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SONY SSCS3 Review: Best Home Entertainment in Budget

In today’s guide, I will run you through a detailed sony sscs3 review so that you get an exciting music package within your budget.

I am no fan of Sony speakers (though they sound great!) so I have also reviewed its competing speakers so that your perfect choice is confirmed.

Let’s do this!


  • Room-filling sound
  • Stylish and portable design
  • Small footprint conserves living room space
  • Cabinet is made of solid wood
  • 0.75-inch broad dispersion
  • Super tweeter
  • Simple to install and relocate.
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Excellent value for money


  • Exposed cone design
  • The bass begins to fade below 80 Hz.

If you want a high-quality speaker at a reasonable price, consider the Sony SSCS3 three-way four-driver tower speaker. The 3-way speakers were separately tuned to focus on low, middle and high frequencies, resulting in excellent sound quality.

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Alternate Products To Think About



  • A soothing, non-fatiguing sound
  • A spacious, engulfing soundstage
  • Broad coverage from a wide-angle
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • It doesn’t occupy a lot of physical space
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Reasonably priced


  • Reaction to rocky mid-bass
  • The sensitivity is a bit low for a floor-standing speaker.
  • Inadequate electricity for large areas

The MK442T is a low-cost tower speaker with a transmission line cabinet.

Even for far more expensive enclosures, that is a complicated design, but Dayton Audio is giving it a shot in the budget speaker area.

Pioneer SP-FS52


  • A seamless transition
  • Minimal bass distortion
  • Crisp, clear trebles.
  • Outstanding value for money.


  • The cabinets are uninspired and unappealing.

In our opinion, Andrew Jones and Pioneer have done a fantastic job of making some great-sounding speakers at this cheap price range.

There’s no doubt that you’d have to pay a lot more to acquire anything remotely close to this level of quality.



  • They have a sleek, modern appearance
  • Clean, clear sounds
  • It’s a little less expensive


  • You may need to connect to a subwoofer to achieve your desired bass.

The Polk Signature S50 pair offers excellent value for money.

They can be used as stereo speakers in a hi-fi system or as main speakers in a home theatre system.

SONY SSCS3 Review Comparison Table

DIMENSION9 1/8″ x 36 3/8″ x 10 1/4″38.1″ H x 5.7″ W x 9.6″ D*10.6 x 8.8 x 35.2 inches27.7x 26.2 x 95 cm
WEIGHT25 lbs 5 oz (11.5 kg)52 pounds26 lbs14.5 kg
SENSITIVITY88dB (2.83V, 1 m)87 dB 1W/1 m87 dB/W/m89 dB/W/m
FREQUENCY RANGE45 – 50,000 Hz40 – 20,000 Hz40 – 20,000 Hz (+/- 3dB)33Hz – 40kHz
POWER RANGE145W80 watts RMS/160 watts max40 watts20 to 150 watts

Sony SSCS3: Full Review

Sony SSCS3
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Sony has been around for a longer period in the electronics sector!

Despite being one of the world’s most recognized electronics manufacturers, the firm hasn’t exactly earned a name for itself by creating excellent speakers.

Nonetheless, Sony has released a couple of hi-fi items in recent years, but at a hefty price!

As a result, Sony’s launching of the SSCS3s was a welcome move for budget shoppers. These speakers are pretty good and can completely revolutionize your home listening experience.

But what can we anticipate from Sony’s SSCS3 3-way floor-standing speakers? Let’s find out in the following review!

Specifications and features of the Sony SSC3 3-Way Speakers:

  • Three-way passive speaker
  • Drivers: two 5.2″ woofers, one 1″ tweeter, and one 0.75″ super tweeter
  • Dimensions of the product: 14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 inches
  • Each product weighs ten pounds.
  • Frequency response range: 45–50,000 Hz (plus or minus 3dB)
  • Peak power consumption: 145 watts
  • Two-year warranty on repairs and replacements

It offers all the features you need to get the kind of experience you want, but a competitive price for its performance is what makes it even more appealing.

This review takes a close look at the Sony SSCS3 3-in-1.

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Sony SSCS3 3-Way Speaker: Design and Construction

Sony SSCS3 (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

In terms of design, the Sony SSCS3 has a modern and sleek appearance suitable for a home entertainment system.

It enables you to match the unit to other electrical devices and furniture in your home.

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The speaker system comprises two floor-standing speakers with 14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 dimensions to have a modest footprint. You’ll have no trouble arranging them anywhere you like in the living area.

Each speaker weighs roughly 10 pounds, making them easily portable and easy to set up or move around the house when you’re changing furniture.

The Sony SSCS3 stands out because of its eye-catching design. The units are rectangular in design with straight sides and a black finish.

The slightly tapered faceplate corners reduce edge diffraction, allowing for a natural and transparent soundstage.

The distinctive “SONY” emblem can be seen from a distance at the speaker’s base.

The speaker cabinets are made of durable wood and designed to provide a natural resonance. Meanwhile, the bass reflex structure optimizes low-frequency performance.

Rubber feet at the feet of the speakers not only offer the necessary traction on a slick floor during installation but also separate the speakers from the surface, limiting floor vibration.

This four-driver sound system has two 5-inch woofers, a 1-inch tweeter, and a 0.75-inch super tweeter.

The Sony SSCS3, floor-standing speaker unit, can take up to 145W of peak power, and the integrated super tweeter has a wide-dispersion design that allows for high-frequency audio response up to 50kHz.

The woofer’s cones are mic-reinforced, allowing for enhanced bass response down to 45 Hz. Furthermore, the crossover on the speaker system is designed to minimize signal loss.

The exposed cones on the Sony SSCS3 were one of my pet peeves about the design. While this isn’t necessarily bad in terms of sound quality, most tower speakers have a full-frontal grill cover to protect the sensitive cones.

The open design increases the possibility of children or visitors inadvertently poking at the cone, easily harming the speaker.

On the plus side, when you buy the Sony SSCS3 3-Way floor-standing speakers, you get a two-year warranty, which is longer than the typical one-year warranty for audio equipment!

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Speaker Features


Sony SSCS3 3-way 4 driver floor standing speakers are already top-rated and regarded among the best in this price range.

But the question is, what is it about the speaker’s offer that has made them so popular since 2018?

The Sony SSCS3’s primary qualities that make it an excellent-sounding speaker are as follows.

  • High-Resolution Audio for unrivaled sound
  • Undistorted audio, Mica Reinforced Cellular cone
  • Super tweeters will widen your soundstage
  • Tweeter with high precision for faithful sound
  • Woofer 5.12 enhances low-end frequencies
  • The tapered corners of the faceplate keep the sound clean

Highlighting Features:

Sony SSCS3 (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

So far, we’ve examined each component separately to determine how these speakers contribute to the overall sound.

Now let’s discuss the top features of these floor-standing speakers.

The four drivers

They collaborate to provide a complete sound with no gaps (except the ultra-low-end). They’re stacked beautifully to create a broad soundstage.

As a result, they’re among the most fantastic immersive three-way floor standing speakers available.

The transition

Transition is excellent in these speakers. The music changed very little as we moved about the room, listening from different angles and heights.

It has a well-designed crossover that doesn’t leave any noticeable frequency gaps, as you would get in cheaper speakers.

The super tweeter

It appears to bring a new level of clarity to the high-end. Despite its small size, it contributes to the top end by providing clarity without harshness.

It expertly captures the subtleties that allow these speakers to offer the HRA sound for which Sony is becoming known.

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Speaker: Performance and Sound Quality

Sony SSCS3
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

It’s always a clever idea for companies to launch a product in a niche market that isn’t their primary focus, which increases competition and generally results in better offers all around. This is how the SSCS3 affects the budget-tier floor-standing speaker category.

Overall, the speakers deliver crisp, clear, room-filling sound with balanced bass. The incredibly high-frequency response ceiling was the first thing that caught my attention right away. Most loudspeakers can’t even reach half of the 50kHz frequency range that the SSCS3 can.

Reaching this high-frequency range becomes possible due to the unique 3-way design, including two tweeters and the exclusive High-Resolution Audio.

The super tweeter reproduces high-frequency notes exactly across the room, no matter how large it is.

The 145W peak power handling is incredible at this price point and should be more than adequate to fill a medium-to-small-sized room.

When it comes to bass response, the speaker system has a low-frequency response floor of 45Hz, and because there is no built-in subwoofer, you should acquire a separate subwoofer if you intend to use the speakers primarily for music.

We tested the SSCS3’s performance by watching a few movie clips and were particularly impressed by the high output level and the lack of distortion at deep bass. Even when we turned the volume up, the audio quality remained crisp and precise.

The bass is incredibly tight for the price, and it’s comparable to what you’d expect from a $300 subwoofer.



Sony is producing speakers that use the metric system. The SS-CS3 cabinet’s two stacked woofers have a diameter of 5.12 inches each, which makes sense when you consider that equals a rounded 130 millimeters. These are cone speakers, but they aren’t your grandmother’s paper cones.

These woofers are built of mica-reinforced cellular fiber (MRC). Unlike paper cones, these woofers are solid and long-lasting.

They rarely distort in shape even when pushed aggressively, which means you can push this speaker up, and the cones will still work. They will also retain their shape rather than gradually warping over time.

Dynamic and Space-filling

When combined with a front-facing sound port, these two woofers produce a theatrical sound that spreads around the room.

The low-end is robust yet detailed enough to highlight lower instruments and male vocals. Dialogue in shows and movies is effective. They sound crisp and genuine, with no discernible distortion.

The only downside here is that we can acquire frequencies down to 45Hz. To get the most out of your movies, you’ll want to connect these speakers with a subwoofer, especially if you’re a bass-head.



Yes, the four drivers in these speakers produce the sound, which is critical. Even the most outstanding speakers can sound bad if they are not housed in high-quality, well-designed cabinets.

The Sony SS-CS3 has smooth black-painted wood cabinets that produce a warmer, more accurate sound. On the other hand, the inside joints are strengthened with precisely cut medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

The MDF absorbs a lot of the echo and distortion generated in wooden cabinets, resulting in a much smoother, cleaner sound. Furthermore, this makes these floor-standing speakers some of the most durable on the market.

Improved Sound Quality By Design

Sony particularly emphasizes the speakers’ uniquely tapered faceplates. Instead of producing straight 90-degree angles that could deflect and refract sound, these are slightly beveled, resulting in a clean and natural sound.

In addition, we didn’t detect any sound distortion in the low notes. When watching your favorite movie, the implication is that discussions are clear, and it is easy to tell who is speaking.

When we listened to my favorite playlist, the Sony SSCS3 generated a room-filling sound that echoed throughout the living area. The system reproduces all the features in the songs, including musical instruments, placement, and soundstage depth.

The wide-dispersion mega tweeter had a nice effect, allowing for natural sounds and vocals that went straight to my heart. They are designed to provide a high-frequency audio response of up to 50kHz, ideal for high-resolution and crystal-clear music.

Meanwhile, the mica-reinforced drivers capture every note and melody perfectly. The SSCS3s employ specially designed foamed double-layer mica woofer diaphragms.

The upper layer achieves a supple sound quality, and the bottom layer uses a stronger low weight to achieve a more powerful bass reproduction.

On the flip side, you can only do so much with a pair of low-cost 5.25″ woofers. When we increased the volume, the highs, midst, and bass stayed distinct. However, there was noticeable bass compression at lower frequencies, particularly below 80 Hz.

The sound thins out, and while it’s not horrible, it’s not exactly kick-ass!

As a result, the Sony SSCS3 is not the best choice if you want to turn up the volume and shake up the walls of your house.



The Sony SS-CS3 speaker’s dimensions are as follows:

Response to frequency

  • From 58 Hz to 20 kHz, on-axis: 3.6 dB.
  • From 58 Hz to 20 kHz, the average is 3.8 dB.


  • 4.5 ohms/237 Hz, plus-4° minimum, nominal 6 ohms
  • 2.83 volts/1 meter of anechoic sensitivity.
  • 87.7 decibels

Except for a -2.5dB drop at 3 kHz, the SS-CS3 has a fairly smooth response with no noticeable peaks or dips. The key distinguishing feature is a tiny downward tilt in the tonal balance, which means the treble may sound a touch soft.

I’m going to guess that the de-emphasis at 3 kHz gives dialogue in movie soundtracks a brilliant minor character by emphasizing frequencies above the dip.

The mean “listening window” response from 0° to 30° is highly close to the on-axis response, which is beneficial since it will assist the SS-CS3 in being less sensitive to placement, toe-in, and room acoustics.

These measurements were taken without the use of grilles. The grilles distort the response significantly, introducing a -2dB dip at 2,850 Hz, a -3dB dip at 6,150 Hz, and a +1 to +1.5 dB rise between 7 and 13 kHz.

The SS-CS3 has an average sensitivity of 87.7 dB, tested quasi-anechoically from 300 Hz to 3 kHz. The in-room output should be increased by roughly 3 dB.

The nominal impedance is 6 ohms, which is fine for most low-cost A/V receivers, but don’t try to power the SS-CS3 with one of Parts Express’s sub-$50 amps. It’ll probably function, but if you push it too hard, it might shut down.

Customer’s Review: What Users Have to Say About SONY SSCS3

customer review

A buyer on Amazon shares his experience,

“I would stick to the Sony Core series speakers for the value in quality and price. I recently purchased the SSCS3 3-Way for the front left and right. Then I installed the bookshelf SSCS5 3-Way as the surround speakers.”

“The speakers don’t have a mounting bracket at the back built-in, but you can mount it using mounting brackets.”

Redditors say

“Up till now, my primary system has always had bookshelf speakers, but I just moved to a house with a bigger (though not huge) living room. So, I’m looking for some budget-friendly towers.

My budget is $200-250 for the pair. I MIGHT get convinced to stretch to $300 if I could find something significantly better for that price. As the title says, I am considering the Sony SSCS3 (on sale for $98 each on Amazon), Dayton MK442T, Pioneer SP-FS52, and Polk S50.

To stay within budget, I would need to catch the Polk and Sony on sale (Sony is currently), and that seems to happen often enough.”

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Overall, the response is good, and you can opt for it according to your needs.

To Conclude Briefly:


Overall, the Sony SSCS3 3-way floor-standing speaker system performs admirably and affordably.

It generates a high-quality sound that fills the room with crisp and clear audio reproduction.

Due to its compact and lightweight design, you can place it anywhere in your home.

The speakers will be a valuable addition to your studio, living area, or entertainment room, regardless of where you put them.

The Sony SSCS3 will take your movie-watching and music-listening experiences to new heights.

If you’re looking for a low-cost home entertainment audio system, this SONY SSCS3 Review should help you explore some great options. Now, I turn to you and ask you to share your ideas about this SONY SSCS3 Review.

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