jbl partybox 300 vs sony xb90

JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90: Which Speaker is Best For Your Money?

When it comes to powerful party speakers, JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90 comparison is quite obvious. Both the bluetooth speakers are best in their own ways.

The JBL party speaker is popular for its deep bass and amazingly clear sound. The Sony Bluetooth speaker offers high-tech features with a mobile app for more functions. Its punchy bass sound is what makes party-goers go crazy. But who wins your best choice in this epic comparison?

One thing is for sure, all hard-core party music lovers have come to the right place. The bass-heads and all those who love to party with their friends the whole night long, you will surely find your perfect speaker in this comparison article. We will reveal the detailed specs for the battery-powered speakers so that you can get the best value for the money.

Coming back to JBL vs Sony speaker comparison, the competition is quite intense. JBL likes to reveal the pro features of its speakers for all of us to see but Sony likes to keep things secret. So, you need to test Sony speakers yourself to find out whether it suits your need.

Without wasting any more time, let’s begin our party speaker review comparison. If you need the best ultimate ears speaker for your smart home, you can check them out as well!

Which is Better in JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90?


JBL PartyBox 300 Bluetooth Speakers

  • Literally shakes your walls with a deep bass response and bass boost feature.
  • Provides control buttons on the top for Power, Volume Up/Down, and Music Play/Pause.
  • Attractive Built-In Party Lights feature three modes: Meter, Pulse, and Party.
  • Powerful Battery with 10400 mAh capacity that runs upto 18 hours on a single charge.
  • Best For Karaoke and DJ music with instrument and mic inputs along with the 45Hz-20kHz frequency response.
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Sony GTK-XB90 Powered Speakers

  • Deeper Bass and Punchy loud sound which can get upto 90dB at full volume.
  • Provides Buttons to control Power, Play/Pause Music, and Extra Bass features.
  • Its Infinity Mirror reflects lights to boost up the party mood the whole night long!
  • Allows 16 Hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge with Stamina Button to withstand outdoor usage at low charge.
  • Best For High-Quality Sound with TrueAudio+ and DSEE to enhance the output. There is also an app with several sounds and light settings.
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JBL Partybox 300 Review: Is it the Best Party Speaker?

JBL Partybox Speakers

Partybox 300 Quick Specs

  • Party box 300 is well-known for its clear and deep bass and immersive sound output.
  • You can put this JBL party speaker horizontally or vertically as it has a rubber feet cushion on 3 sides.
  • This bluetooth speaker is best for audiophiles who love the room-shaking bass sound. Mids and highs are clear and clean. You will face no distortion in sound even at high volume.
  • You can easily pair 2 JBL Party box Speakers using the True Wireless Studio option to get the party going like hell!
  • Very powerful 10400mAh Battery that needs only 5 hours for a complete charge.

Party Box 300 JBL Review: Detailed Specs

Design and Build Quality

This battery-powered party speaker comes with a meshed metal grille and a plastic body that is prone to scratches. You can place the speaker vertically or horizontally as per your need. This is possible due to its rubber feet on 3 sides.

You can handle and control the speaker with buttons to adjust power, volume up/down, lighting, play or pause music, and bass boost feature. These buttons are placed at the top of the speaker for your convenience.

There are three modes of lighting and music playback in this JBL Party box 300: Meter, Pulse, Party. Find your best mode and rock the party like a pro!

Sound Performance

This JBL speaker offers bass-boosted deep response with the frequency response range between 45Hz – 20kHz. The speaker body has a rear bass port so that you can adjust the EQ setting or enhance the bass.

Its sound performance is best suited for karaoke music. The party speaker has instrument inputs and a microphone to help you gain control over the karaoke function.

You can play the battery-powered speaker at high volumes without suffering any distortion in sound quality. Its mids and highs are clear and clean for the best quality party sound.

Connectivity Options

JBL Party box 300 has a USB input to connect with smartphones and other JBL speakers. This USB feature enables JBL to score over Sony in this JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90 comparison. You can also connect the speaker to other devices via Bluetooth, Aux, RCA, and 1/4-inch guitar and mic-input.

Its USB input supports WMA, MP3, and WAV music files.

Battery Features

Party Box 300 has a powerful battery that has a huge 10400 mAh capacity. It takes only 5 hours for a full charge. Once charged, it runs upto 18 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge.

Party Mode Feature

Party box JBL speakers are known for their dazzling party lights feature. JBL Partybox 300 has 3 in-built modes for party atmosphere: Meter, Pulse, and Party. There is also a bass-boost button to create the chest-thumping effect and enhance bass-punch in the sound output.

You can pair upto 2 JBL party speakers using the True Wireless Studio feature. JBL Music App can be used to adjust EQ settings.

JBL Party Box 300 Pros and Cons: Is the JBL Speaker Good?


  • Bass-powered chest-thumping sound output making it ideal for DJ music.
  • Powerful 10400 mAh Battery which can run up to 18 hours on a single charge.
  • Equipped with mic and instrument inputs to support karaoke music function.
  • Three Built-In Party Lights feature to dazzle the party with bass-boost and ecstatic lights.


  • No Near Field Communication Feature.
  • Not suitable to carry during travel.

Sony GTK-XB90 Review: Is it the Best Bluetooth Speaker?

Sony Speakers

GTK-XB90 Quick Specs

  • GTK-XB90 has a larger woofer than its JBL counterpart with deeper and punchier bass for pop music.
  • Sony offers better speaker controls than JBL. Features Stamina Button which is best for Outdoor music when the battery is low.
  • This party speaker is best for jazz lovers as it offers Clear Audio+ for immersive audio along with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) for high-quality sound. The sound in XB90 can get around 90dB loud for thumping DJ sound.
  • You can pair upto 10 Sony Speakers unlike the 2 pairing limit in JBL for more powerful sound at parties. Here it scores a point in JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90 comparison!
  • This Sony Speaker has a decent battery capacity which offers upto 16 hours of Music Playback Time on a single charge.

GTK-XB90 Sony Review: Detailed Specs

Design and Build Quality

This high-tech Sony speaker has a mesh metal grille design with a textured hard plastic body. GTK-XB90 is ideal for EDM parties of large get-togethers.

You will get controls to adjust Power, Play/Pause Music, Extra Bass, and answer a call with buttons at the top of the speaker. There are buttons to adjust Wireless Party Chain as well. Then, we have a Stamina button that can save your day during outdoor parties when the battery is low.

Overall, you get better controls to adjust features in Sony GTK-XB90 than the JBL party box speaker.

Sound Performance

The Sony speaker has a slightly larger woofer with the bass which is undoubtedly deep and punchy in JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90 comparison! The sound output measures upto 90 decibels at full volume making it perfect for blasting rock music.

The Bluetooth Speaker supports mic input. It offers DSEE for the best quality sound and ClearAudio+ for an immersive audio experience.

Connectivity Options

The Sony Party speaker has a USB, in-built microphone, and RCA ports to connect with other devices. Its LDAC Bluetooth feature ensures that you get the best quality sound in a wireless connection.

Battery Features

Sony GTK-XB90 has a powerful battery capacity which offers a music playback of upto 16 hours on a single charge with a stamina button feature to support low battery usage.

Party Mode Feature

This Sony speaker has a mobile app for adjusting extra bass, applying DJ effects, hereby scoring a point in this JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90 comparison! There is also an Infinity Mirror to reflect lights in a way that electrifies the whole party atmosphere.

Sony GTK-XB90 Pros and Cons: Is the Sony Speaker Good?


  • Mobile App to apply DJ effects in sound and adjust extra bass in audio.
  • Offers DSEE and TrueAudio+ to enhance audio for better sound quality.
  • Stamina button feature to play music outdoors when the battery is low.
  • Perfect speaker for loud jazz music with infinity mirror to reflect lights to last the party the night long!


  • No Waterproof or Splashproof.Design.
  • No USB Input feature for connectivity.

JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90: Which is Best Overall?

To answer this question, let’s examine the pros and cons of JBL and Sony speakers side-by-side. JBL Partybox 300 offers 18 hours of Battery Life on a single charge whereas Sony XB90 offers only 16-hours on a single change. However, the Sony speaker has a stamina button feature to sustain low charge outdoors.

JBL speaker has USB Input to connect other devices whereas Sony GTK-XB90 doesn’t have a USB-Input feature. On the other hand, the Sony speaker has an NFC feature which the JBL speaker doesn’t have.

Personally, I prefer JBL Partybox 300 as a better party speaker for its thumping audio and bass-boosted output. However, the final choice is yours as Sony isn’t far behind!

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