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Best Wireless Speakers under 50 To Buy in 2020

Best Wireless Speakers under 50: Music is Life. We all are up against an unknown pandemic and fighting for survival and growth in these difficult times and it’s music only which has kept us alive. Music has the power to soothe a savage beast and can uplift our moods in a remarkable way! And what better way can be to listen to music in your home than by using Bluetooth Speakers? They can fill your room in the music and let you experience the delight in the lyric.

The online market is filled with choices on Bluetooth Speakers. You can easily get confused and waste your money on a speaker which is not worth its cost. But worry not! As we have done the research for you yet again for the Top 10 Best Wireless Speakers under 50 for your Best Buy in 2020! If you are looking for Top 10 Best Earphones in 2020, then click here.

Find your Best Buy and Win your New Normal Digital Life!

1. Sony SRS XB0I

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

best wireless speakers under 50

SRS XBOI Version

  • Delivers Pleasing Rich Bass for the ultimate next-gen music lovers.
  • Elegant Design and Excellent Build Quality for its Price
  • IPX5 dust and water-resistant and NFC connectivity for the better audio experience!


  • Best Overall Pick for Best Wireless Speakers under 50 price range!
  • Rich Bass Sound Output along with Clean and Crisp Vocals.
  • Consistent Bluetooth v4.2 connection for better connectivity.


  • There is no SD Card Slot for device plug-in.

Sony SRS XBOI: Design and Build Quality

  • Allows Easy Button Press with comfortably placed control buttons
  • Brilliant Build Quality with Textured Rubber Finishes for Better Grip for its affordable price.
  • Elegant Design and clean outlook with its Metallic Front Frill, Polycarbonate Shell, and Minimal Design.
  • Various Glossy Color Options for the Buyer to choose from.

Sony SRS XBOI: Sound Quality

  • Best for Hip Hop Music and EDMs with deeper bass notes and Patented Xtra Bass Technology.
  • High Volume Sounds are audible and nice to hear and don’t feel clingy.
  • Delivers Quality Sound with 37.5mm neodymium speaker driver setup.
  • Integrated aux-in port for wired Music playback needing no wireless connection
  • Supports all-weather outdoor usage with IPX5 dust and water-resistant ratings.
  • Allows effortless pairing with powerful Bluetooth speaker and advanced NFC technology. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth v4.2 version which works smoothly within the 10m radius.

Sony SRS XBOI: Battery Life

  • Battery Lasts up to 6 hours of Music Playback with 65% of Volume Level.
  • Battery Takes 2 hours for Complete Charge.
  • The battery is powered by 800mAh Li-ion Battery.

2. Blaupunkt BT-52

Blaupunkt Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 2

BT-52 Version

  • Brilliant Sound Output with clean mids and rich bass.
  • Healthy Battery Life which lasts upto 6-7 hours on a single charge.
  • Comes with a built-in mic for conference calls.


  • Aux-in Support to pair non-Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Features FM radio to benefit vintage and next-gen users alike.
  • SD card slot for device plug-in.


  • Not water/splash resistant making it vulnerable in wet environments.

Blaupunkt BT-52: Design and Build Quality

  • Top-notch design with a textured finish for a premium look to the elite audio device making it one of the best wireless speakers under 50 range!
  • Features 2 rubber grip pads on the bottom to hold the speaker in place during music vibrations.
  • Boxy outlook with fabric mesh on the front for a royal touch.

Blaupunkt BT-52: Sound Quality

  • Delivers Quality Sound Output with 4-ohms impedance ratings and two 40mm driver speakers of 5W each.
  • Provides rich bass and crisp highs without any dedicated amplifier on-board.
  • Gives a frequency response range between 65-18000 Hz and no sound distortion even at high volumes.
  • Equipped with ports for Auxiliary Input and features Bluetooth 4.2 low energy version for good connectivity with other devices.

Blaupunkt BT-52: Battery Life

  • The battery lasts upto 6-7 hours on a single charge at a 60% average volume level.
  • The battery consists of 1500mAh Lithium-ion Battery for long life and extensive usage.

3. Logitech X50

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 3

X50 Version

  • Most Ideal for Personal Use in this New Normal Season.
  • Compact and Unique Design with various color options.
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing for overall device connectivity.


  • Equipped with the good built quality and small compact size for personal use.
  • Good Bluetooth range which extends upto 10m.
  • Brilliant sound quality for next-gen music lovers.


  • Does not feature a microphone for hands-free calling.
  • Suffers from sound distortion at peak volumes.

Logitech X50: Design and Build Quality

  • Circular Tiffin Box Look which comes with a little loop on the top.
  • Wireless Speaker which is laced with a hockey-puck-size overview for easy carry and efficient personal usage.
  • Comes with four clickable buttons along with the latest Bluetooth Connectivity.

Logitech X50: Sound Quality

  • Nice Tone balanced brilliant sound output for an acoustic musical experience making it one of the best wireless speakers under 50 range.
  • Good emphasis on bass and treble along with clean vocals.
  • Sound can easily charge your outdoor party with the music firing from one side for your favorite tracks.
  • You can connect this elite audio device with a laptop or smartphone using its Bluetooth feature or 3.5mm Aux Cable.

Logitech X50: Battery Life

  • The battery offers 5 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge.
  • The elite audio speaker is powered with a built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for long life and widespread usage.

4. Mi Pocket

Mi Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 4

Pocket Version for Indoor Use

  • Intuitive Volume Controls for easy and efficient usage.
  • Offers upto 7 hours of music playtime for your long musical sessions.
  • Tone-balanced brilliant sound output for all music lovers.


  • Equipped with stable Bluetooth LE connectivity.
  • Laced with aesthetically leading design for a glossy finish.
  • Upward facing speaker for room-filled sound.


  • Does not possess an SD card slot for device plug-in.
  • Outdated micro USB port for charging.
  • Does not come with Aux-in port for non-BT enabled device pairing.

Mi Pocket: Design and Build Quality

  • Excellent fit and finish with LED Light upfront for pairing status check with smartphone or laptop.
  • Aesthetically designed a brilliant finish with a minimal look bagging many design awards for being one of the best bluetooth speakers’ designs of the world.
  • Made with polycarbonate plastic material and laced with a rotatable aluminum ring on the top.

Mi Pocket: Sound Quality

  • Loud and clear sounds with negligible distortions even at higher volumes.
  • Provides good bass level, crisp vocals, and graceful high notes for the brilliant musical experience making it one of the best wireless speakers under 50 range.
  • Powered with 5W speakers, this elite audio device is apt for indoor usage with its aesthetic design easily blending with home decor.
  • Intuitive volume control with the aluminum rig on the top.

Mi Pocket: Battery Life

  • The battery lasts up to 5-7 hours of music playtime on a single charge depending on usage.
  • The battery needs three hours of extensive time for a full charge as it uses an outdated micro USB port for charging.
  • The Mi speaker is powered with 1200 mAh rechargeable battery to support your cool indoor party delights!

5. Portronics Sound Drum POR 871

Portronics Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 5

Sound Drum POR 871 Version

  • Specifically designed for cool house parties charging with a brilliant room-filling sound.
  • Equipped with the latest Bluetooth v4.2 version for good connectivity.
  • Delivers Brilliant Sound Quality for Party Music Delight!


  • Good Build Quality and powerful bass design to rock your indoor party with music!
  • Water-resistant elite audio speaker for a good overall experience.
  • Equipped with powerful dual speakers for room-filling sound.


  • Bass levels are less-pronounced in low/medium volumes.

Portronics Sound Drum POR 871: Design and Build Quality

  • Comes with good quality construction and laced with a compact cylindrical shape for a true music attraction in any outdoor party!
  • Premium and sturdy look owing to the grilled mesh around the chassis as seen in the picture. Features two opposite sided speakers for 360-degree music flow from the device.
  • The speaker is splash and water-resistant to withstand wet environments. The speaker’s body is etched with the Portronics logo for ultimate authority touch and look.

Portronics Sound Drum POR 871: Sound Quality

  • Well defined lows, mids, and highs with a distinct and audible sound. Adequate bass which never overpowers mids and highs making it a great device to listen to the music of any genre. Therefore features in our best wireless speakers under 50 range.
  • Enabled with Bluetooth Speaker to allow the users to enjoy their favorite playlists without any loss in sound clarity.
  • Powered with two 5W speaker output and a total of 10W RMS producing a sound that is loud enough to withstand noisy environments. No sound distortion from two opposite side speakers even when played at maximum volume.
  • Features latest Bluetooth 4.2 protocol allowing effective playback range of about 10m. There arises no loss in sound quality within the 10m Bluetooth radius.
  • Features aux-in cable to pair non-Bluetooth enabled devices seamlessly.
  • Features powerful FM tuner built-in and antenna causing no problem in signal reception so that your party is live with music throughout the night!

Portronics Sound Drum POR 871: Battery Life

  • The battery lasts upto 7 hours of Music Playback Time on a Single Charge.
  • This elite audio wireless speaker is powered by a 1800mAh Li-ion battery for its powerful performance and long life.

6. Anker Soundcore Mini 2

Anker Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 6

Soundcore Mini 2 Version

  • Compact and powerful Bluetooth Speaker to feature in the elite audio list.
  • Ideal for music listening during long trips down the valley with your friends!
  • Equipped with elegant design and perfect photo finish.
  • Powered with punchy bass for brilliant music experience.


  • Excellent Battery Life which makes it ideal for use during long trips.
  • SD card support to increase your music choices.
  • Loud and clear audible sound to charge your atmosphere with mystics of music!


  • Buttons on the device are less tactile hindering smooth usage.
  • Does not allow 360 degrees sound with top placed speaker mesh.

Anker Soundcore Mini 2: Design and Build Quality

  • Comes with a rounded rectangular design and is in tune with various Bluetooth speaker designs including that of Google Home Speaker.
  • Build with high-quality plastic and is laced with attractive black shade hue, compact design, and glossy finish for your music attractive in your long drives down the valley and mountains.
  • The speaker mesh is placed on the top for audio remittance. Buttons are placed on the chassis making it harder to press.

Anker Soundcore Mini 2: Sound Quality

  • Covers almost all musical notes with an eminent frequency response range and loud speaker sound for your favorite songs.
  • Delivers decent bass which blends well with mids and highs offering clear natural sound which is powered by its 5W speaker making it one of the best wireless speakers under 50 range.
  • Equipped with upward placed single 40mm driver speaker for brilliant sounds on the move.
  • Complete set of connectivity options with Bluetooth v4.0 offering 10 m range of interruption-free listening, SD card slot to listen to unlimited songs in your long drive adventure, and 3.5mm AUX to pair with non-Bluetooth enabled devices.

Anker Soundcore Mini 2: Battery Life

  • Offers a total of 15 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge to justify as your true partner for all long journey expedition!
  • The battery of Anker Soundcore Mini 2 trumps over all other batteries of Bluetooth Speakers in its affordable price segment giving you the precious long life boost!

7. Mivi Roam

Mivi Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 7

Roam Version for Best Outdoor Usage

  • Allows stereo pairing with multiple Bluetooth speakers and audio devices.
  • Provides upto 5 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge for marathon music listening.
  • Powered with power-efficient and stable Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity.


  • Laced with robust design and build quality for pro looks.
  • Equipped with a lightweight and portable design for easy carry and usage.
  • Allows in-built microphone to attend voice and conference calls.


  • Suffers from Sound Distortion at high volumes.
  • Buttons are hard to press initially.

Mivi Roam: Design and Build Quality

  • Made with ABS plastic material for pretty decent and robust build quality.
  • Sense of premium touch on the hard fabric material mesh on the outer portion along with fitting your budget needs.
  • Allows easy portability with its Lanyard feature. Side placed control buttons are a little hard to press for first time users.
  • The overall design of the elite audio speaker is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to carry on your backpack or pocket and use whenever needed making it one of best wireless speakers under 50 range.

Mivi Roam: Sound Quality

  • The sound output is quite loud with the powerful single 5W RMS speaker which is faced upward.
  • Equipped with IPX5 water-resistant certification allowing it to withstand drizzle and sprays with confidence.
  • Decent bass sound which does not overpower the vocals at any volume levels. Moderate noise distortion at high volumes which is expected at the given price range.
  • The speaker allows serial pairing with two Mivi Roam speakers to enjoy stereo audio delivery in tandem.
  • Overall, the speaker delivers the respectable sound output with it’s the reasonable price it charges to the music lovers.

Mivi Roam: Battery Life

  • Allows 6 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge for moderate music sessions on the go.
  • Pretty Decent Battery for a portable outdoor speaker to support your New Normal Music Needs!

8. JBL Go2

JBL Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 8

Go2 Version for Outdoor Use

  • One of the best budget elite audio Bluetooth speakers available in the market today.
  • Fully waterproof with IPX7 ratings to support your pool party with lyric attractions!
  • Offers Rich Bass Sound for ultimate Nirvana experience!
  • The portable design fits in the palm of your hand making it easier to carry around.


  • Small and Compact Ultra-Portable Design for easy carry and use.
  • Possesses enough punch to fill a complete bedroom with quality sound output.
  • Offers Robust Build Quality for long use.
  • Equipped with a high-quality microphone to attend voice and conference calls.


  • Suffers from Average Battery Backup.
  • Not suitable for big parties.
  • Does not offer loud music for room-filling experience.
  • You cannot hear sub-bass sounds under 180 Hz or thumping bass sound.

JBL Go2: Design and Build Quality

  • Offers better durability with well-built rubber finished material for long usage.
  • An extremely portable and lightweight speaker that weighs only 132 grams making it super easy to carry and use during travel and outdoor outings. You can easily carry it in your pocket due to its small and compact design.
  • Offers convenience to use while traveling with its lanyard loop on its outer body enabling you to hook onto your bag clip or outward clips.
  • Possesses a rectangular body with five clickable buttons on one side for easy use and simple minimal design for pro looks.

JBL Go2: Sound Quality

  • Delivers clear and decent sound output for small parties and outdoor music relive and lyric refreshments as one of the best wireless speakers under 50 range.
  • Surprising music clarity and depth from this tiny wireless speaker which comes with a 3-watt driver.
  • Offers a frequency range of 180Hz-20kHz for decent bass sound.
  • Equipped with a high-quality microphone that is powered with noise cancellation and echo-cancellation technology for efficient listening over voice calls.
  • Offers easy pairing with Bluetooth connectivity upto 10m radius supported by Aux-in feature to pair non-Bluetooth devices simultaneously. You can use it to watch videos or movies on your laptop or computer for better impactful sound.

JBL Go2: Battery Life

  • Offers 5 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge subject to volume-based usage.
  • This small yet powerful portable speaker comes in with a rechargeable 750mAh Li-ion battery for a healthy and long life.

9. Boltt Xplode

Boltt Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 9

Xplode Version

  • Best Rugged Elite Audio Speaker in the Market Today.
  • IPX7-rated water-resistant to support your pool party this summer!
  • Offers upto 7 hours of battery life on a single charge for your marathon music sessions!


  • Equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 version for overall connectivity.
  • Passive Bass Radiator for impressive sound performance.
  • Sturdy and Robust Build Quality for long usage.


  • Suffers from distortion at maximum volume levels.

Boltt Xplode: Design and Build Quality

  • Built-like a Tank with hard silicon coating over the chassis for durable performance.
  • Laced with Rectangular boxy-design which can withstand rough usage like a true champion.
  • Comprises metal grills in front of the speaker and the control buttons which are placed on the top.
  • The IPX7 water resistance is ensured by the I/O ports under a rubber flap in the back.
  • Also consists of a thick fabric strap if you want to carry the speaker on the cycle handle while on the move. You can also attach the speaker on the backpack while hiking expeditions.

Boltt Xplode: Sound Quality

  • Produces robust sound output with adequate loudness and bass response. The bass is capable to deliver a pleasant musical experience as it does not overpower the locals at any volume level making it one of the best wireless speakers under 50 range!
  • Features a dedicated bass radiator and 40mm front-facing speaker for the brilliant audio experience.
  • Laced with an aux-in port for wired speaker playback.
  • Allows independent music playback with SD Card Slot and USB port. So you don’t need to connect the device with your smartphone to listen to your favorite songs.
  • Suffers from sound distortion when played beyond 80% volume level.

Boltt Xplode: Battery Life

  • Allows 7 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge for your extensive music dates with your loved ones!
  • Takes two and a half hours for a complete charge from zero to hundred.
  • Pretty decent battery for long life at an affordable cost.

10. Boat Stone 200

Boat Bluetooth Speakers

elite audio 10

Stone 200 Version

  • Elite Audio Speaker to get a royal mention in our Top 10 List.
  • Produces clear and loud sound output for your true Musical Nirvana Experience!
  • IPX7 rated water-resistant for all your pool party music delights!
  • Offers up to 7 hours of Battery Life on a Single Charge!


  • Good and Compact Speaker design for easy pocket-carry-use.
  • Fully Waterproof with IPX7 certification for carefree outdoor usage.
  • Features an In-built microphone to attend voice and conference calls.
  • Offers rugged construction for Premium Look.


  • Suffers from Mono Output.

Boat Stone 200: Design and Built Quality

  • Comprises Compact square-shaped design which is extremely portable and super-easy to carry and use. It weighs lighter than some of the smartphones available in the market. The design is acclaimed to have impressed the youth and the next-gen population making it one of the best wireless speakers under 50 range.
  • Features an unconventional design with steel mesh on the rounded chassis which is bound to impress the adrenaline-filled young music lovers.
  • Features outer tough rubber housing which protects the internal space from damage and enables the elite audio speaker to withstand any rough usage.
  • Equipped with lanyard type carrying clip to hook the speaker in your bicycle or backpack during outdoor outings.
  • IPX7 rated water-resistant to withstand wet environments with ease.

Boat Stone 200: Sound Quality

  • Produces mono-channel sound output with a 40mm driver speaker to play your favorite songs.
  • Offers decent bass levels, clear mids, and loud music for your perfect outdoor outing adventure toned with your favorite playlists!
  • Powered with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity supported by Advanced Audio Distribution Profile Technology to enable high-quality disruption-free audio transfer within a 10m radius.

Boat Stone 200: Battery Life

  • Allows 6 hours of Music Playback Time on a Single Charge for your extensive musical sessions.
  • Decent Battery Capacity to withstand long usage at high volumes and overall longer life.

We are fully sure that you will find your best wireless speakers under 50 range from extensively researched Top 10 List to buy and win your New Normal Digital Life. Share your feedback in the comments below and use our list to find value for the money you spend on a Bluetooth speaker. Money saved is money earned and our motive is always to let you find the best deals on the premium products available online.

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Stay Tuned for more posts on your Best Wireless Speakers under 50 range or more for your New Normal Choices!

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