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Bestisan Soundbar Review: Great Features In Budget (2021)

Today we will be exploring the Bestisan Soundbar review and get to know why you should add it to your cart. 

Bestisan 80 W Soundbar has proved its worth in all terms.

Do you wish to know how? Come on, let us get started:

Bestisan 80 W Soundbar#1

Bestisan 80 W SoundbarFeatures In Brief

  • Deep And Trembling Bass: Its deep and trembling bass frequencies make this product an instant hit.
  • Easy Setup: It is effortless to set this soundbar up, and no masterclass is required for it.
  • Great Pricing: The price range is unbelievably affordable.
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But that’s not it. This is just a brief. Let us know about this product in detail; after all, we can not compromise just for the sake of a bit of information.

Let’s go then!

Bestisan Soundbar Review: A Glimpse

Do you wish to elevate your experience of watching TV into a cinematic one? But do you think it is impossible on a low budget? Well, it is not anymore! You can now have the cinema-like experience within your pocket money limit.

Yes! You heard us right. We are not joking. Don’t you believe us? Don’t worry, after the end of this article, you definitely will.

You do not need to go down the rabbit hole of endless products on Amazon or any other e-commerce website because Bestisan 80 W Soundbar is all you are going to need. This 34″ 80-watt soundbar from the company named Bestisan is the best that you can fetch.

This soundbar is currently the best-seller on Amazon and is sold by another corporate firm named Megacra. People love this mountable soundbar, and the enormous number of upvotes on Amazon is mere proof of it.

It is indeed a myth that soundbars that get connected to televisions for cinematic experience are extremely costly because this Bestisan Soundbar is the most affordable and the best one amongst the budget soundbars on the market for sure.

Its 2.0 sound system gives an excellent sound quality which will be discussed in the later sections. Wondering what the 2.0 sound quality is? You will find out that too if you keep scrolling.

key features of bestisan 80w
Let’s find out!

Key Features

  • Deep And Trembling Bass
    The sound quality of this product gets enhanced with its features of stupendous bass quality. It can reach up to a frequency of 60 kHz, making the sound have a more rumbling and treble effect. 
  • Easy Connectivity
    Its Bluetooth 5.0 version enables fair and robust connectivity with almost all devices having Bluetooth features. You can also use the audio port cable to connect it with your device. 
  • Great Pricing
    The primary reason for its popularity amongst people is its crazily affordable range. It is hard to believe that such an extraordinary device is available at a very average price range, but it is true. 

What Comes In The Package?

key contents of bestisan 80w soundbar
Let’s open the box!
  • Soundbar
  • Power Adapter
  • Digital Optical Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Stereo RCA To 3.5 mm Cable
  • User Manual
  • Service Card
  • Wall Mount Template
  • Mount Screws
  • Wall Mount Brackets

80 W Sound Bar

With amazing bass sound at a dirt-cheap price, there is absolutely no reason why this Bestisan soundbar shouldn’t be a part of your home theater setup.

If you are wondering about what you might do with so many cables? Don’t worry; it is not rocket science, but just an added advantage towards portability and connectivity.

Whether it is a projector, your mobile phone, or your smart TV, these cables will come in handy when you need to connect your soundbar to different types of devices.

All the stuff required for mounting purposes is packed so that you don’t have to buy some third-party mounting kits. This soundbar has an unusual triangular shape, speaking of which, the conventional mounting kits may not work on it properly.

Interested To Buy It? Here’s A Brief Analysis

A Cinematic Experience

bestisan cinematic experience
Ready with popcorn?

Its intensified bass and the trebling sound fill the entire room with a high-quality cinema environment. The highs and mids are well balanced, making you feel immersed in the world of theatrical sound.

These Bestisan 34″ soundbars can go up to have a fair loudness of 95 dB, which is quite above average for soundbars in this range. You may experience a slight distortion in the bass level at the peak volume level, but its performance remains very impressive throughout.

But one thing is guaranteed for sure: you will not opt for a standard speaker after opting out for Bestisan Soundbar for your movie experience at home.

Wide Range Connectivity

We all have our preferences when it comes to watching something; some prefer it over their TVs, while some end up snuggling with their mobile phones. So we all look up products that offer connectivity to every gadget that we own.

Bingo! Bestisan got it covered for you. This is why the makers of this product presented it with a wide range of connectivity options. These have Bluetooth version 5.0, which means they can be connected with almost all devices offering Bluetooth features.

It can also be connected via wired connections. It comes with an optical audio port, two AUX cables, RCA, and USB input points. The USB port can also be used to plug in your storage media devices.

Although you can not connect multiple devices simultaneously, it also lacks HDMI ports, which can be troublesome for a few entertainment seekers out there.

If you are a Blu-ray owner, and you wish to connect this soundbar to it, we apologize.

Still, you might have to compromise with connectivity in that case because it offers inferior connectivity options to it. But overall, its connectivity range is impressively high compared to all its competitors in the soundbar market.

Simplest Setup

Here is the good news: You do not require any rocket science diploma to install it. Jokes apart, the main point is that setting this device up at your home is simple.

The box comes with a user manual to aid if you get stuck somewhere, but the chances of this scenario happening are very rare, to be honest.

Its physical installation requires only the process of mounting. The box also includes a basic mounting kit, so you can easily mount it anywhere you want to with some basic operations. If you wish to keep it on your TV stand, make sure it does not obstruct your view.

After mounting it at your desired place, you need to connect the soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth or port. The TV will then automatically play the sound through your soundbar.

The rest of the operations can be carried out through the remote control provided.

Value For Money

value for money bestisan soundbar
Because you deserve the best!

As we mentioned, the fundamental reason for its popularity is the crazily affordable range of this product. Everyone questions how can a product with such a budgetary range perform so well?

The answer lies within its features. They also offer a coupon along with the purchase you make at Bestisan. Cool, isn’t it?

Many users on the internet have claimed that these are significantly lower priced compared to the features they offer. You can also head up to Amazon to see that about 90% of the customers are pleased with their purchase so far.

So, if budget is an issue for you and yet you still demand the best product, Bestisan 80 W Soundbar is the best choice you can make. Trust me; you are not going to find better value for your money than this!

Bestisan 80 W Sound Bar: Brilliant Performance

Superior Sound Quality

superior sound quality of bestisan soundbar
Just what the movie ordered!

To pass the sound quality check test, a speaker should have a distinct sound frequency that makes the audio treble to a reasonable enough level. The bass levels of this speaker can go up to a minimum of 60 kHz, which means the maximum levels are going to be huge, and that is a massive hit for a speaker of this size.

The sound quality is decent; the bass ports are curved to give a rumbling effect in the audio. And to our observations, this works quite well in favor of the Bestisan 80 W Soundbar.

Although there can be some distortion at the highest bass and volume level, the sound quality remains yet undisturbed to maximum extents. The RCA audio ports have been added to the package to enhance the audio quality.

The hardware of this soundbar consists of a digital signal processor, which is to creates different sound level presets. The three sound presets are movie, dialog, and music.

Each preset differs at the bass levels they offer. The movie mode has a deep bass level, giving it a whole feeling of cinematic audio. It sounds like explosions and fighting background music makes you feel as if you are inside the movie itself.

The dialog mode has comparatively less bass than music. But here comes the best part of the audio these soundbars offer: these speakers’ bass and treble levels are adjustable independently of the present definitions. Yes! You heard us right; you can adjust the levels of bass as per your choice as well.

The remote also has some predefined structures and keys to adjust the sound properties, which will be discussed when we go into the details of its design.

Sturdy Built Quality

So you were wondering what exactly we meant by the 2.0 sound system. Well, the answer is nowhere. Firstly let us understand what “2.0” means. 

So the number behind the decimal point or the one to the left of the decimal point (2 in this case) denotes the number of speakers this system has. The numeral after the decimal point (0 in this case) represents the number of subwoofers the system will have. 

As you see, this sound system is 2.0, which means that this soundbar has two speakers (one right and one left) and subwoofers are absent in this case. 

The absence of a subwoofer does not impact the built quality Bestisan is offering us, so do not worry about that. The built quality is fabulous enough to compete with renowned brands like JBL and Bose. 

The sound gets radiated in the entire room, and the EQ levels are perfect for making them sound more enhanced and crystal clear. 

We know one thing for sure, you are truly going to find yourself immersed in the perfect sound and built quality these soundbars have!

Unique Design

unique design of 80w soundbar
Better to be different!

If you think that a soundbar with theatrical features will resemble the size of a cinema screen, you are caught wrong because Bestisan 80 W Soundbar has one of the most efficient designs that we have seen.

This 34″ soundbar can be mounted anywhere. It has everything you need for a perfect soundbar at home with two speakers, two tweeters, and a big bass tube.

If you are thinking of mounting it on your fireplace, you can do that too. But be careful of the fact that it can not be kept in your lap whenever you wish to use it. It will need a fixed placement; it can be near your TV or away from it, just as you demand.

They also come along with one pair of three-inch full-range drivers, which can be found on both edges of the soundbar. It is the drivers that boost the bass quality of the soundbar. Each driver has bass ports attached to it, so the sound released by them is always in the forward and sideways directions.

The shape of the soundbar is curved triangular, which gives it a good surface area to upscale the audio quality this way. Not to forget that Bestisan has the ‘patent to make the speaker in a curved way’; this is specifically done to serve an excellent sound experience.

If your TV comes with a remote, it might not work to control the soundbar as it has its remote. You can only control your TV’s speakers along with it, but to control Bestisan, its remote will come in handy.

As discussed before, the remote also has specialized buttons that allow you to choose between the predefined presets for movie, dialog, and music. So just by a click of a button, you can control everything as you wish!

Bestisan 80 W: Gaming Performance

Good news for the gamers! Bestisan 80 W Sound Bar is compatible with gaming software as well. Its high-quality performance is going to alleviate your gaming experience too.

Imagine playing a game with gunfire shots and explosive sounds in Dolby sound with deep bass. This must be sounding like nirvana to the gamers, I bet!

The bonus features of this soundbar make it an instant hit, and you can flex your gaming environment with it. It simply adds life to gaming, and we think that this line sums up the impressiveness of Bestisan 80 W in terms of its gaming performance.

Should You Buy It?

Indeed, this question is something that you should answer for yourself because we will not force anyone. We are merely presenting the details of this product to help you get out of the confusion a customer faces while buying a new product.
But there is one thing for sure if you are on a budget, and wish to have the best of experience while spending your binge-watching night, this is the product you must go for without second opinions.
If you hate the other conventional speakers for having unchangeable EQ levels, you can be assured that you will not face any such problem here in this one.
Few features are amiss, but the product is pretty recommendable to all the users who wish to spice up their TV experience in just a blink of an eye, and that too by not spending heaps around for vain in the market.
Its performance and work will make you smile, and that is a guarantee from our side and Bestisan’s.

What People Complain About

  • As the HDMI ports are missing, people feel that the connectivity to non-Bluetooth TVs can be more complex than expected.
  • You may have to choose the adapter carefully as these 80 W speakers work appropriately on a few adapters only. The soundbar may randomly malfunction if the adapter is not suitable. So power could be a concern, too, if you happen to choose an incorrect adapter.
  • If your remote gets broken or disrupted while using it, the replacement charges may cost extra. Also, the replacement time is a minimum of two weeks, so be patient to wait until that time.

Bestisan Soundbar: Pros and Cons

bestisan 80w soundbar pros and cons
Don’t ignore this!

Each product comes along with a different set of pros and cons, and for the Bestisan 80 W Soundbar, they are as follows:


  • Budgetary
  • Superb sound quality
  • Awesome build quality
  • Comes along with its mounting kit
  • Trebling and deep bass
  • Audio presets are available
  • Bass is adjustable
  • Higher connectivity range


  • The soundbar is a little tall
  • A slight distortion of audio at peak level
  • Power issues
  • Connecting audio ports are less
technical specifications of bestisan 80w soundbar
Check out!
Top Pick
bestisan soundbar

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 34 inches
  • Power: 80 Watts
  • Brand: BYL
  • Speaker Type: 3D, soundbar
  • Connectivity type: Bluetooth, auxiliary, RCA
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 6.65 lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 37.4 x 6.2 x 5.8 inches
  • Amazon customer ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4183 ratings)

Is Bestisan 80 W Sound Bar The Right Choice?

As we said, it is entirely your decision; we can only guide you. According to us, if you have a financial limit and you wish to extract the best out of it, this product is made for you.

But if you think your TV may not support Bluetooth or your TV does not have a placement near a suitable power source, you may wish to look for an alternative.

User reviews always come in handy for last-minute confusion. Please make sure you go through them on Amazon or any other e-commerce site you find fit.

Bestisan 80 W Soundbar

The exceptional sound quality of this product with the add-on of cinematic bass levels is a combination that can never go wrong.

Bestisan Soundbar Review: FAQs

Bestisan soundbar FAQs
Find your answers here!

Can I use a Bluetooth headset along with this?

You can not use your Bluetooth headset with this device because Bluetooth speakers can only send Bluetooth signals and not receive them.

If you need to connect your headset, that can only happen through some other gadget, but you can connect your devices only to play audio on these speakers. 

Can the speaker pertain to all environmental conditions?

Yes, only if you keep it well and dirt-free inside the house. But make a little care for the fact that it is not waterproof. So only damage from the water must be avoided at any cost.

How do you factory reset the Bestisan 80 W soundbar?

You can contact the support team, which is at your assistance 24X7. They will guide you through the procedure to reset your remote. The option is available to do so. 

Is there an additional subwoofer in the package?

Nope, the subwoofer is a built-in feature of the soundbar, so it has only two main speakers and no extra subwoofer.

Bestisan Review Conclusion
Let’s find our last words!


We recommend this soundbar to all lovers of dramatic music and those who wish to leverage excellent audio quality with little pockets. Even gamers can use it, which adds a cherry to the top of its features. 
As a wrap-up, Bestisan 80 W has done a great job with this particular product. It is an overall good purchase, and most customers are pleased with how it turned out for them. 
It gets all your jobs done and meets each customer’s requirements effortlessly, which is the factor that we love most about the Bestisan 80 W Soundbar. 

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