and efficient use while on the move.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) works well.


  • The carrying case is underwhelming.
  • Ear irritation issues during long usage.

Beats Solo Pro: Features

  • Blocks External Noise to dive into Music this Pandemic with Active Noise Cancellation.
  • Be Aware of your surroundings while listening with Active Transparency Feature.
  • Powered with Apple H1 headphone chip for extended frequency range and fewer dropouts.
  • Efficient Compatibility with Android and iOS devices.
  • Easy access to Voice Assistants like Siri with the ‘b’ push button to work on various compatible devices.
  • Provides upto 22 hours of listening time and 40 hours of Playback time with ANC and transparency turned off for marathon music sessions.
  • Powered with 10 minutes Fast Fuel Charging to provide three hours of music playback time during low battery charge.
  • Auto On/Off feature during unfold-fold for better usage.

3. Are the Beats EP good?

Beats Ep Headphones

Beats 3
Beats 3

Wired On-Ear Headphones

  • Incredible Clarity, Breadth, and Balance with fine-tuned acoustics and masterfully tuned sound.
  • Tough yet light-weight design for long life and extended usage.
  • Let’s dive into music mystics with hassle-free fixed cable and battery-free design.


  • Good Sound Quality and Durability.
  • Does Block Out most external noise.
  • No Charging Needed.
  • Strong Bass and beautiful design.


  • Cable Cord prevents it from making super portable: Need to take precautions during use on the move.
  • Users may feel uncomfortable when used for more than 2 hours.

Beats Ep: Features

  • Delivers Masterfully Tuned Sound with its premium black design.
  • This Buy Beats Online Headphones is equipped with a durable and lightweight design which is further reinforced with stainless steel.
  • Features in-built microphone to handle hands-free calling while on the move.
  • Easy and efficient compatibility with iOS and Android devices.
  • Users can take control of their favorite music and important calls with Remote Talk Cable.
  • Provides a jaw-breaking unlimited music playback feature with Battery-Free Listening.
  • Allows personalized fit with vertical sliders which you can easily adjust for a truly personalized experience.

4. PowerBeats Pro Honest Reviews In 2021

Beats Powerbeats Wireless Earbuds

Beats 4
Beats 4

Powerbeats Pro Version.

  • High-Performance workout earphones with a reinforced design for sweat and water resistance.
  • Offers up to 9 hours of Music Playback time on a single charge.
  • Easy pair and share your favorite song across two sets of Beats Headphones.


  • Great Sound for being Truly Wireless Earphones.
  • Great Fit for work out sessions and outdoor exercises.
  • Provides pretty good sound isolation for Musical Nirvana Experience.
  • Perfect Battery Life powering its brilliant sound quality.


  • Ear fatigue during long usage.

Beats Powerbeats Pro: Features

  • Delivers high-performance with a wireless feature in premium black design.
  • Provides upto 9 hours of listening time and 24 hours of music playback time with charging case for your mystical music experience.
  • Provides light-weight comfort and stable performance with secure-fit and adjustable ear-hooks.
  • Best suited for heavy outdoor activities like tough workouts or running with sweat-resistant reinforced design.
  • Loaded with user-friendly features like auto play/pause, voice capability, and track controls on each earbud.
  • Efficient compatibility with Android and iOS devices.
  • Manage your calls efficiently with enhanced phone call performance and easy call handling across both earbuds.
  • Allows 5-minute fast fuel charging to deliver up to 1.5 hours of Music Playback Time during low battery charge.

5. Beats Studio3 Review (Buyer’s Guide)

Beats Studio 3 Headphones

Beats 5
Beats 5

Wireless Noise-Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

  • Premium Sound and Pure ANC with Fine-Tuned Acoustics for Real-Time Audio Calibration.
  • Designed for long-term use with flexible for all head sizes.
  • Easy Charging on the Go.
  • Multi-function on-ear controls featuring Class I BT connectivity.


  • Great Audio Quality and Superb Bluetooth Range.
  • Great User Comfort even for long hour usage.
  • Playback Quality is simply amazing.
  • The battery lasts upto 22 hours with ANC.


  • Certain durability concerns during long usage.

Beats Studio 3: Features

  • High-performance buy beats online headphones with the wireless noise-canceling feature.
  • Easy and Efficient Compatibility with Android and iOS devices.
  • Actively blocks diverse external noise with Pure Active Noise Cancellation Feature.
  • The premium listening experiences of the device is preserved by the Real-Time Audio Calibration feature.
  • Users get up to 22 hours full-feature wireless music playback to sustain your full-day music needs.
  • Powered by industry-leading Bluetooth Technology with Apple’s W1 chip to ensure a wide range of wireless connectivity.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery allowing 10-minute fast fuel charge to sustain three hours of music playback.
  • Equipped with in-built microphone and multifunction on-ear controls to manage your calls, play your favorite music, and activate Voice Assistants like ‘Siri’.

6. What are the best urBeats Headphones for sound quality?

urBeats Wired Earphones

Beats 6
Beats 6

Earphones with 3.5mm Plug

  • Delivers an exceptional listening experience with fine-tuned acoustic design via an axal-aligned driver.
  • Best for all-day wear with an optimal ergonomic fit that combines sleek style and the signature beats sound.
  • Easy to use and carry on the go with built-in Microphone and Remote Talk.


  • Nice Color and Matte Design.
  • Exceptional Sound and Efficient Voice Controls for Effective Use.
  • Accurate bass, vocals, and treble.
  • Stellar Sound Isolation for a true Music Lover Delight!
  • Great Fit to Stay Awesome on the Go.


  • Slight User Discomfort during marathon music sessions.

urBeats Wired Headphones: Features

  • Delivers an exceptional listening experience with defiant black-red color.
  • The fine-tuned acoustic design which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Users avail all-day comfort with optimal ergonomic design.
  • Various ear tip options provide noise isolation feature through an individualized fit.
  • Easy yet efficient portability through magnetic ear-buds and tangle free-flat cable.
  • Features Remote Talk Microphone to help users manage important calls, control their favorite songs, and activate Voice Assistants like ‘Siri’.
  • Optimized sound output for any genre of music.
  • Use and carry the premium buy beats online headphones with ease and comfort with its flat cable which allows tangle-free carrying.

7. Are beats Powerbeats earphones worth it?

Powerbeats Earphones

Beats 7
Beats 7

High-Performance and Wireless

  • Powered by Apple H1 Headphone Chip with active voice assistant and an array of premium features.
  • Allows upto 15 hours of listening time for your marathon music sessions.
  • Filters external noise with dual beamforming microphones.


  • Equipped with New Normal Wireless Design and decent battery life.
  • Powerful Sound Quality to suit your favorite tunes.
  • Great utility while on the move.


  • Uncomfortable to wear sometimes.

Powerbeats Wireless Headphones: Features

  • Delivers high-performance and offers upto 15 hours of listening time on a single charge.
  • Best suited for heavy outdoor activities with its active sweat resistant feature like tough workouts or running.
  • Powered by Apple H1 headphone chip with improved connection speed and performance.
  • Efficient Compatibility with various iOS devices or your favorite Android Smartphones.
  • Extended frequency range and fewer dropouts due to Class 1 Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Powered by integrated on-ear controls to manage your music life like a true mystic.
  • Allows 5-minute fast-charge to withstand 1 hour of Music Playback Time.
  • The user’s voice gets targeted and amplified due to the speech-detecting accelerometer feature.

8. Are power beats 3 earphones good?

Powerbeats 3 Earphones

Beats 8
Beats 8

Wireless and Versatile

  • Optimized Design for Improved Comfort and Immersive Sound.
  • Quick 5-minute charge and built-in microphone with Remote Talks to manage phone calls.
  • Equipped with the latest BT version for superb wireless connectivity.


  • Modern Sleek Design and Stylish Finish for the GenX look and feel.
  • Brilliant Sound Output to match music across genres.
  • Easy to carry and use while on the move.


  • Ear irritation during long usage.

Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones: Features

  • Superb audio performance with a premium wireless feature in the defiant black-red design.
  • Smoothly compatible across all iOS and Android devices and gadgets.
  • Delivers it’s next-gen users a true wireless work out freedom through Apple’s Chip and Class 1 Bluetooth Facility.
  • Strong battery offering 12 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge.
  • Best suited for gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts.

9. UrBeats3 Wired Earphones Review

Urbeats 3 Wired Earphones

Beats 9
Beats 9

Earphones with 3.5mm Plug

  • Fine-Tuned Acoustic Design
  • Micro-Pressure Balanced Bass
  • Synchronized Sound for all Genres of Music
  • Best Fit and Noise Isolation Comfort.


  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Magnetic Earphones allow Easy Storage.
  • Flat Frequency Response with Slight Bass Boost.
  • Add-on features for a Great Buy


  • Compatibility issues with Smartphones.

Urbeats 3 Wired Headphones: Features

  • Provides great audio output and offers a wireless feature in black design qualifying for Buy Beats Online Headphones.
  • Mystical Music Experience with fine-tuned acoustic design.
  • Easily compatible with iOS products and your favorite smartphones.
  • Allows all-day comfort owing to its optimal ergonomic design.
  • Allows individualized to fit for great musical feast and noise isolation for a complete experience.
  • Features Remote Talk Microphone to activate Voice Assistants like ‘Siri’ and take and manage calls.

10. Beats by Dre Studio 3 Wireless Review

Beats Headphones

Beats 10
Beats 10

Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

  • Premium Listening Experience with Pure ANC.
  • Seamlessly Syncs across devices and gadgets.
  • Long-term Comfort with Impressive Battery Life.


  • A+ Sound Quality and Wide Frequency Range to suit all genres of music.
  • Comfortable to use and wear.
  • Blocks External Noise Effectively.


  • Suffers from some wearing issues.

Beats Studio 3: Features

  • Actively Blocks External Noise with Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC) feature.
  • Powered by Real-Time Audio Calibration for your premium listening to your favorite songs.
  • All-day wireless playback upto 22 hours of battery life which is full of features.
  • Incorporate efficient W1 chip to seamlessly switch and set up your Apple Devices.
  • Fast Fuel 10-minute charge offering three hours of Music Playback time during low charge.
  • Features Industry-leading classification for signal strength and range.

We are fully sure that you will get your Best Buy Beats Online Headphones from our extensive list which incorporates all the coveted choices for your New Normal Digital Life.

Share your feedback in the comments below. Stay Tuned for more Top 10 list of the most premium International Headphones Brands.

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