Difference between Bose Bass 500 and 700

Bose Bass Module 500 vs 700: Who Wins Your Best Choice?

Bass Module + Soundbars are a stylish and affordable choice for your home entertainment setup and today we are here to provide a detailed Bose bass module 500 vs 700 comparisons for your best choice.

Continue reading as we will decode the key differences between the two best bose soundbars so that you get the best value for your money.

SpecsBose 500 Bose 700
Weight7 lbs10.5 lbs
Depth4 inches 4.25 inches
Height1.75 inches 2.25 inches
Width31.5 inches 38.5 inches
Remote TypeNormal Remote only for the soundbar Universal remote for all household devices
Optical Audio CableNoYes
Cleaning ClothNoYes
Dolby DigitalYesYes
BluetoothYes Yes
Smartphone AppYes (through Bose Music App)Yes (through Bose Music App)
Price Details Check Price Check Price
Comparison Chart

Bose is a reputed company when it comes to audio devices. They have a variety of product lines from personal items like headphones to full home entertainment setups like soundbars.

Their soundbars have a premium design, well-built, and have an easy upgradeable setup. They are in the business of audio and electronics right from 1964.

Engineering, Innovation, and sustainability are the biggest USPs of this premium sound manufacturer.

Some consider Bose products to be a bit overpriced and they over-focus on lifestyle and looks and rather than on sound quality. For such a large audio company, it is natural to have complaints and controversies.

However, overall their products are incredible in most aspects.

Key Differences Between Bose Bass 500 and 700: Quick Overview

Quick Overview Graphic

Bose Module 700 creates front-facing impressive sound with the help of a larger build to fit in four mid-range drivers and a tweeter.

Its standout features include a smart voice assistant and eARC support. You get additional DTS support with Universal Remote and PhaseGuide transducers.

Despite its expensive price, Bose 700 is loved by the customers due to its rich sound output.

Bose 500 offers less rich sound quality due to its smaller frame. Its lack of DTS support is a little disappointing but provides the same voice assistant features as that of Bose 700.

Here are the main differences between Bose Module 700 and 500 for your complete analysis:


Bose Module 500 Budget Choice

  • Can only decode Dolby Digital
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • 1.75 X 31.5 X 4 inches in size
  • Offers only a Black color option with a matte top.
  • Provides decent sound with three front-facing powerful driver on either side of the tweeter.
  • Offers surround sound with four mid-range speaker drivers.
  • Includes a basic small IR remote.
  • Equipped with an HDMI cable only.
  • Does not capture fingerprints and dust easily.
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Bose Module 700Richer Sound

  • Can handle both DTS and Dolby Digital
  • Weighs 10.5 pounds
  • 2.25 X 38.5 X 4.25 inches in size
  • Comes in the Arctic White and Black Color Options.
  • Provides richer sound with two side-facing drivers and two mid-range speaker drivers.
  • Uses Bose’s proprietary “PhaseGuide” transducers to direct sounds in multiple directions.
  • Includes a Bluetooth-enabled “Universal Remote” with features to switch between music playlists and more.
  • Equipped with optical audio cable as well as an HDMI cable for wired connectivity.
  • Equipped with a glass feature to capture dust and fingerprints easily.
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Table Of Contents

    Bose Bass Module 500 vs 700: Is Bose 500 Soundbar worth the money?

    Bose Module 500

    Affordable with Smart Features

    • Fairly well-balanced sound profile with neutral audio performance.
    • Well-suited for voice-oriented content like podcasts and audiobooks.
    • Delivers great center channel performance for movie dialogue with versatile usage through a wide variety of music listening experience.
    • Decent overall built quality with the metal grille at the front and at the sides.
    • Offers excellent wireless connections. Allows connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and also through Apple AirPlay but not through Chromecast built-in.

    Now, we shall discuss the detailed features of Bose Module 500 + soundbar combining expert reviews, customer feedback and our assessment:

    Build Quality and Design

    Bose 500 Design Graphic

    We found the overall build quality of Bose 500 to be “exceptional”.

    The soundbar has a metal grille on the sides and at the front face. The remaining area is made of good quality plastic material. The entire build and design feel robust for long use for years.

    But it can’t be called “premium” as Bose 700.

    This Bose soundbar has a fairly simple design with two touch-sensitive buttons on the left.

    It’s not very wide or tall so it will block your TV screen to which it will be connected with.

    There is no satellite or subwoofer provide with this soundbar setup.

    Sound Quality

    Small Girl listening to Bose 500

    This bar has a well-balanced and flat sound profile with a satisfactory stereo frequency response. However, Bose 500 faces trouble reproducing the rumble and deep thump sound from bass-heavy music genres thanks to its fairly high low-frequency extension.

    Love listening to music?

    Bose 500 is a good choice for that with decent and wide soundstage with 2 speaker-drivers on the device’s left and right side respectively. The soundbar can get decently loud with nice stereo dynamics performance.

    Users get a pure and clean sound with good Total Harmonic Distribution which does not jump even at maximum volume.

    Love movie-dialogues?


    This soundbar delivers accurate and clear audio reproduction for movie dialogues with a 3.0 setup dedicated center channel. Its Dialogue enhancement feature helps you hear movie dialogues more clearly even at low volume.

    Bose 500 also offers good sound enhancement feature to correct audio depending on the room in which you are listening. You can setup the room enhancement feature using Bose ADAPTiQ headset.

    On the downside, Bose 500 module has a poor surround sound feature. This means you don’t get an immersive experience in the audio output.

    Again, you cannot customize your sound as per your preference because of the lack of an EQ feature.


    Bose 500 Connectivity Graphic

    Users can easily cast files to this bar using their wired home network.

    However, you get limited physical connections to plug into this device. Lack of HDMI In implies that you can put this bar between your game console and TV. It only supports

    Dolby Digital surround sound which is common in Blu-rays and streaming platforms. DTS format is also not available. There are no satellites or subwoofer attached to this Bose setup either.

    On the upside, this Bose module has excellent latency and amazing wireless playback options.

    These options include a) Bluetooth, b) Wi-Fi and even c) Apple AirPlay. However, you cannot connect with Chromecast built-in.

    Extra Features

    Person Looking For Extra Features

    This Bose bar has a unique interface that takes time to learn but it’s worth your time. The set of lights on the device responds differently to the actions of the user.

    There are two buttons, one for the “microphone off” button to disable the voice assistant feature and an “active button” to manually activate VAs like Alexa.

    It comes with a basic remote to control volume, music playback and can activate BT pairing with any device.

    You can also use your Television remote to control and adjust basic bar functions. Users can listen to podcasts or internet radio through Bose Music app which works both on Android and iOS.

    This soundbar enters into a standby mode after 20 minutes of inactivity.

    What’s In The Box

    Here is the list of items you get with Bose 500 bass module+ soundbar setup:

    • HDMI Cable of 1.5m length
    • X4 Power Cable
    • X2 Brick to Satellite Cable
    • X2 Satellite Brick
    • Bar Power Brick
    • Small Screwdriver
    • Bose ADAPTiQ headset for room audio calibration
    • Bar Power Brick
    • Manuals

    Bose Bass Module 500 Review: Pros and Cons


    • Comes an affordable price to fit in the budget of most music lovers’
    • Decent Build Quality which is compact for tighter fits.
    • Wider soundstage and balanced sound profile for audiophile usage.
    • Good connectivity options with in-built voice assistant feature.


    • No DTS support
    • Needs a subwoofer to listen to bass-filled sound adding to its cost
    • No built-in Chromecast for connectivity.

    Bose Bass Module 500 Frequently Asked Questions

    Bose Bass Module 500 FAQs

    How do I connect my Bose Bass Module 500 to Bose Soundbar 500?

    There are 2 simple steps.

    First, you need to connect one end of a 3.5mm audio cable to the x connector on Bose Bass Module 500.

    Secondly, you will connect the other end of the cable to the h connector on the back of the speaker or soundbar.

    How do I connect Bose Soundbar 500 to my woofer?

    There are five simple steps to be followed in the order mentioned here:

    1) Connect your bass module 500 to an AC power socket

    2) Select Bose 500 soundbar in the Bose Music App via My Bose screen.

    3) Now, you need to touch the soundbar 500 image in the bottom-right corner of the My Bose screen.

    4) Next, tap Settings => Accessory Speakers and add Bose Accessory Speakers

    5) Follow the instructions on the app to connect your woofer.

    How do I reset my Bass Module 500?

    Press the button on the Bass Module 500 and hold it until the status light blinks white.

    This will clear all saved information on connectivity and will return the device to its original factory settings.

    The light blinks amber once the reset is complete and you will again have to connect the bass module to the soundbar.

    Bose Module 500 vs 700: Why Bose 700 Soundbar is Better?

    Bose Module 700

    Richer Sound with Excellent Finish

    • Its sound profile is slightly bright yet pretty neutral which is impressive for music listening across music genres of different kinds.
    • Reproduces accurate and clear sound which is excellent for TV shows and movie dialogues thanks to its balanced mid-range and dedicated center channel.
    • Comes with a subwoofer which is mainly made of plastic with a glass top and metal grille on the sides. Metal grilles on the satellites help protect the speaker drivers.
    • Comes with sound adjustment features to modify bass and treble as per your preference to suit the music genre you are listening to.
    • Equipped with a universal remote to adjust all the functions of the bar as well as control other devices in your household.

    Now, we shall discuss the detailed features of Bose 700 Bass Module + Soundbar combining expert reviews, customer feedback, and our personal assessment:

    Build Quality and Design

    Bose 700 Design

    This bar + bass module has an awesome build quality. Its glassy look feels premium.

    Its materials feel durable and solid. Its sides are made of plastic whereas its satellite is made of metal grilles to protect the speaker drivers.

    The glass surface on the top makes the surface reflective and thus it can get soiled easily. Its subwoofer is made of plastic.

    Overall, Bose 700 has a sleek design and a top-notch look and feel. It comes in “Bose Black” and “Arctic White” color variants.

    The bar is large but not very tall and it will not block your TV screen making a perfect case for your home audio setup.

    Sound Quality

    Girl Listening To Bose 700

    The sound profile of this bar + bass module is neutral with excellent stereo frequency response to listening to various types of music genres. It is perfect for bass-heavy music and podcasts.

    Its stereo soundstage is wide and amazing offering a more accurate output. You also get treble and bass adjustment features to adjust the audio as per your preference.

    Despite some compression at the maximum volume, Bose 700 can get pretty loud for DJ songs thanks to its decent stereo dynamics.

    The sound reproduction is pure and clean with good THD performance even at high volumes. You can hear TV shows and vocal-centric content with an amazing center channel performance.

    Unlike Bose 500, users can immerse themselves in their favorite movies thanks to its good surround sound performance. Its dedicated surround speakers ensure that footsteps and voices in movies are clearly represented with stunning clarity.

    Users can take advantage of the sound and room enhancement features to adjust the sound reproduction based on the unique characteristics of the room you are in. However, you need to use the Bose ADATIQ headset included in the setup.

    You can even adjust the rear and sub-level output using the Bose Music App.


    Bose 700 Connectivity Graphic

    Bose 700 setup has amazing audio format support via Optical. It supports both DTS content and Dolby Digital which is commonly found on Blu-ray discs and various streaming platforms.

    Its wireless playback quality is simply superb. You can easily stream sound to the bar wirelessly via Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay, and of course Bluetooth.

    Its incredible latency performance makes it ideal for watching videos and movies via ARC and Optical connections. It offers a subwoofer and satellites for wireless connectivity as well.

    On the downside, this bar + bass module setup does not support more premium audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus. There isn’t a Full HDMI In port or AUX port to connect with your smartphone and other devices.

    Overall, it has few wired connectivity options.

    However, users can find a “DATA” audio port in the bar set up for firmware updates.

    Extra Features

    Bose 700 Extra Features Graphic

    The interface of this bar + bass module setup is less intuitive with no display. The soundbar has a light strip that lights up in different ways based on the user’s inputs.

    When you press the mic mute button, red light is shown to signify that the command is fulfilled. However, you need to look into the manual to get used to the interface.

    There are two buttons: ‘Mic Mute Button’ and ‘Action Button’ in this device to disable and activate the voice assistants respectively. Users get a Universal Remote unlike Bose 500 and it also supports HDMI CEC.

    Universal Remote lets you control the bar’s functions and other devices in the household. HDMI CEC feature means you even use your TV’s remote to control the basic functions o the Bose 700 soundbar.

    Bose 700 has built-in Voice Assistant support for Google Assistant and Alexa which you can put on or off as per your command. Then there is Bose Music App which lets users play a variety of podcasts and internet radio stations apart from providing basic control options.

    Just like Bose 500, this bar setup enters into the inactive mode after 20 minutes of inactivity.

    What’s In The Box

    Here is the list of items you get with Bose 700 bass module+ soundbar setup:

    • HDMI Cable of 1.5m length
    • Digital Optical Cable of 1.5m length
    • Universal Remote with 4x AA Batteries
    • 4x Power Cables
    • Bose ADAPTiQ headset for room audio calibration
    • 2x power bricks for satellites
    • Screwdriver for satellites
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Manual

    Bose Bass Module 700 Review: Pros and Cons


    • Delivers richer and neutral sound with more mid-range drivers making it suitable for music listening across genres.
    • Equipped with a “Universal Remote” to control household devices in addition to the soundbar.
    • Supports DTS content and Dolby Digital to stream multiple movies on various platforms with incredibly detailed sound.
    • Offers PhaseGuide transducers for better performance.


    • No Built-in Chromecast for connectivity
    • Expensive
    • Glass Top gets dirty easily.

    Bose Bass Module 500 Frequently Asked Questions

    Bose Bass Module 700 FAQs

    Does Bose 700 support 4K?

    Bose Bass Module + Soundbar supports HDMI 2.0b. This upgrades the video capability to include a 4K video transmission with HDR at 60 frames/sec and up to 32 channels of audio.

    The major benefit of 4K support is the high-quality audio output to watch movies or stream TV shows.

    How many speakers and drivers does Bose 700 have?

    Bose 700 has 4 mid-range drivers – two on either side of the central tweeter. They support one set of surround speakers for music listening across genres.

    Does Bose Soundbar 700 support Dolby Digital Plus?

    Bose 700 Soundbar can decode DTS, Dolby Digital, and also PCM 5.1. But it does not support Dolby Digital Plus as of now.

    Bose Bass Module 500 or 700: The Verdict

    Bose 500 vs 700 Comparison

    Both Bose 500 and 700 are excellent choices for your home entertainment system, but there can be only one winner. You may have got the hint. Now, let’s announce the winner!

    And the winner is…Bose Bass Module + Soundbar 700.

    Superior bass-heavy audio output, DTS support for connectivity along Universal Remote and optical cable are some of the pro features of Bose 700 to trump over Bose 500.

    But Bose 500 still remains a decent choice with clean sound with an array of smart features like its expensive counterpart.

    If you are on a budget and don’t want to go for hefty features, Bose 500 is your ideal choice.

    So, choose wisely!

    Final Words on Bass Module Comparison


    We are fully confident that you will find your perfect pick in Bose 500 vs 700 comparisons.

    Its a choice between quality and budget and we have offered detailed product features so that you get the best value for your money.

    So will you choose richer sound or the budget choice?

    Share it in the comments below. Have a good day readers, as always 🙂

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