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Samsung HW-T650 Review: Why This Is A Big Deal [2021]?

Today, I shall dive right into all the minute details on the Samsung HW-T650 review for your awesome indoor movie experience.

We will start by revealing the quick features of this three-channel soundbar, but will slowly get into its key features, hardware details, and performance strength.

Let’s do this!


    • Sounds good with loud movies: It makes the audio listening experience more immersive.
    • Works Superb with video games: The drastic surrounding effect of the game mode effect would always make your gaming experience more smooth and appealing.
    • Bass creates an Impact: With a massive 340 watts output, the base is very punchy and very effective, too; For a bass lover, it is one of the best options available on the market.
    • Intelligent sound mode adjusts flavor: It adjusts your audio experience to a higher level and enables the futuristic desire to automate a lavish lifestyle.
    • Easy to use Remote: A universal remote which makes functionality more simple and adaptive by switching from complexity to minimalistic.
    • ENERGY STAR® Certified.

Are you getting excited to buy this one for your house? So, without a slight delay, let’s start with the BRIEF ANALYSIS!

Samsung HW-T650 Soundbar: A Glimpse

HW-T650 Soundbar Review
I am waiting for this!

The HWT650 is the top soundbar in the extra low-priced T collection, with the Q collection being Samsung’s best models and the S collection and some full compact models.

The T collection consists of 3 soundbar subwoofer combos, the T450, the T550, and the only one we can look for here, the T650, which is not always the most important of the three but also the most practical one to use—a 3.1 channel configuration with a dedicated center channel. 

 It seems that the HW-T650 is the kind of soundbar that was made for customers’ ease, but Samsung wanted to construct a slightly taller unit to deliver a pleasure that could hardly be superior to the utterly simple. 

With Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital, and DTS sound, also with DTS Virtual: X, the HW-T650 can give rise to 340 watts with its 3.1 channels, for an additional immersive experience, it can play high-resolution audio documents.

 Up to 192 kHz, you can transfer songs via a Bluetooth connection and the hidden USB port, and it is ready for WLAN surround when you need real surround action. 

The type of functionality included in the HWT650 is nothing out of the ordinary; we have seen many devices with the same technologies.

Advanced Features In Samsung Soundbar
Let’s know them!

Usually, these are the features you get in a soundbar that you want to keep things simple and try to give your clients a bit of flexibility.

So what remains visible is how accurate the soundbar can be in its real-world performance.

Samsung’s HW-T650 is in the extra low-priced T collection, with the Q collection being Samsung’s best models and the S collection along with some full compact models. 

The T collection consists of 3 soundbar subwoofer combos, the T450, the T550, and the only one we can look for here, the T650, which is not always the most important of the 3, but also the most practical one to use. a 3.1 channel configuration with a dedicated center channel. 

Clubs with Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital, and DTS sound, also with DTS Virtual: X, can give rise to 340 watts with its 3.1 channels, for an additional immersive experience, can play high-resolution audio documents.

Up to 192 kHz, you can transfer songs via a Bluetooth connection and via the hidden USB port, and it is ready for WLAN surround when you need real surround action. If you want to check out some other awesome soundbars, we have got you covered there as well.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Portability
    Can be Wall-mounted
  • Setup
    Surround system support with
  • Control
    Universal one remote
  • Output
    Massive 340 watts output
  • Components
    6 Drivers (2 per channel, powered 30 watts each)

What Comes In The Package?

whats inside samsung soundbar
Let’s find out!
  • Active Soundbar Speaker
  • Wireless Power sub
  • AC Power adapter
  • Two 5 inch AC power cords
  • 2 Wall-mount Brackets
  • 2 Screw-holders
  • 2 Screw
  • User Manual
  • Wall-mount Template
  • Remote Control
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • 58-inch optical digital cable


With a massive 340 watts output, the base is very punchy and very effective, even for a bass lover, it is one of the best options available in the market.

A Brief Analysis

Brief Analysis

The Exterior Of HW-T650

The Samsung HWT650 is the longest of the 3T soundbars but still maintains a highly compact length.

With 38.6′ x 2.3′ x 3.6′ inches and weighing just 2.4 kg, the HW-T650 is the type of soundbar that falls far short of it. However, under any 55-inch or higher TV, it will largely depend on the kind of stand your TV has. 

It seems that the HW-T650 is the kind of soundbar that was made for customers’ ease, but Samsung wanted to construct a slightly taller unit to deliver a pleasure that could hardly be superior to the utterly simple.

At the bottom of the Pinnacle, the surface is a row of buttons that can be very fuzzy due to their color and length, even with many fashionable and accurate-looking Samsung soundbars.

The device has a handy front screen that sits on the back of the steel grille, and Samsung has placed it on the far right side of the device.

We chose this type of show because it is more straightforward than LED luminaires, which generally cannot be considered in their combinations. 

The most practical downside is that this screen display is enormously tiny, and now there are not many characters in shape, which means that something it is displaying has to scroll to see its entire message. 

The bottom rear of the device is visible with the two large inserts in which all the connections are housed.

There are no infrared repeaters of any kind, so make sure the scale on the main bar is no longer obstructing the infrared sensor on your TV.

The soundbar has a shallow profile, but you can’t be sure. At the bottom of the device, we can see some holes for cooling and unique holes for the wall brackets to make the woofers wall-mounted.

With the T650, we also get a subwoofer, which follows the primary unit’s simple structure.

It has a cubic design with rounded corners and can be kept in any room, as Samsung has positioned its driving force in the facet enclosed by a rounded fabric grid. 

The subwoofer measures 8.1 x 13.9 x 11.9 inches (205, 0 x 353, 0 x 303.2 mm) and weighs 13.7 pounds (6.2 kg), making it easy to use anywhere, even in rooms that don’t have a lot of free space. 

Unlike the main strip, the subwoofer cabinet is made of wood since we discovered a large port on the upper-lower rear face and the lower one with the power connector and a single pairing button.

There are no other buttons or controls, and things are stored here quite simply – best for more casual customers who don’t have to go through a lot with assist calibrations. 

At the end of this phase, we can say that the HWT650 is a pretty soundbar, and even Samsung has shown interest in its first-class build in many ways.

It won’t be a premium product, but it does have a positive premium grade that Samsung has given us on all their products.

Internal Hardware

Samsung Soundbar Hardware
Here we start!

Samsung could be very secretive about the shape of the drivers used in the HWT650. There is no indication of its type, neither in the datasheet nor in the instructions.

And with the soundbar’s non-removable metal grill, it’s no longer clean to find out for yourself. 

We can say from the specs that for the three main channels inside the central unit, there are six drivers with 60 watts each for a total of 180 watts for the soundbar.

This approach that each channel uses a dual actuation force configuration is not an entirely exceptional combination. 

There may still be some secrecy about the dimensions of the subwoofer driver, and the most compelling stat we get is its 60 watts of power output, but it is hardly much less than we expected; we can position it as we see fit.

 With 180 watts of power in the main soundbar and 160 watts of the subwoofer, we come to a sum of 340 watts, which should be sufficient for small to medium-sized rooms. 

Setting Up Initially

HW-T650 Setup
Here are the details!

As with the Maximum soundbars, the HWT650 meets the identical simplified standards that we have seen in top-of-the-line devices.

This consists of any preliminary setup and connection and everyday usage, perfect for casual clients who don’t have to deal with endless menus and settings. 

After unpacking and setting up the central unit and subwoofer, we plugged them into an outlet and connected them to all other mechanically manufactured devices.

But even though it doesn’t appear, there is a guide that can be very neat and fast. 

We wanted the HDMI way to connect all gadgets, so we used our 4K UHD participant’s HDMI output to connect it to the HWT650’s HDMI input and its HDMI output to one of our Check’s HDMI inputs to connect televisions.

Also, if you’ve set up the non-mandatory wraparound package, the pairing is very clean for miles, and there are specific commands within the guide along the way. 

After all the connections are made, you can get started. There is no pre- sound setting here, so you need to set the treble and Bass yourself, but that’s not a problem.

Seamless Connectivity With HW-T650

HW-T650 Connectivity
Get connected!

Next, we can look for the connectivity alternatives of the device.

As with all soundbars in this price range, we often see them with an additional or much less primary format with minimal variations, relying on the emblem that may be sufficient for a maximum, but that leaves the search for simplicity much more preferable if you are extra annoying and want to connect multiple devices.

The unit has deep slots on the back, and all connections have been made similarly under the extension. Only on the left side, we discover a round plug with an HDMI connection, an input, and an output.

We can see many USB ports and digital ports, too, so that connectivity is done seamlessly. The shielded HDMI output supports the most efficient ARC, i.e., no Dolby TrueHD or DT SHD master audio transfer.

It can at least play Dolby Digital Plus, which has been used recently by many streaming services.

There might not be an analog port either, but that’s not a big deal in our opinion, as HDMI ports have been the main connection focus lately anyway. 

The wireless capabilities of the soundbar are limited to the inclusion of Bluetooth as the device lacks any form of Wi-Fi capability.

Samsung does not indicate which version of Bluetooth is used within the device, neither in the manual nor the specifications section, so we cannot confirm it.

 But at least at some point, it ensures that the connectivity should not pop up as a problem. Be it the old version, but what matters is the reliability, and we are satisfied with it.

HW-T650 For Music

Great For Music

Before we finish our evaluation, there is one more vital aspect that is not on the sidelines of our track tests.

Since the HWT650 supports some Hi-Res Audio documents, we opted for some too thin FLAC documents that we transmit via the USB port we need to have. 

The front level came to life immediately because the soundbar is controlled to reproduce all sounds with excellent, refined, and desirable information and plenty of resolution. 

It may not be the fairest playback sound we’ve heard, and that’s to be expected from this budget soundbar, but for casual use, it will probably be more than adequate, even if you’re looking for something beyond the absolute basics. 

The stereo image became desirable instead, although the device lacked some degree of precision.

The results of the stereo panorama were beautiful and surprising, although they did not have the effect that we used to have.

The subwoofer provided a pleasantly deep decay time and accompanied the beats with great speed and without stumbling in extremely annoying sessions. 

However, Samsung offers to surround sound kits that you can easily pair with the soundbar. These will generate a bigger surround sound feel if that’s what you’re looking for.

The center channel made a great process of playing all voices with excellent tonality and enough power to blend in well with the relaxation of the performance.

The intermediate variety had the desirable balance, even if it was no longer the best it could be, and it helped collectively transmit the entire frequency spectrum without significant changes. With this kind of load, you cannot wait for good HI-FI performance.

But the HWT650 is the type of soundbar with enough sensitivity to give you a comfortable result; this is certainly above the basics and could give you endless hours of track enjoyment. 

Laudable Features

Physical Features:

As with the Standard, the soundbar has a pair of integrated buttons that Samsung placed in the center of the top, but these are on the back and no longer on the front, as we can see on many brands.

These are physical buttons and are designed as icons to create a less challenging to navigate various functionality.

From left to right, we discover a power button that works as an automatic shutdown button, volume controller, and source button to select the input mode. 

We liked that these buttons are placed on the body as they are much less difficult to work with, but using a comparably different color like the other soundbars makes them indistinguishable and could be top-notch if a different color is used. 

Minimalist Remote:

Minimalist Remote

The most obvious approach for navigation is none other than the protected remote, and we did not discover any other here except for the well-known One Remote that Samsung has used on a wide variety of display and audio devices.

And while the fashion design and key layout remain largely the same, the functionality of these keys has drastically changed. 

The buttons above the navigation controls are used for power selection and Bluetooth pairing.

In contrast, the alternative three below the round navigation controls are used to mute, select the sound mode, and manage the sound consisting of treble, bass, and audio synchronization.

The buttons at the bottom are for the front number on the left, and the number of subwoofers is for the right. 

We generally liked the One Remote. We need to emphasize that it is easy to use and with just a few buttons for all functions, making it easier for casual customers who don’t have to deal with complicated controls. 


HDMI supported
Let’s get connected!

The soundbar is HDMI-CEC compliant. This means that if you connect the device to the TV with an HDMI cable, you can use the television far away to do some primary controls like volume.

This may not provide the full range of support skills, but it can help in favorable situations. 

Finally, we would like to say that there may be no support for voice control and that Samsung has stopped providing help with the mobile app. 

This certainly limits the performance of the HWT650 and, in case you remember, there are many off-budget speakers these days that offer at least one in each of both features, not providing any of them makes, the T650 feel unhandy and a bit behind in the competitive race.

Keep Reading to explore more about HW-T650 to have a clearer picture in your mind.

Below are our most feature-packed sections, and while the T650 isn’t a fully packed soundbar with more features and capabilities, a few of them are worth mentioning. But first, let’s say roughly what kind of audio it can play. 

Dolby Audio, Digital, Virtual-X, DTS Enables:

Samsung Supports Dolby
Samsung Supports Dolby

The HWT650 seems to guide the Standard, and with the help of that, we recommend LPCM 2 channel, Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital, and DTS Guide.

The Dolby Digital and DTS symbols must be mixed as there is no surround audio system to use the complete 5.1 channel symbol.

In case you need to dive a little deeper, there is also DTS Virtual: X, which could be perfectly normal for the soundbars of this class, and we can talk about general performance in the right section.

Any worth-buying soundbar has at least a few sound modes you can choose from, and the HWT650 seems to have a broad selection of them.

As such, we get Standard, which puts out the original audio mix for miles; surround Sound, which offers a more prominent sound theme than Standard Mode; Game Mode, which provides stereoscopic Sound to immerse you in motion during gameplay; Smart Sound, which analyzes the content of the audio material. 

Therefore, it offers the most effective sound theme, and ultimately DTS Virtual: X, which attempts to simulate surround audio without the presence of an actual physical audio system. 

Dynamic Range Control (DRC)

As per the single modes, although the soundbar lacks a select dialog or night mode, we get a method that Samsung calls Dynamic Range Control (DRC) that helps you observe the dynamic variety in Dolby Digital tracks.

With DRC on, it will reduce the loud Sound, resulting in a slightly distorted sound, so use it wisely. 

Bluetooth Capability With Add-On Features

Bluetooth Capability

There are also Bluetooth capabilities, and within the HW-T650, it comes with a lot of flexibility. First, you have the option to stream audio from any cellular device through a Bluetooth connection.

The soundbar also supports multiple Bluetooth connections, as you can connect to two devices simultaneously. 

And in case you don’t have to mess with cables, you have the option of connecting it to your TV via Bluetooth in case your TV can carry one of these connections as well.

Just keep in mind that you can’t pair your TV and a mobile tool simultaneously. 

It is the TV and Bluetooth devices at the same time. The hidden USB port allows you to play audio from an external garage tool, and to be honest, its capability is far more beneficial than other soundbars we’ve seen recently.

What we don’t like about this is the location of the USB port. 

Samsung put this in one of the slots for several reasons, making it extraordinarily difficult to precisely place the soundbar in a setup, as you must slide the device up at every instance to be able to use the connection. 

However, it can be a bit easier; we should remember all the options here. In our opinion, the best answer is to use a USB extension cable to avoid frustration. 

As for the supporting documents, we get the MP3, WMA, AAC, and OGG standard in terms of the lowest best, but we also get high-resolution audio playback for FLAC, AIFF, and WAV documents up to 192 kHz, which is the main benefit for an incredibly inexpensive device. 

The soundbar has a premium set of inputs for connecting your external devices. It has a general purpose 3.5 mm analog audio input and an optical input that supports Dolby Digital and DTS formats.

There is a USB slot on the lower back for lightning pressure, so you can play audio documents. 

Suppose you are very interested in surround sound and don’t like the overall performance of the total coverage DTS Virtual: X. In that case, you have the option of purchasing the Wireless Surround Sound Kit (SWA8500S) for a true 5.1 channel surround system to create. 

Fortunately, the package is not as luxurious as other surround sound kits from competing manufacturers, so it could be a great alternative if you suspect the HW-T650 is missing in that regard. You have room for the audio system. 

Lastly, there is a Bluetooth auto-on / off feature. The device turns on or off automatically, depending on its Bluetooth function.

When it detects an incoming Bluetooth brand, it will turn on, while it will automatically toggle if no Bluetooth brand is detected for some time.

We generally liked the One Remote. We need to emphasize that it is easy to use and with just a few buttons for all functions, making it easier for casual customers who don’t have to deal with complicated controls.  


  • 3D Sound Experience
  • DTS Virtual-X makes it more appealing
  • 340 watts output
  • Dedicated modes for a better audio experience
  • Adjustable Treble, Bass


  • The game mode is for selective TVs
  • No NFC Support
  • Lacks during low vocals

Technical Specifications (Feature-Packed Speaker)

Top Pick


  • System: Add an optional Samsung SWA-8500S wireless speaker kit for a compelling surround sound experience
  • DTS Virtual: X digital sound processing.
  • Great Design: more spacious and lively.
  • Soundbar: Six drivers (2 per channel, powered 30 watts each), a center channel for clear dialogue, and smart sound modes.
  • Dimensions: 38-11/16″w x 2-5/16″h x 3-9/16’d
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Dolby® digital and dts® decoding
  • Built-in Bluetooth: wireless music streaming from compatible devices and multi-connection for more convenient music streaming.
  • Subwoofer: 160-watt built-in amplifier that connects wirelessly to the soundbar
  • Dimensions: 8-1/8″w x 13-15/16″h x 12-1/2″d
  • Weight: 6.2 kg.
  • Bass-reflex (already ported): powerful bass response and
  • Ac power connection required (power cable included).
  • Connections and general info: 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output. Supports Audio Return Channel (ARC). USB port for connecting a thumb drive. Optical digital audio input. Wall mount kit included. HDMI-CEC function
  • Total system power: 340 watts

Review of HW-T650 While Watching A Movie

Review While Watching Movie

For our tests, we decided to opt for nothing more than the latest Godzilla vs. Kong 4K, UHD, which contains a fully immersive DTS: X mix.

We didn’t use the larger surround package for this check, so we had to pay attention to the medium DTS mix, which is mixed down to 3.1 channels, which can be dispensed with on our test device. 

We also tested the film in sound modes. First, we used the standard model to get audio that needed as little processing as possible.

After repeating the use of DTS Virtual: X mode, it is up to you to decide if you can get a higher level of surround sound enjoyment without adding a more extensive audio system. 

GODZILLA VS. KONG is the movie form that has it all. Dialogue-driven scenes, full-motion, explosions, ambient effects, and atmospheres, as you call them.

Its range is unbeatable, and the suitable material to test each audio system’s many strengths and weaknesses. 

We can start over first, and the HWT650 did an excellent process of filling the distance between the TV and our reel with a legitimate wall that got quite large and deep. 

The primary influence that the soundbar gives you is that the sound is not always as flat as we would notice in the audio system of the television.

It had an added stretch, and added intensity, and added top, or even a slight side stretch, although now not as much as we had heard on a few different units. 

And it can move with force, strong enough for its length. But hitting the upper limits was no longer without flaws, as the soundbar couldn’t maintain the same stability and over-the-top decision because it did so at the everyday listening level.

But in a preferred way, what we heard became very engaging, and frankly, it increases the immersion tenfold and puts you in this world.

During Jungle scenes, you can experience the size and intensity of the forest; you can hear numerous ambient noises coming from exclusive locations, while the stereo panning results are substantial and credible. 

A center channel also made the soundbar excellent for disconnecting and holding the conversation, even during busy motion scenes.

You may want to experience the conversation remotely within the center, which has helped relax the sonic results of the clashes between them.

We have by no means observed what they announced, and the addition of the middle channel is the main thing in this device. 

Next, let’s roughly communicate the Bass. Godzilla vs. Kong offers plenty of hobbies, and the covered subwoofer is a feast for the ears, even if it’s not always a natural powerhouse. This gives the film additional weight, additional energy, and additional energy.

You will experience the Kong’s roar in a, particularly vivid and herbal texture, while the Indominous Rex stairs will give you a feeling of length and weight.

The sub-woofer can dive deep enough if you think about its size and has enough power to provide you with the essential shakes, but it can’t hit you in the chest like a pair of dedicated subwoofers, and that’s understandable. 

And while the HWT650 performed very well in almost every area, its overall immersive performance is a component it certainly cannot deliver. There are certainly none, and without a surround audio system, this would be to be expected.

All movements have been firmly localized to the front, and even the immersive results that supposedly come from the rear are best heard through the front audio system, which at times hardly makes the results weird.

If you are putting your life at risk in terms of overall surround performance, we strongly recommend that you purchase the optional Wireless Surround Sound Kit (SWA8500S); otherwise, your best method is to use the DTS Virtual: X mode, which we will be informing you about.

Effective Sound Theme

DTS Virtual: X is the mode designed to create an additional immersive surround sensation without the need for a dedicated surround audio system. It does this by employing the digital age to deliver the phantom of Sound from positions where there is no real audio system. 

This digital technology may not be as adequate or accurate as of the existing audio system. However, if you don’t have the financing or the distance to install an additional audio system, this might be your best option. So, we are here to decide to what extent this is appropriate and if it can certainly give you a true enveloping feeling. 

We re-examined some of the equivalent scenes from Godzilla vs. Kong, as we did in our previous check, but this time with DTS Virtual: X mode enabled. The distinction is immediately apparent, but not all times were for the better now. 

First, the sound feels more immersive in this mode. It has an additional expansion and extends in addition to the perimeters and is also slightly higher. The depth concept receives an improvement compared to our observer role and on the alternate side. 

It is as if the sector is suddenly growing with the DTS Virtual: X mode. Does that mean that it is being controlled to surrounding us? Not quite. There were certain times when we felt that the surround sound results were coming from unique positions other than the front, but we can’t say we were sure the Sound was coming from the back. Maybe the extra sound has been surrounding.

Is HW-T650 The Right Choice?

Is It The Right Choice?

A wide variety of soundbars within the same HW-T650 price range with comparable features and specifications make it more difficult for each one to stand out from the crowd.

But the HW-T650 is simply a great soundbar that offers the complete package of a clean-to-use, desirable-looking version that can be perfect for any unique user style. 

 On the other hand, the HW-T650 can be very clean to set up and get up and running in just a few minutes, while the consumer can have a blast due to the simplicity of its settings and functions.

The sound is good when you think about charging, and it could enhance your audio enjoyment over something your TV can spit out at any time. 

If you load up on an excellent design with a desirable build and a few extras like Bluetooth streaming, USB playback, Hi-Res Audio Guide, and the ability to have an optional WiFi surround audio system, then what we get is that desirable price for money. 

On the other hand, the soundbar no longer surprises with its HI-FI performance. It’s enough to cater to those looking for a casual indulgence, but if you’re particularly upset, you might not find what you see here right now.

 Even without the rear audio system, there is no true immersive Sound Activity, as all movements in the front become a constant fixed. Even with DTS Virtual: X mode enabled, the result leaves a lot to be desired. 

And finally, compared to other lower-priced models, the HW-T650 can be considered a bit smoother when it comes to essential features that detract from the ease of use and overall flexibility of a part. 

The Samsung HWT650 soundbar is a nice-looking 3.1 channel mixer, and if you need it for mixed-use, it will serve you well. Whether it’s for movies, tracks, or video games, it doesn’t lose its mark in any way.

It may not offer the best of the great, but you are undoubtedly aware of where you belong in the price range and what it can provide you with in return.



Q1) Does it supports Any Assistant like Alexa?

Ans.- No, it doesn’t come with Alexa support.

Q2) Does it has Bluetooth Support?

Ans. Yes, it comes with Bluetooth support.

Q3) How’s Surround System?

Ans. With DTS Virtual-X, you get immersive 3D Surrounding Sound.

Q4) Is Battery included?

Ans. Yes, the Battery is included; it provides 2 AA batteries.

Q5) Can we Connect TV and Mobile at the same time?

Ans- No, you can’t. However, it supports multi-connection with multi mobiles only.

Q6) Is the Surround Kit included in the Box?

Ans. No, you need to buy it separately.



Well, that’s it for this one.

We hope you enjoyed this Samsung HW-T650 soundbar review.

In short, it is an excellent soundbar that we can recommend without any problems. 

It delivers a clear, balanced sound quality along with deep bass that retains its clarity even at higher volumes.

Its ability to perform well on a wide variety of content is well deserved, and it looks great also because its package covers every sector, from movies, music to gamers.

Everyone will be amazed to have this in their home.

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