best speakers under 2000

Top 10 Best Speakers under 2000

Best Speakers under 2000: We need to prevent the panic of this pandemic with music. As we combat this unknown danger and the mental stress it comes with, all of us need to unite to fight against this virus with the beats of music. We will win our life battles amidst all odds and the virus will lose its game because we have the will power and we have the power of music. And what’s a better way to celebrate the beats of music than by playing your favorite bluetooth speakers!

Finding the best product within your budget is never easy. We understand your financial constraints in these difficult times and appreciate your will to live your life in the beats of music. Taking everything into account, we have prepared the Top 10 Best Speakers under 2000 across various brands.

We have chosen an affordable price range and chosen the most premium devices available in the market today. You can click here to get Top 10 Headphones all belonging to the specific Beats Brand.

You can also look for best integrated amplifier under 500. They are highly upgraded to match the music listening needs of the modern time.

Let’s get started:

1. JBL Flip 3

JBL Bluetooth Speakers

best speakers under 2000
Speaker 1

Flip 3 Version

  • Easy to Use on the Go with it’s Portable Design.
  • IPX7 rated waterproof design for your carefree pool party sessions.
  • Stealth in Design with Rich Deep Bass for a premium output and feel.


  • Well Balanced Sound Output to get listed in Top 10 Buy Beats Speakers.
  • Awesome Build Quality for long and efficient use.
  • Low Charging Time and Good Battery Life adding to its utility.


  • JBL Connect is missing.
  • No in-built mic for hands-free calling.

JBL Flip 3: Features

  • Powered with JBL Signature Sound for an electrifying musical atmosphere suitable for individual listening or group enjoyment.
  • Equipped with Wireless Bluetooth Streaming for a true wireless lyric feast for the next-gen music lovers.
  • Powered with two passive bass radiators on the external side for stellar sound output with a good balance between treble, mids, and bass.
  • Offers upto 10 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge subject to user audio settings.
  • Equipped with Premium Quality Charging Cable for fast and efficient battery recharge.
  • Delivers clear and loud sound which is enough to fill a room of 2 BHK.
  • Made with durable fabric material and acclaimed with IPX7 water-resistant feature to withstand rough handling and ensure long life.

2. Anker Soundcore 2

Anker Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker 2
Speaker 2

Soundcore 2 Version

  • Better Bass Quality with upto 24 hours of Music Playback Time.
  • Allows Easy Music on the Go with portable design and 66 feet Bluetooth range.
  • Built-in microphone for efficient hands-free calling.


  • Nice Matte Finish Look on the Solid Rubber Surface for superior design.
  • IPX5 water and splash resistant.
  • Good Sound Output and diverse musical range.
  • Need to Charge once in 30-45 days depending on usage.


  • Not-so balanced sound output.
  • No NFC feature or mobile app equalizer.

Anker Soundcore 2: Features

  • Powered with dual neodymium drivers to deliver thundering bass enabled 12W of pure audio power. Successfully offers zero sound distortion at any volume levels with an advanced digital signal processor. Hence, in our Top 10 best speakers under 2000 list.
  • Features perfectly placed navigation buttons on the top with buttons to alter volume so that you can easily pair the device with the music source.
  • Equipped with the latest power management technology and built-in powerful Li-ion battery to sort out all your battery woes. You can play upto 500 songs on a single charge.
  • Low-end frequencies get a boost with patented spiral bass port supported by exclusive bass-up technology allowing the beats to hit harder for your favorite party songs.
  • IPX5 water-resistant and outdoor proof feature against rain, dust, snow so that you can enjoy your songs anytime, anywhere.
  • Laced with a stylish and sleek design with an effortless control panel for easy and efficient usage. Gives a contemporary look with a rectangular brick-shaped design.

3. Harman Kardon Wireless Speakers

Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker 3
Speaker 3

Compact and Wireless

  • Allows Wireless Bluetooth streaming for next-gen users.
  • Equipped with the dual-microphone conferencing feature.
  • Laced with advanced craftsmanship and 2500MAH Power Bank.


  • Travel friendly with rich sound quality.
  • Great for mellow music with good surround sound features.
  • Fast Charging and heavy build quality for efficient use.
  • Great audio output and bass for its size.


  • Continued Playtime is just 1.5-2 hours in full charge.

Harman Kardon Wireless Speakers: Features

  • Your elegant and durable travel partner with diamond-cut edged beautiful unibody aluminum design giving you the feel of advanced craftsmanship.
  • Best suited for professionals with 2500mAH battery and a built-in power bank to charge your devices on the go. Therefore listed in Top 10 best speakers under 2000 list.
  • Features dual microphone to take crystal clear conference calls with built-in echo and noise cancellation.
  • Sleek, slim, and compact design with a carrying pouch for easy use and carry on the go.
  • Delivers expertly-designed stereo sound with wireless Bluetooth streaming for the blissful lyric experience.

4. JBL Flip 5

JBL Wireless Speakers

Speaker 4
Speaker 4

Flip 5 Version

  • Booming Bass in a Compact Package for a Party Boost.
  • IPX7 rated water and splash resistant to deliver an excellent outdoor music experience.
  • Immersive Sound with Bluetooth connectivity to match all your New Normal Needs.
  • Offers upto 12 hours of Music Playtime on a single charge.


  • Clear Sound and Punchy Bass
  • Easy Pair with Amazon Fire TV
  • Best Quality Audio Formats with distortion-free highs.
  • Party Boost Button enabling multiple Flip 5 pair.


  • No 3.5mm jack
  • No mic for hands-free calling.

JBL Flip 5: Features

  • Powered with two passive external radiators with brand-new race-track shaped driver delivering high output with booming bass in this best speakers under 2000 series.
  • Enjoy fearless outdoor entertainment with IPX7-rated waterproof which can withstand upto 3 feet deep water with a slight compromise on sound quality.
  • Create an electrifying party atmosphere by connecting two party-boost compatible speakers together to star-stud your Friday evening.
  • Offers upto 12 hours of Music Playtime on a single charge with JBL Signature Sound feature for acoustic music experience.
  • Tough build design with rainbow colors to flaunt your style and hear your music in this New Normal season like never before.
  • Delivers 20W stereo sound to match music notes across all formats and genres.

5. Doss Soundbox Speakers

DOSS Soundbox Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker 5
Speaker 5

Wireless and Bold

  • Delivers 12W HD Sound with 4.0 Touch Speakers.
  • Offers thundering sound with bold bass for your favorite party songs.
  • Offers upto 12 hours of Music Playtime for Phone, Tablet, and Gift Ideas.


  • Loud and clear sound output with easy to use buttons on the top.
  • Convenient shape and brilliant design and style for Music on the Move.
  • Decent Battery life which is long-lasting.
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo Dot.


  • Less durable during heavy outdoor usage.
  • Disturbing low battery alert tone.

Doss Soundbox Speakers: Features

  • Affordable to buy and lightweight in design for easy transport making its place in our Top 10 best speakers under 2000 list.
  • Brilliant Sound Output offering decent bass and additional port featuring Micro SD Capability.
  • Features beat-synced lighting adding more style to its matte color look for a party attraction. Control buttons light up giving a soundboard pro experience.
  • Easy to use touch controls for the sleek and smooth design.
  • Powered by two 6W speakers delivering sound performance and offering a unique look to the top control panel.
  • Equipped with a built-in microphone to manage and attend conference calls hands-free and efficiently.
  • Sensitive volume controls to make your button operations breeze-like and smooth.

6. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot

Speaker 6
Speaker 6

Third Generation Smart Speakers

  • Most Popular Smart Speaker with 360-degree sound.
  • Features 4 in-built microphones so that Alexa can hear you across the room.
  • Keep your Music under your Voice Control with Gaana, Saavn, Spotify, etc.
  • Life is Easier with news, weather or traffic updates.


  • Decent Depth of Sound and powerful bass for good sound quality.
  • Seamless integration with smart home devices.
  • Super microphone sensitivity with a beautiful modern look.
  • A true skill-based product to match all your New Normal Needs.


  • Software grievances to be addressed.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen): Features

  • Voice-controlled smart speaker with Voice Assistant Alexa which can hear you across the room making it one of the best speakers under 2000.
  • Features crisp and clear built-in speaker to deliver powerful bass sound with great depth for your favorite songs.
  • Easy connect with other devices to create a true party atmosphere with 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sleek and compact design making this speaker a convenient and stylish addition to any room in your house.
  • You can use it in your living room to check news and updates, in your kitchen room to set a timer for your favorite meals or shop for millions of products on Amazon anywhere.

7. Sony SRS-XB12

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker 7
Speaker 7

SRS-XB12 Version

  • Extra Bass BT speakers to offer punchy sound.
  • Offers upto 16 hours of Battery Life on a single charge.
  • Equipped with in-built Microphone and loud audio for phone calls.


  • Music Sound is crystal clear with good bass.
  • Decent Build Quality with loud sound output.
  • Runs upto 5-6 hours on continuous playback.
  • Soft-touch finish with a nice grip.


  • Not so good Bluetooth range.
  • Not good to hear the sound from movies streamed on Netflix, Prime, etc.

Sony SRS-XB12: Features

  • Powered with the mono speaker to enhance low-end notes allowing a boosted bass sound to register its name among the best speakers under 2000.
  • Acclaimed with IPX7 waterproof design to prevent accidental spillage for your fearless outdoor musical entertainment.
  • No impact on performance due to the dusty surface it is placed on giving you peace of mind.
  • Features built-in microphone for easy + efficient hands-free calling on the move.
  • Users can connect two speakers to produce stereo sound for their delightful Friday nights.
  • Compact and Light design with detachable straps for music on the move.

8. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

UE Wonderboom Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker 8
Speaker 8

Portable and Wireless

  • Rugged Speakers with Big Sound and Powerful Bass.
  • Surround 360° sound that produces pure party sound.
  • Offers a 10 hour of Battery Life for Marathon Music Sessions


  • Compact and Lightweight Design for your easy carry and storage anywhere.
  • Succeeded in Mud tests with shock and mud proof feature.
  • Exceptional durability and easy to use buttons for efficient use.


  • Lacks clarity in mid range vocals and bass.
  • Hard to know when the battery gets low.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom: Features

  • Produces big sound with highly portable and compact design in a Bluetooth connective speaker making its place in one of the best speakers under 2000.
  • Offers crisp and clear music powered by big and elegant bass with the frequency range of 80Hz to 20Hz.
  • Rechargeable waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a long-lasting 10 hours battery lifespan.
  • It’s waterproof feature and floating ability makes it a perfect partner for your fun outdoor outings.
  • Users can connect with another Wonderboom speaker to produce a stereo-like distinctive sound.

9. Boat Stone 650

Boat Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker 9
Speaker 9

Stone 650 Version

  • Offers power-packed immersive audio and 10W Stereo Sound.
  • Delivers Powerful Bass for Brilliant Performance.
  • Sleek and Exquisite Design with multiple connectivity modes both wired and wireless.


  • Bass is awesome delivering great sound.
  • Offers upto 7 hours of Music Playback time on a single charge.
  • Good Battery Backup of 6-6.5 hours with 60-70% volume.
  • IPX5 rated water and splash resistant.


  • Voice distortion at 60-70% volume.
  • BT Connectivity not so strong for medium range.

Boat Stone 650: Features

  • Delivers loud sound and absolutely adaptive to any environment it is brought into securing its place in the best speakers under 2000.
  • Features 2 inch X 2 drivers amplified by smooth grooving subwoofer delivering Dynamic HD Sound for a true Music Nirvana Experience.
  • Powered by 1800mAh massive battery offering a playtime of 7 hours and requires a charging time of 2-2.5 hours.
  • Features easy access multi-function button control system for better usage and efficiency.
  • Sleek and unique design with IPX5-rated splash resistance for your music-filled outdoors.

10. JBL Go2 Plus

JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker 10
Speaker 10

Go2 Plus Portable Speakers

  • Loud Sound with Comfort and Style.
  • Allows 5 hours of Music Play on Quick Charge for your long parties.
  • IPX7-rated waterproof feature with audio cable input to listen to music 24X7.


  • Affordable Price and Brilliant Sound Clarity with the sturdy build quality.
  • Crystal clear trebles and loud sound.
  • In-built microphone which works well with Skype and calls when connected to Android.


  • Not so good Bass Quality.

JBL Go2 Plus: Features

  • Enhanced Bass inspite of concerns offering upto 5 hours of Music Play Time on a quick charge for magical music experience making it one of the best speakers under 2000.
  • Features in-built Noise Cancelling Speakerphone to manage your voice and conference calls easily with hands-free.
  • Equipped with wireless bluetooth streaming for your favorite music tracks.
  • IPX7-rated waterproof design for your music-filled outdoor outings with peace of mind.
  • Colorful and compact design delivering crystal clear sound output for true Music Nirvana Experience.
  • Perfect Speaker for Music on the Move during tedious long journeys.

We are fully sure that you will find your ideal buy among our Top 10 Best Speakers under 2000 List which is detailed in the overview to leave you doubt-free when you choose your music partner. Share your thoughts in the Comments Below.

Stay Tuned for more Top 10 Posts on your New Normal Buys!

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