best studio headphones under 200

Best Studio Headphones under 200 For Your Awesome Purchase Today

Best Studio Headphones under 200 is one of the most popular best budget products in 2021. They provide great sound, are easy to carry and help to relieve your stress and refresh yourself with some mesmerizing music. With the present pandemic situation, we are in and the underlying stress it comes with, it is all the more important for music to relive our day to day troubles. And what better way can be to enjoy your favorite music with the comfortable over-ear music headphones on?

Finding your best headphones with the bass on the internet has always been a difficult task. Unsuitable products are always promoted upfront and many times we end up buying products that do not suit our requirements. This also leads to wastage of money. We at Swing Vertigo always put our best efforts to ensure that you get value for the best headphones wireless you purchase. There is no exception to this policy at this time as well.

We have selected the most affordable yet highly rated best budget headphones in our list of best studio headphones under 200. Our chosen products have been hailed by satisfied customers and expert critics alike and are highly rated in Amazon views. If you want to have the best closed-back headphones under 100 range, we have a post for the same as well.

Why not find your best headphones 2021 here?

Best Studio Headphones Under 200

ImageProductFeatures Price


  • Noise Cancellation: Yes (Active ANC)
  • Wireless: No
  • Ratings: 4.5/5
  • Special Features: Quiet Listening Comfort + Wide Frequency Response
  • Best Usage: Audiophile Music Listening
  • Build Quality: 9.2/10
  • Battery: Upto 80H on a single charge.
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  • Noise Cancellation: Yes (Passive ANC)
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.2/5
  • Special Features: Immersive Hi-Fi Sound + Unmatched Comfort
  • Best Usage: Travel
  • Build Quality: 8.6/10
  • Battery: Upto 100H on a single charge.
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Powerlocus Wireless

  • Noise Cancellation: No
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.0/5
  • Special Feature: Upgraded 40mm speakers + Easy Laptop Compatibility
  • Best Usage: Sports/Travel
  • Build Quality: 8.5/10
  • Battery: Upto 60H on a single charge.
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iTeknic ANC

  • Noise Cancellation: Yes (Active ANC)
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.2/5
  • Special Features: Hi-Fi Stereo Sound + Latest BT 5.0 version.
  • Best Usage: Travel
  • Build Quality: 8/10
  • Battery: Upto 30H of Music Playtime on 1H charging.
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TaoTronics Hybrid

  • Noise Cancellation: Yes (Active ANC)
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.4/5
  • Special Features: Immersive Stereo Sound + Foldable Design
  • Best Usage: Sports/Outdoor
  • Build Quality: 8.3/10
  • Battery: Upto 35H of Music Playtime with 45 mins of charging.
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  • Noise Cancellation: Yes (Active ANC)
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.5/5
  • Special Features: 40mm big speaker drivers+ near-perfect fit and finish.
  • Best Usage: Travel/Indoor
  • Build Quality: 8.3/10
  • Battery: Upto 30H of Music Playtime on single charge.
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OneOdio A70

  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.1/5
  • Special Features: Rich Deep Bass + Comfortable Earcups
  • Best Usage: Travel/Indoor
  • Build Quality: 8.3/10
  • Battery: Upto 25H of Music Playtime on a single charge.
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Mpow BH162A

  • Noise Cancellation: Yes (Noise Reduction available)
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.5/5
  • Special Features: Immersive HD sound + professional 40mm drivers.
  • Best Usage: Audiophile Music Listening
  • Build Quality: 7.9/10
  • Battery: Upto 18H of Music Playtime on single charge.
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  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Wireless: No
  • Ratings: 4.3/5
  • Special Features: Deep Bass Response + Impressive Design
  • Best Usage: Audiophile/Travel
  • Build Quality: 8.1/10
  • Battery: Upto 20H of Music Playtime on single charge.
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YAMAY Wireless

  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.4/5
  • Special Features: HD Stereo Sound + Pretty Good Mic Quality
  • Best Usage: Office/Sports/Outdoor
  • Build Quality: 8.1/10
  • Battery: Upto 15H of Music Playtime on 2H charging.
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1. Best Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones under 100: Sony MDRZX110NC

Top Pick
Sony 1
Sony 1

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

MDRZX110NC Review

Our top pick in best studio headphones under 200 delivers upto 80 Hours of Long Battery Life for your marathon music sessions. These headphones successfully allow efficient noise isolation for quiet listening comfort. Satisfied customers have hailed its lightweight design and wide frequency response for true audiophile performance. The Company claims that these headphones reduce ambient noise by 95%.


  • Very comfortable to wear and use for long music sessions even with glasses on.
  • Delivers more bass and treble for a spectacular performance.
  • Super Compact and Foldable in Design.
  • Easy to use AAA Battery for superb performance.
  • They work well to reduce airplane engine noise.


  • No control during call pick.
  • Trebles start getting harsh after one hour of usage.

Sony MDRZX110NC Professional Headphones

  • Features 12-22,000 Hz wide frequency response for mids, treble, and pristine bass enabling a brilliant sound experience for your favorite songs and playlists.
  • Powered by 30mm Neodymium Driver for stellar sound performance for all its coveted users added with its superb noise-canceling feat reducing outside sound by 95%.
  • Provides upto 80 Hours of long battery life on a single charge so that all you care about is your next favorite song which you will hear.
  • Laced with advanced Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity across devices.
  • Features 3.94 ft Cord Wire for easy connection with PC and Laptops.

2. Best Headphones For Music Quality: LETSCOM H10 Wireless

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones


H10 Letscom Review

  • Delivers immersive Hi-Fi Sound with great bass depth for mystical music experience.
  • Delivers Passive Noise Cancellation and Premium Playback with 40mm driver and solid design.
  • Allows Unmatched Comfort with a super portable design.


  • Features in-build mic and control buttons to facilitate hands-free calling.
  • Battery Capacity is High.
  • Feels Solid with the excellent build quality and good-looking design.
  • Delivers Bass Boosted Sound for great music experience!


  • Volume doesn’t get low enough.

LETSCOM H10 Headphone For Gaming

  • Features 40mm large-aperture drivers and deep bass function to provide sound with stunning bass depth and HD Clarity for premium playback experience to its coveted users.
  • Allows 100 hours of Music Playtime with a quick charge so that battery woes are not an issue even during your long outdoor outings. Use the headphones 3 hours a day for a complete 40 days of complete usage.
  • Powered by upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure low latency during video/audio streaming and stable and fast connection across various devices. You can connect and listen to unlimited music using it’s 3.5mm long cord cable as well.
  • Perfect fit ear cups whose material is very soft and comfortable which causes no pain or pressure to the ears whatsoever making it super fun to wear and use.
  • The control button works very well and is conveniently placed for easy reach and efficient use. The best studio headphones for gaming are extremely suitable for long usage during exhausting travel outings.

3. Best Headphones Brands Wireless: PowerLocus Wireless

Powerlocus Bluetooth Headphones

Powerlocus 3
Powerlocus 3

Compact and Wireless

  • Powered by upgraded 40mm speakers to deliver Hi-Fi sound for a brilliant concert-like experience.
  • Foldable in Design with long-lasting comfort for easy to use and carry during travel.
  • Easy Compatibility with Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.


  • Tangle Free Experience with wireless design.
  • Very efficient customer service.
  • Soft padding and comfortable on the ears.
  • Great Volume and efficient connectivity with other devices.


  • Issues on Battery Life reported.

PowerLocus Best Budget Headphones Wireless

  • Powered by 40mm audio speakers with the specially developed software for Hi-Fi stereo sound with superior bass quality even at low volumes.
  • Easy and universal compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows Devices like iPhone X and Samsung S9. Allows Great Wireless Connectivity to pair two devices simultaneously for brilliant music experience.
  • Enabled with a high-quality in-built microphone to help users attend and take voice calls hands-free with stunning clarity and HD Sound.
  • Space-saving and portable design with earmuffs made of super-soft foam material to allow extended usage with surreal comfort making it a favorite choice for all true audiophiles!
  • Built with high-quality nice-to-touch materials making it perfect to use while traveling, in the office, or in your exhaustive gym sessions. These best studio headphones under 200 are suitable for a diverse group of users across various age groups.

4. Best Headphones In The World: iTeknic ANC Review

iTeknic Headphones

iTeknic 4
iTeknic 4

Bluetooth with ANC

  • Powered by 40mm large-aperture drivers for Hi-Fi Stereo Sound and powerful listening experience.
  • Features Advanced AMS AS3435 Noise Cancelling Technology for brilliant noise reduction during travel.
  • Features built-in CVC 6.0 Mic and BT 5.0 Version for Hands-Free Calling.


  • Best suited for use during outdoor outings with its portable and comfortable design.
  • Delivers Superior Surround Sound Experience.
  • Features built-in microphone for efficient hands-free calling.
  • Decent Build and Good Fit for Great Use!


  • Slight problem with the ANC function.

iTeknic ANC Best Headphones To Buy Now

  • Powered by independent chip, switch, and neodymium magnet for accurate and deep bass response promising you a high-quality Hi-Fi music session every time!
  • Features built-in CVC 6.0 mic noise reduction system helping you to get clear sounds by suppressing environmental noises. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 version allows good hands-free voice calling to support your busy life.
  • Features advanced AS3435 Noise Isolation Technology to help you reduce external noise at a short notice even if you are in a busy street or office. It’s ANC feature guarantees you a pleasant music experience and protects your ears against external noise.
  • Powered with built-in 500 mAh Battery offers upto 30 hours of music playtime in less than one hour of charging giving peace of mind to users during long travel.
  • Features enlarged and comfortable earmuffs with a practical folding design making it your ideal and comfortable travel companion even for long usage.

5. Best Workout Headphones To Buy Online: TaoTronics Hybrid Review

TaoTronics Headphones

TaoTronics 5
TaoTronics 5

Hybrid and ANC

  • Delivers upto 35 Hours of Music Playtime making it your perfect travel companion during long outdoor outings.
  • Foldable and Portable Design with soft earpads to take music anywhere with ease.
  • Features efficient ANC for crisp and immersive stereo sound even in noisy environments.


  • Great Sound Quality with pretty good bass for superior audio transmission.
  • Very solid battery which lasts up to 4 days of heavy usage.
  • Instant wireless pairing with Advanced BT 5.0 Technology.
  • Very Intuitive Control buttons.


  • Few Connection issues with Mac Book reported.

Should I Buy TaoTronics Hybrid Wired?

  • Powered by 40mm dynamic driver delivering powerful deep bass for clear and extraordinary music experience. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for clear connection and HD Clarity Sound.
  • Reduces ambient noise upto 30dB with the help of hybrid active noise cancellation technology for fully immersive music. The ANC function with feed-forward and feedback feature allows you to listen to pure music even in super noisy environments like a busy train.
  • Features Built-in rechargeable battery with Type-C Fast Charging Advanced technology for music streaming upto 2 hours with 5-minute quick charge. Takes 45 minutes for 35 hours of full music playback time.
  • Allows uninterrupted listening upto 35 hours of Music Playback with the optimized fit and superior comfort for next-gen audiophile users.
  • Features adjustable headband, 90° rotatable axis, and memory foam on earpads to completely cover your ears and protect you from any discomfort during long use.

6. Best Headphones with Bass: COWIN E7ANC Wireless

COWIN Bluetooth Headphones


E7ANC Version

  • Features 40mm big speaker drivers to deliver deep powerful sound for your favorite music.
  • Great for Work From Home Needs with an in-built microphone to attend calls hands-free.
  • Allows efficient noise reduction with 30 hours of music playtime to dive into your favorite songs even in busy places.


  • Very comfortable and beautifully crafted ANC Headphones.
  • Great for marathon music sessions.
  • Features Advanced BT 5.0 for easy pairing with laptops and other devices.
  • Near Perfect Fit and Finish.


  • Distorted Sound Issues.

COWIN E7ANC Best Budget Open-Ear

  • Powered by 40mm large-aperture drivers with the accurate and deep bass response for a powerful and crisp sound with better quality for an acoustic hearing listening experience.
  • Features Active Noise Cancellation Technology which works well both in wired and wireless mode for immersive music listening even in busy workplaces and open areas.
  • Features a high-quality built-in microphone to help you clearly attend voice calls hands-free. Equipped with an advanced Bluetooth version with NFC for clear and better wireless connectivity across devices.
  • Better Durability and comfort with high-quality from comfortable and lightweight professional protein earpad and 90° swiveling earcups to keep your head comfortable.
  • Features built-in 6000 mAh Battery allowing 30 hours of Music Playtime per charge at the Bluetooth Mode to refresh your long travel journeys!

7. Best Headphones For Mixing and Mastering 2020: OneOdio A70 Wired

OneOdio Over Ear Headphones

OneOdio 7
OneOdio 7

A70 Version

  • Lightweight, sweatproof and foldable in design for easy carry and storage on the move.
  • Allows upto 25 Hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge with 430 mAh Battery.
  • Comfortable Headband and Soft Ear Pads for your marathon music sessions.


  • Solid Battery Life which lasts upto 28-32 hours of medium to heavy usage.
  • Efficient Noise Cancellation Feature for Quiet Listening.
  • Pleasing Sound Quality with Rich Deep Bass.
  • Easy Pair with Devices.


  • Problems on voice call through the microphone.

OneOdio A70 Headphones Review

  • Features 40mm drivers with inner and outer rings to deliver vibrant bass, vivacious highs, and vivid mids without any overlap.
  • Comfortable to wear even in long-term usage with memory earcups containing soft sponge which guarantees good sound insulation and superior experience.
  • Easy Pair with two devices wirelessly via Bluetooth and wired via 3.5mm & 6.35mm cables at both ends.
  • Designed for a perfect fit with the lock system on the stereo Aux cable.
  • Allows upto 25 Hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge.

8. Best ANC Headphones: Mpow BH162A Professional

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow 8
Mpow 8

BH162A Version

  • Delivers immersive HD sound for your favorite songs and playlists.
  • Allows 18 Hours of Playback Time of Music, Calls, and Movies on a single charge.
  • Features a built-in microphone and CVC 6.0 Noise Canceling Music for Hands-Free Calling.


  • Good Sound Quality and Brilliant Fit with affordable pricing.
  • Easy and Efficient Pairing with two devices.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight design with Rotatable Ear cups.
  • Nice Customer Service.


  • No real battery status gauge/ bar.
  • Unusable Mic Quality

Why Buy Mpow BH162A For Quiet Listening Music?

  • Powered with professional 40mm drivers for an incredible listening clarity and superb Hi-Fi sound making it ideal for true audiophile users.
  • Features 3-button easy controls on audiobooks, music, calls, and FM along with Bluetooth V4.1 for better wireless connectivity across devices.
  • Lightweight and comfortable in design with rotatable space-saving design and comfortable ear muffs for majestic user experience.
  • Features built-in microphone, noise reduction technology, and CVC 6.0 feature to help users attend clean and clear voice calls hands-free.
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth devices including smartphone, iPad, MP3, laptops and other digital devices.

9. Best Headphones for Gaming : AILIHEN C8 Wired

AILIHEN Wired Headphones


C8 Version

  • Delivers powerful performance with the deep bass response for brilliant audiophile experience.
  • Features plush circular earcups with lightweight and portable design for easy carry on the move.
  • Allows tangle-free and durable experience with volume and mic button.


  • Good Sound Quality with Comfortable ear pads and adjustable headband for better user experience.
  • Impressive and lightweight in design.
  • Amazing Cord for wired connectivity across devices.
  • Allows a high degree of noise isolation to help you focus on the music well.


  • Not so long-lasting as claimed.

Should I Buy AILIHEN C8 For Best Bass Performance?

  • Equipped with foldable headphones which can be easily twisted so that you can be the merry way during exhaustive outdoor outings.
  • Features built-in microphone, remote, and volume control to help users attend voice calls with stunning clarity and HD quality.
  • Allows perfect fit with adjustable design ensuring impressive flexibility for all audiophile music lovers.
  • Features high-quality noise isolation feature allowing music with deep bass, crisp highs, and mids for complete acoustic entertainment.
  • Widely compatible across MP3, MP4, cellphones, laptop, and other devices through wired and braided 3.5mm cord.

10. Best Studio Headphones For You: YAMAY Headset Review

YAMAY Bluetooth Headphones


Wireless Headset

  • Delivers Clear HD Stereo Sound with Noise Cancelling Feature.
  • Allows upto 15 hours of battery life with fast 2 hours of charging.
  • Comfortable and super lightweight design with the flexible headband and professional protein earpad.


  • Fairly Comfortable earpads with lightweight design.
  • Pretty Good Mic Quality.
  • Stereo Sound Quality.
  • Easy Pair with 2 devices on button press.
  • Good Battery Life.


  • Little Flimsy.

Why Buy Yamay Wireless For Best Noise-Canceling?

  • Features flexible boom microphone to enable users to attend voice calls hands-free with stunning clarity. Users can press the mute key on the boom mic whenever needed to block a voice during a call.
  • Powered by Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for fast and efficient audio transmission and easy wireless pair across devices to help you enjoy crystal clear music.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable headphones with adjustable earmuffs to support your ears during marathon music sessions.
  • Allows 15 hours of playback time with 100 hours of standby time on a single charge of 2 hours.
  • Multipoint Connection and wide compatibility across digital devices like Laptop and PC.

We are fully sure that you will be immensely benefited with our exhaustive and detailed list on best over headphones in an affordable price range so that you continue to enjoy your favorite songs and win your Life called the New Normal. For best beats headphones to buy in 2021, just follow our site.

Stay Tuned for more posts on the best headphones and audio devices.

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