Best Durable Headphones: 11 Tips To Make Cheap And Wise Choice?

When it comes to headphones or earbuds, people prefer to choose the best durable headphones because they know that the product will last long. The design and sound quality of headphones have their place but if the device does not last long then there is no point having a stylish headphone. In this guide, we will teach you to identify the various parameters that can help you choose the best durable headphones.

It’s not really hard if you are well versed in knowing about some of the technical terms and what they mean. In short, these parameters will give you an idea of how durable a particular device is.

Most Durable Headphones: Why Durability?

Durability refers to the strength of the headphone. Most people often ignore this, but durability must be a deciding factor. Apart from strength, you have to focus on the build quality as your headphone will go through all the wear and tear as you use it every day.

A durable headphone will ensure that chances will be that you might get bored of using it, but the device won’t stop working.
Other factors like budget and style are variable and are important for some users while not important for others. Sound quality is the only factor that is as important as the durability of the headphone.

Running and Using Headphones

Understand The Purpose Of Use

Being the user, you must at least think about how are you going to use this headphone. That will give you an answer if durability and other factors like style should be your priority or not.

If you are likely to use your headphone in a sports setting such as a gym or running events, then you must look out for the best durable headphones. This is because there are chances that your headphone might go through some harsh conditions. It might also fall on the ground and the last thing you would want is to break your audio device.

Similarly, if you are planning to use your headphone for traveling purposes, you need a durable device which has special features like noise cancellation. Travelling will also involve outdoor usage of devices which can be bad for a fragile device. Some users may also want a stylish one while others who don’t care much about how their device looks, will stick solely to durability and sound quality.


Quality of the Headband

This parameter might or might not be mentioned in the product specifications. The headband is an important part of an over the ear headphone that makes it durable. Many materials are used to make the headband such as PVC, plastic, a metal such as steel, and so on. You might want to avoid plastic here.

If your device isn’t very cheap, it won’t be plastic most probably. You should always look out for metal ones such as steel or copper ones to ensure maximum durability.

Water Resistant Or Not?

Water-resistant headphones have been in demand and resistance to moisture is a must need nowadays. Before making a purchase you must consider the water-resistant level of your headphone. Check if the device is IPX5, IPX6, IPX7, or IPX8.

Moisture resistance is particularly helpful in protecting your headphones from sweat while jogging. You might also be able to save them from being damaged by moisture in case you spill water on it at home or even at a beach party. This might be an important factor to consider because if the device is vulnerable to moisture, it might end up being totally damaged.

Headphone Resistant to Climate or Not?

There are headphones out there now, which are completely resistant to harsh climatic environments. These devices may also be mentioned as cold resistant, heat resistant, and so on. This is an important part of durability because we often might use the device in hot and humid conditions as well.

If the device is not designed to withstand such conditions, it might not last long even if you took the utmost care in handling and keeping it away from dropping down.

Never Ignore This: Build Quality

Build Quality is easily the single most deciding factor. You may also include the other parameters inside this such as the material of the headband. Usually, build quality will vary with price but luckily there are some good headphones in the market with low price and still decent build quality.

What you should look out for is, that the headphone is made up of metals such as aluminum and some also consist of wooden parts that might enhance the durability.

headphone earcups

Always Consider Earbuds Or Earcups

The quality of the earcups also matters a lot. If the build quality of the earcups is premium then you need not worry about the durability much. Another factor that comes here is comfort. The earcups are going to remain stuck to your ears and you will want it to be comfortable.

Don’t always fall for the design and do read about the build materials to understand what you are going to buy.

The Durability of Wireless Headphones

We all know that wireless and Bluetooth headphones are in trend now. Most of them are super stylish and ensure high-quality audio sound and comfort. However, when it comes to durability, you will have to overlook all the fancy features and focus on the material used to build it.

So yes, there is not much connection between being wireless and durable. You can easily use this guide to inspect the elements irrespective of it is wireless or not.

Some More Points To Consider

Some factors and points are listed below that you might need to look upon because they affect the durability as well.

Control Buttons

The quality of the control buttons is basically the root of a quality device. I have heard about how users complain that their headphone devices had been working fine but the control buttons got damaged. This can really be frustrating and you need to ensure that your headphone is not only built strong from outside but the inline control buttons are durable as well.

Once the buttons stop working, the device becomes pretty much useless. If you purchasing the device from a shop, then do test the buttons yourself. If you are buying it online, read if the specifications mention it, and also go through what people have to say.

Critical Reviews Can be Your Best Friend

Believe it or not, reading the most critical reviews can tell a lot. On shopping sites like Amazon, you can choose filters and read the worst reviews. Not all reviews should concern you but some of them might point out the flaws of the device. We personally take reviews into account and analyze them to expose the pros and cons of all devices. Moreover, we incorporate some of them into our articles to give you the best experience.

Personally, I have seen people talking about the durability and mentioning how their device broke within a week. If you see such reviews in bulk, you may want to see it as an indication that the device is not that durable. Furthermore, you can see users uploading pictures of the device. Such images by verified users will help you get an insight into the product’s overall build quality.

Device reviews

Device Ratings And Number of Users

You probably already know this, but being an important factor let’s talk about it. There are very few products on established shopping sites such as Amazon where the rating is high and still the product is disappointing.

In most cases, you will find that if the product rating has more than 4 stars in it and at least 50 users have rated it then the product can be worth giving a shot.

Basic Tips To Make your Device Last Long

Let’s be honest and admit that at the end of the day device longevity depends on how you use it. No device is going to last long if you constantly drop it or expose it to environments that are harsh and not suitable for an electronic device. We will point out some basic tips to ensure that your device will last longer.

Keep the headphone in a bag or case:

Most of us don’t want to be bothered about taking care of our electronic devices as it is more convenient that way. However, sparing a minute to keep it in a safe place such as your backpack when not using it can save the device from a lot of wear and tear.

Take care of the cord

Wireless headphones are a blessing because they are wireless. However, if you use a wired headphone there are high chances of not taking care of the wire. The wires keep on tangling and it’s really annoying to have to fix this every time you want to use it. Most of us, don’t bother and keep the wires tangled and use anyway.

Many tie knots and this seriously damages the devices from inside and might result in some loose connection.

Sleeping Wih Music

Don’t Sleep With Your Headphones On

Many of us listen to music and sleep without removing the headphone. As a result, the headphone cracks under the pressure of our body or neck. Avoid doing such silly mistakes and make it a habit to keep your device in a safe place when not using it.

Unnecessary High Volume

Avoid turning the volume to full. The brand might make promises but when you own the device, it is up to you. Firstly, it is not safe to use headphones at full volume as you risk damaging your ears.

Secondly, the vibrations produced at high volumes might be very strong depending on the music you are listening to. This affects the electronic part inside the device. This can cause the device to lose its longevity.

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