Best Soundbars Without Subwoofers

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer: 7 Elegant Choices

In today’s updated guide, I’ll offer 7 best soundbar without subwoofer which truly fits your bill but still provides a great home theater experience.

That too occupying the least space possible!

Don’t believe me? Check out our curated choices yourself!


SAMSUNG – HWM650Badge Text

  • Loud Sounds.
  • Bass handling is up to the mark
  • Multi Support for the sources
  • External Wireless subwoofer are isn’t necessary
  • Trusted Brand.
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  • Compact Form Factor
  • Bass is Good
  • Treble is Sharp
  • HDMI and 4K equipped
  • Feature Loaded
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  • Fantastic compact design
  • Compatible for HDMI ARC
  • Sounds Superb
  • Beam like unique design
  • Easy and Feasible Control
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  • Elegant design
  • Enhanced
  • Sound Output is Great
  • Universal remote
  • HDMI and optical cable provided
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  • Simple setup for ease of using
  • Clear chart showing connections options.
  • Wonderfully unique design
  • Sound output levels are well controlled
  • Exceptionally clear vocals
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  • Overall performance is Good
  • Value for money
  • Sound quality is appreciable
  • Build quality is Sturdy
  • Feature-packed product
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7. BOSE SOLO 5#7


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Universal remote provided
  • Good clarity in the lows
  • Great Performance
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Samsung - HWM650
  • Amazing Bass handling.
  • Multi Support for the sources.
  • The sound is loud and clear.
  • A well trusted brand.
  • External Wireless subwoofer isn’t necessary


  • Clear sound, including rich bass, thanks to cancellation technology Samsung distortion.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity lets you stream more options, Amazon Alexa voice control and Amazon Echo Dot Support, and more.
  • With a simple setup, your soundbar is quick to assemble and run. Just don’t ride them upside down for the reasons we explain in our other guide.


  • Dolby Atmos is not compatible with the Samsung 3.0 HWM650.
  • The HWM650 is heavier and slightly bulkier than other soundbars currently on the market.


Weighs 6.1 kg, The Samsung HWM650 is a mountable soundbar. However, unlike many other soundbars, the Samsung HWM650 has a built-in VESA mounting system, so no additional hardware is required to hang the product other than screws.

The Samsung 3.0 HWM650 is 3.07 inches high x 41.73 inches wide x 5.14 inches deep.

If you are looking for a real-sounding soundbar from a reputable brand, the Samsung 3.0 HWM650 is an excellent choice.

Sound Quality

Sound Performance In Music And Movies
Sound Performance In Music And Movies

It’s surprising how adaptable the Samsung HWMS650’s musical qualities are, as it handles virtually every genre of music or entertainment channel we play with the same tenacity and precision.

That doesn’t mean the Samsung HWMS650 is a perfect soundbar. His fans may find the presentation of very delicate tracks like Nick Caves Distant Sky a touch too aggressive. At the same time, they focus on creating a wall of sound, which also makes the stereo presentation of the music seem a bit narrower.

While the bass performance of the Samsung HWMS650 is impressive for a single box soundbar, some high-end soundbar/subwoofers combinations can inevitably be deeper. But the powerful sound makes it stand unique in the crowd.

However, we think that while there are one or two high-fidelity brand soundbars that deliver music with a little more finesse and soundbars with built-in subwoofers combinations that can deliver even more bass, the bottom line is that there is no single-body soundbar that sounds as brilliant as movies and songs as the Samsung HWMS650 soundbar.



Although both optical input and auxiliary inputs are available, there are no additional optional HDMI inputs, so only one audio source can be permanently connected to the device at a time. (However, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can stream music or video services to the soundbar.)

The HWM650 is a soundbar with 9 speakers, each with its own dedicated driver. With distortion cancellation technology, the soundbar sounds clear and accurate.

With Samsung’s multi-room app, you can stream sound from anywhere in the house. Amazon Alexa voice control and Amazon Echo Dot Support means you can also access and control the Samsung HWM650 hands-free. To save energy, it also turns off automatically if no signal is received for 5 minutes.

As a 3.0 channel system, the HWM650 contains a 4K compatible HDMI looping system.

Single 4K / HDR HDMI Loop Port, One Optical Audio Input, 3.5 mm Audio Port, Two-way Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Connectivity.


Yamaha YAS108
  • Sharp treble.
  • Equipped with HDMI and 4K.
  • The bass is good.
  • The Form Factor is compact.
  • Feature Loaded.


  • It allows dual Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It delivers an impressive range of sounds from a soundbar.
  • Supports HDMI and 4K Direct Transfer.
  • Price is also a key factor.


  • Yamaha has not yet developed a mobile application to control and integrate the YAS108 easily.
  • Design is not about style.

Design & Build

With its low, flattened design, the Yamaha YAS108 looks like a giant’s tongue depressor. The 2inch high soundbar is engineered to either sit flat on a TV stand or attach to the wall using the integrated keyhole ports. The speaker is equipped with an onboard gyroscope that optimizes the sound depending on its position.

The remote control is a level up from almost every other budget soundbar out there, with actual physical buttons and a sensible layout.

The Yamaha YAS108 weighs just 3.18 kg, and hooks for wall-mounting are provided in the box itself.

The dimensions of the Yamaha YAS108 are 2.125 inches high x 35 inches wide x 5.125 inches deep.

When aesthetics matter less than good sound, the Yamaha YAS108 is an excellent investment in your home theater system.

Sound Performance

Sound Performance While Watching Movies
Sound Performance While Watching Movies

The first thing you will notice about the sound of the YAS108 is the size of its sound stage and its immersive sound; in the case of movies, the sound fills the entire front wall of the listening room.

The two movie sound options, “Surround” and “Surround 3D”, worked well, and 3D was the option that filled the room the most.

Or you can go for surround sound and listen in stereo for more clarity — the YAS108 is a two-channel soundbar, after all. The “Clear Voice” processing made it easier to understand, and “Bass Extension” added an extra punch to the deep bass; the “Cinematic Sound” added extra comfort and delight.

However, if you’re watching a lot of special effects movies, and you want your room to shake and fill with thrillers, the YAS108’s built-in subwoofer may fall short.

With 3 inch drivers, you can expect this much only, so it would be worth upgrading to the YAS207, which also comes with a separate wireless subwoofer.


In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the YAS108 also supports 4K technology. With HDMI, optical digital and stereo inputs, and an HDMI ARC output, the YAS108 offers a variety of options. It also supports DTS Visual, the DTS version of 3D surround sound.


  • Easy and Feasible Control
  • Compatible for HDMI ARC
  • The sound quality is superb.
  • The design is very compact.
  • Beam like unique design


  • It includes HDMI ARC, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The sound is exceptional.
  • Slim Sound Bar.
  • Vocal Enhancement movie mode helps to optimize dialogue output.
  • It supports Amazon Alexa as well as Amazon Echo Dot.


  • Dolby Atmos is not supported.
  • Setup may be more complicated without HDMI ARC.


Elegant Design
Elegant Design

The beam is small, lightweight, and easily fits in most living rooms, unlike other Sonos TV smart speakers, which take up much more space. You can also mount the Sonos Beam on the wall.

Inside are four broadband drivers, a tweeter, and three passive radiators, as well as five class-D amplifiers. As with the Play bar and Play base, the drivers and radiators are positioned on the front and outer edges of the bar to spread sound throughout the room and achieve surround sound that fills the room. In contrast to the Dolby Atmos-compatible arc, the beam has no upward drivers. It is also one of the premium smart soundbars in this segment, which provides detailed sound.

Voice control is performed by five far-field microphones, ensuring that the beam can be heard anywhere in the room, even if the speaker is playing a movie or a piece of music. If privacy is a point of concern for you, then you can turn the microphones off entirely.

The Sonos Beam weighs 2.8 kg and can be wall mounted if desired. The dimensions of the Sonos Beam are 2.7 “high x 25.6” wide x 3.9 “deep.

Sonos Beam offers a host of practical, convenient features and produces exceptional sound.


For audio formats, it is essential to make sure that all your sources send Dolby Digital signals to your TV and that the TV can natively accept them and send them to the beam. Depending on the device, this can be a complicated process, but it is worth the effort as Dolby Digital signals give much better performance.

As usual with Sonos speakers, during installation, you will be prompted to match the sound of the beam to the company’s True play system, which uses your iPhone’s microphone to adjust the sound to your room and your usual listening position. (Android phones will not be supported yet).

At the very least, it means it should be relatively close to the best of the beam even without an iPhone.

The sound quality that we tested was crisp and sharp during the low vocals, We saw distortion in some minute areas, but the level of distortion was negligible.


Connectivity With Chords
Connectivity With Chords

As an upgrade to the Play bar, the Sonos Beam offers HDMI ARC connectivity, making it a more modern soundbar. (Perhaps the most significant update to the Play bar reflects Sonos’ ability to listen to its fan base.)

The Sonos Beam has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology that integrates your system with the Sonos app and uses Amazon Alexa voice control and Amazon Echo Dot.

Suppose you want to expand from a soundbar to an entire home theater surround sound system. In that case, the beam can be easily integrated into other Sonos home theater products because, with other Sonos products, Dolby Atmos is not compatible with the shaft.

Unlike many other products on this list, Sonos Beam can be connected directly to your Ethernet. Even though Wi-Fi is often preferred because it reduces wiring, a direct connection to your Ethernet ensures a much more stable connection in many areas.

While the Play bar and Play base only offered a digital optical connection, the beam (like the newer Arc) has HDMI (there is also an optical adapter). The sole purpose of the Beam’s HDMI connection is to receive audio from the TV via ARC (Audio Return Channel).

There is no support for eARC as with Sonos Arc, but since beam does not support Atmos, let alone the high bit rate Dolby TrueHD version, eARC is not required.

If you purchased your TV within the last few years, it must have an ARC-enabled HDMI jack, and the Sonos Beam will help you with an intuitive app-based setup to find it (the beam is highly compatible with the newer Sonos S2 software supported).

Besides the clean connection, the other benefit of using HDMI ARC is that the beam allows some control over your TV as long as it is CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compliant. Also, a big thump on the voice remote helps control the volume and even turn on the device.

Crisp and Sharp Vocals

The sound quality that we tested was crisp and sharp during the low vocals, We saw distortion in some minute areas, but the level of distortion was negligible.


BOSE Soundbar 700
  • The design is very elegant.
  • Can be operated using a Universal remote.
  • Enhanced sound and performance.
  • HDMI and optical cable are provided.
  • Sound Output is amazing.


  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control services.
  • Bose Quiet Port technology minimizes distortion.
  • Phase Guide technologies help ensure room-filling sound is optimized and directional.
  • A wide range of sound technologies are supported, including Dolby and DTS series inputs.
  • It can be easily integrated with other Bose products, taking this from a 2.0 soundbar to a 5.1 complete surround sound system.
  • The price is also competitive.
  • Well-built to ensure a long-lasting investment.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It does not include full HDMI ports.
  • The sound may get slightly distorted in larger spaces.
  • Upgrade to a complete surround sound system only through compatible Bose products.


The 700 soundbar contains four mid-range extra speakers and a single center channel driver. The low-profile drivers are specially designed with proprietary Bose development to provide exceptional clarity without a bulky outer casing.

Virtually eliminating distortion through their “Quiet Port Technology” and accurately directing sound through “Phase Guide,” the Bose Soundbar 700 allows listeners to experience a full range of tones and sounds.

Weighing 4.7 kg, the Bose Soundbar 700 can be placed near your entertainment center box or wall-mounted, which needs to be purchased separately. The dimensions of the Bose Soundbar 700 are 2.25inches in height x 38.5inches wide x 4.25inches deep.

Sound Performance

Premium Sound Performance
Premium Sound Performance!

Considering the Bose Soundbar 700 is a premium product, you expect premium performance, and that’s what it delivers. It should be noted that Bose doesn’t list the driver specs on their website, so we don’t know the tweeter and woofer specs from there.

Although the soundbar sits underneath your TV, it has pretty good surround sound and channel switching effects, which we’ll highlight below. It’s clear even at full volume. The only performance drawback is the lack of Dolby Atmos and DTSX that you would expect from a premium product.

The musical performance of the Bose soundbar is what you would expect from a Bose speaker. It also depends on the type of music you are listening to. So, with classic rock, where the base is not necessarily overwhelming, it sounds clean. It gives an immersive experience.

The voices are distinguished from the instruments, and the highs are clear. When it comes to Daft Punk electronic music, you can distinguish the different melodies of the synthesizer as you play it. However, if you like heavy metal, you will feel the lack of subs for the bass. It is bass-heavy music as it comes with deep bass technology.

If it is classical, where the vocals take center stage, the speaker can produce them clearly. The speaker doesn’t distort at loud volumes, and even though we played music at full volume for some time, you won’t need to go beyond the 70 percent volume mark in the average living room.

Audiophiles may have their own preferences for audio equipment for music. Still, considering the soundbars we’ve tested at Digit, the Bose Soundbar 700 is one good all-rounder when it comes to movies and music performance.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, the Bose Soundbar 700 offers a wide array of input ports and connectivity. Supports Amazon Echo Dot multi-connectivity.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, The Soundbar 700 is a 2.0 channel bar that accepts voice commands, in addition to a remote control.


  • Amazingly unique design.
  • Simple setup for ease of using
  • Well-controlled sound levels.
  • Clear chart showing connections options.
  • Crystal clear vocals


  • Support for built-in Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, and Chromecast.
  • Four EQ presets.
  • Wide and focused sound stage.


  • Without graphic equalizer.
  • Some distortion at maximum volume.

Design & Build

The Vizio Elevate is a 5.1 soundbar that supports both immersive experience standards: Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. In addition to the main speaker itself, the Elevate setup includes rear panels, a large subwoofer, and a remote control.

The Vizio Elevate is a plastic soundbar, but its design is slightly upgraded. The main post feels sturdy and comes in a two-tone finish, partly thick vinyl and partially aluminum bronze. It is a large speaker around 6.5 inches deep and around 48 inches wide.

The ends are coated with a matte black material, making the matte black controls challenging to see, but the raised buttons are easier to use by touch. There is a colored LED on the soundbar’s front, making it relatively easy to see which input it is in, and a white LED level indicator.

The main speaker has 13 drivers, which includes a unique center channel and, in total, 5 tweeters. Rotary speakers rotate at each end when the system detects a Dolby Atmos / DTS: X signal, revealing the Atmos logo on one side and DTS: X on the other.

Sound Performance

Sound Performance
Sound Performance

The Elevate is twice the price of the existing SB36512, but you can’t expect twice the performance. But according to our experience, there are always fewer benefits to switching from a great, affordable soundbar to a much more expensive one.

For these tests, we compared the Vizio Elevate side by side to the Sonos Arc, as the two are roughly the same price. The Vizio elevated very quickly, convinced with the decisive sound quality of all kinds of material. Also, it has an immersive sound and listening experience.

As beautiful as the Sonos Arc sounded, the Vizio elevate is a dedicated tail and sub that helped anchor the action.

The enveloping effects of the Elevate were much more precise and the metallic impact of the ship, which skidded across the icy canyon floor, sounded impressive and terrifying. It lacked the same vertiginous feeling of height as the Sonos Arc.

However, the sub and rears again helped the Vizio Elevate convey a sense of space in the next test, the Thanator chase scene from Avatar. The insects were buzzing around the listening position, and the enhanced dialogue mode made vocals clear, and the explosions were bombastic.

If compared to the Arc, it could occasionally send an insect-like click to my right that made me think the Vizio Elevate’s rears were somehow still working, but the sense of surrounding was much less palpable.


Connectivity With Mobile
Connectivity With Mobile

Excellent connectivity with two separate HDMI inputs and a third, labeled “HDMI Out,” which supports years. Also, optical digital input, 3.5 mm analog audio experience, voice assistant, USB port & Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi help with Wireless Streaming, which are additional benefits in terms of connectivity.

The Elevate connects to your network via Wi-Fi and supports Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in. Unlike the Arc, it doesn’t support Apple AirPlay support, but its physical connectivity is far better than the Arcs.

The Vizio Elevate also lacks a built-in voice assistant, found on the Arc and other passive soundbars, but it doesn’t appear to be a significant disadvantage. Also, it comes with several acoustic characteristics.

Using a voice assistant to listen to music through the Vizio Elevate, you can easily set the soundbar as the default speaker for a cheap Google or Amazon echoes dot speaker nearby.


  • The sound quality is commendable.
  • Great overall performance.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Feature-packed product.
  • Good Value for money.


  • Soundbar with 100 W and 6 drivers
  • Deep bass with clear sound
  • Balanced sound in three modes
  • 3D stereo surround sound
  • Equipped with anti-distortion technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 allows perfect transmission
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Wall mounting kit includes


  • Blue light in the middle of the bar may disturb you
  • Not compatible with
  • Universal remote control.
  • Need to pay attention to the price.

Design & Build

Six powerful onboard drivers provide excellent sound for a virtual sound experience. It offers 3D surround virtual sound with a smooth and balanced flow.

This improved version of the Bastian Soundbar offers a total output of 100 W. It has 4 inbuilt speakers and 2 tweeters. The sound stage is wide enough to fill the entire room with exciting sound.

Sound Performance

Powerful Sound Performance
Powerful Sound Performance

The Bestisan 80W surprised us with a single soundbar. Sure, it doesn’t use Dolby or DTS, but it does its job well in music and movies.

We liked that the treble and bass were adjustable. As an avid music listener, you will understand that the equalizer settings should never be rigid.

They change depending on the artist, which is what the other soundbars in this range lack. The lows and mids are loudest there, and the highs are pretty neutral depending on what you’re playing.

This improved version of Bestian Soundbar offers a total output of 100 W. It possesses 2 tweeters and 4 speakers. The sound stage is wide enough to fill the entire room with exciting virtual sound.


Superb Connectivity
Superb Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 enables high-speed wireless transmission and wireless connection options. Thanks to the powerful anti-interference system, you will not have interruptions. You can even hear whispers and confused human voices.

You can enjoy the virtual sound in various modes with the remote control. In addition, LED lights in different colors indicate the model and source of the sound. That is why it is easy to configure and control.

DSP technology also offers you three sound modes, including music, movies, and news. Crisp dialogue enhances your cinematic experience. Switch between these modes for a virtual sound effect every time.

Multiple wired connection options make this soundbar versatile. It has optical, AUX, RCA, and USB interfaces. It is the best soundbar for a home theater setup.

Virtual Sound in Various Modes

You can enjoy the virtual sound in various modes with the remote control. In addition, LED lights in different colors indicate the model and source of the sound. That is why it is easy to configure and control.


  • Compact design and build.
  • Great overall performance.
  • Universal remote provided.
  • Handy in usage.
  • The LOWS have good clarity.


  • With the supplied universal remote control, you can control all your devices with a single controller, not just the soundbar.
  • Satellite Speakers.


  • The remote is larger than most other soundbar controllers.
  • It does not support DTS audio technology.

Design & Build

The Bose Solo 5’s build quality is good. It is made of solid plastic, except for the bar’s metal grill on the sides and front.

The grille protects the drivers, which is good. The subwoofer is embedded in the bar, and its connection is at the rear speakers.  The entire building feels solid, although not too expensive.

It weighs 1.67 kg. It can be wall-mounted, which needs to be purchased separately. If you are more into buying a compact soundbar, this would be an excellent investment. The Bose Solo 5 is 21 inches wide x 2.6 inches high x 3.2 inches deep.

A 2.0 channel soundbar, the Solo 5 packs a punch in a compact, sleek design.

Sound Performance

Sound Performance Of Bose Solo 5
Sound Performance Of Bose Solo 5

Like the Soundbar 700, the Solo 5 can easily be connected to other Bose devices and controlled via the Bose mobile app.

You can even control the trouble and bars from the mobile application.

The bass of the soundbar is much more impactful, which creates a cinematic experience for the user. The vocals during the conversation were clear. The overall experience was also good; it wasn’t perfect, but a well-balanced sound would give you a good listening experience.

However, a universal remote control is included in the scope of delivery, with which you can integrate control of your source media and the Solo 5 from one device.


The Bose Solo 5 supports a limited number of inputs, so there is a very specific configuration that you must follow when connecting to the rest of your devices. An optical audio input can be used for surround sound and a coaxial input is connected to older equipment.

There are no HDMI ports, but there is a 3.5 mm analog input to connect a mobile device or other devices.

The Bose Solo 5 can decode Dolby Digital through its optical port but mixes it at 2.0. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround content is very common on most streaming and Blu-ray platforms. It is also not supported by DTS, but that format is not widely used on its own. Instead, it is the alternative to the higher quality DTSHD MA found on many Blu-ray discs.

Ideal Placement For A Soundbar

Ideal Positioning For Soundbar
Ideal Positioning For Soundbar

Placing your soundbar above or below the television are both possible options. If you decide to build your soundbar, all you have to do is make sure it’s free. The best location for the soundbar also depends on where your TV is and where you plan to sit, but more on that later.

You might be in a dilemma about what would be the best place? Well, the answer depends on the angle. It should be right in front of you and preferably at ear level for the best audio quality.

TVs and TV shelves have different heights, so keep your location and preferred location in mind. In general, it shouldn’t be challenging to decide whether to mount the soundbar above or below your television. The exceptions to the rule are for surround virtual sound systems, where a soundbar can be outfitted with subwoofers, satellite speakers, and more.

Another aspect to consider is the remote control. If your soundbar comes with a remote control, you should point it at the receiver and respond immediately. Therefore, the soundbar should not be placed too high that you have to raise your arm or stand up to change the settings.

Regardless of whether you mount the soundbar above or below your television, be aware that its position can also be influenced by the infrared emitter on the remote control.

It’s worth noting, however, that placing the soundbar under the TV gives you more flexibility in placement. You can place it on the surface of your TV shelf and voilà.

On the other hand, if you prefer to place it above your TV, it will most likely require a bit of assembly with drills and screws. If you don’t like the extra speaker work, we recommend that you skip it entirely and simply place the soundbar on your TV shelf.

Guide To Buy A Soundbar Without Subwoofers

User Guide
User Guide

Choose a soundbar with at least 3 or more channels.

• There are still 2-channel soundbars, and they’re nothing more than glorified mini stereos. With 3 or more channels, you can simulate surround sound for an even more immersive experience.

Go with an active soundbar.

• Active soundbars are supplied with built-in amplifiers (not passive soundbars). We say it’s worth it, especially if you want to save space or look for a 2-by-1 solution.

• Think about where you want to place your soundbar. Do you hang it on a wall or put it on a table? Aesthetically, your new soundbar should be no wider than your television.

• And in a perfect world, whether hanging on the wall or sitting on the shelf, the perfect place for your soundbar: in the middle, under, or above your TV. Just make sure you have enough space!

Pay attention to connectivity.

• Most soundbars have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity enabled, so you can easily stream music from any computer, phone, or tablet, turning your soundbar into a stereo system too.

• Check out HDMI switching, which makes it easy to switch audio sources without rerouting HDMI cables.

• Purchase your new soundbar from an authorized dealer.

• Do this to avail the manufacturer’s warranty, service, and support.

Final Conclusion
Final Conclusion


Now coming to a conclusion, you have to decide which soundbar will be the most appropriate music for your home.

Choosing one will be difficult due to the many features they provide, but you can filter out the best available choice for your TV according to your needs and requirements. You can even refer to the buying guide given to have a fair idea of a well-structured plan before buying a soundbar.

Try out finding more and more features in a Soundbar that would be beneficial for you in the later stages, Keep an eye on the warranty, the sound quality so that you will not regret it later when it comes to these sections. Be careful and aware so that you select your choice wisely.

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