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10 Best Party Speakers In 2021 That Are Worth The Money

Who doesn’t love the loud booming sound of the best party speakers that actually help to set up the atmosphere at a party? A good party speaker can rock your party whereas, a dull music environment can literally ruin the mood at a party. Parties are all about dancing, enjoying, having fun and with the best party speakers, you are guaranteed that your party will be anything but boring.

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Today, we bring the best party speakers, best in terms of quality, sound, durability, and features. Let’s see what exciting deals we have got here.

Best Party Speakers: Sony GTK-PG10

Sony GTK-PG10

Sony GTK-PG10

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Best in class for both outdoor and indoor music.
  • Super convenient for traveling making it an awesome portable product.
  • Vocal remix feature available.
  • 13 Hours playback time at high volume setting.


  • 5 hours of playback time at full volume.
  • Can be connected to android or IOS for sound control.
  • Karaoke mode available with controllable lighting.
  • Excellent playback time.


  • Heavyweight, around 6.7 kg.

Sony GTK-PG10: Design and Build Quality

  • Special table space and cup holders provided which gives a real feeling of a party setting.
  • Strong side handles for carrying it making it a good contender for calling it a portable device.
  • The top panel is splash-proof so no need to worry if your drink falls over it.

Sony GTK-PG10: Sound Quality

  • Super loud and clarity in sound making it worth taking to your parties.
  • Two cone types woofer to deliver the best sound quality.
  • Bluetooth, USB jack, and microphone included transferring sound from anywhere.

Is the Bose s1 Pro worth it?

Bose S1 Pro Speaker

Bose S1 Pro

Professional speaker

  • Light and easily to carry
  • Too loud to disappoint you
  • Super high playback time
  • Quick charge feature to recharge it in no time.


  • Auto equalizer to meet your needs without much customization
  • Mic stand, microphone, and mic cable included
  • Can be paired with the same another model for a boost in sound.


  • Weighs almost 7kg that might be hard to carry.

Bose S1 Pro: Design and Build Quality

  • Super light and compact as per a professional speaker.
  • Can double a portable PA system and connected to the instrument and microphone.
  • Can be easily mounted and connected with a microphone.

Bose S1 Pro: Sound Quality

  • A sound system highly recommended for parties.
  • Very loud system and most probably you can’t get to the highest volume.
  • Built-in powerful speaker for dj music amplifier for the best experience.

JBL Party Box 300: Powerful Is Now Portable

JBL Party Box 300

JBL Party Box 300

Powerful Is Now Portable

  • Authentic audio experience to make your moments memorable
  • Super cool lighting experience
  • Mic and guitar input available
  • 10000 mAh marathon battery


  • Superior sound quality and light effects
  • Dual woofers with the tweeters
  • Pulse and party mode to suit different occasions
  • Chargeable via USB


  • Expensive even though worth it.

JBL Party Box 300: Design and Build Quality

  • Dual 6.5 woofers available for high sound quality and three 2.25 tweeters available.
  • Full panel lightning effect mode which energizes any environment along with its awesome music.

JBL Party Box 300: Sound Quality

  • A sound system highly recommended for parties.
  • Very loud system and most probably you can’t get to the highest volume.
  • Built-in powerful amplifier for the best experience.Immersive audio experience, thanks to the tweeters and woofers. Can be used anywhere, home or party.
  • Guitar and mic input to conquer the stage. The volume can be controlled via a separate controller.
  • 18 hours of non-stop high-quality audio playback.A sound system highly recommended for parties.
  • Very loud system and most probably you can’t get to the highest volume.
  • Built-in powerful amplifier for the best experience.

JBL Boom Box: Top of the Best Party Speakers

JBL Boom Box

JBL Boom Box

Top of the Best Party Speakers

  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 20000mAh battery capacity
  • Can be connected to JBL Connect+.
  • Rich sound and powerful bass.


  • Suited best for those who want indoor and outdoor modes.
  • 24 hour of playback time capacity.
  • Comfortable handle to carry it


  • Might exhaust your device battery since smartphones cannot keep up with its battery capacity.

JBL Boom Box: Design and Build Quality

  • Only 5.25 kg which make it quite convenient considering the sound it can produce.
  • The sleek design makes it easy to carry with a stylish handle.
  • A waterproof device which makes it suitable for beach parties or pool parties as per best speaker reviews.

JBL Boom Box: Sound Quality

  • Super quality sound that can literally shake you.
  • 60 Watt total sound output
  • Outdoor sound is expensive and indoor sound is super rich which makes it a top-quality product.
  • Sound can be boosted with JBL Connect+.

Is Aiwa Exos-9 The Bluetooth Champion?

Aiwa Exos-9

Aiwa Exos-9

Aiwa Exos-9 Speaker

  • Continuous power at 200 W.
  • Onboard controller for high-class control power in hands of user
  • Dual voice coil Sub woofer and EQ with 4 presets
  • 5 active speaker driver
  • The brand is known for investing in quality and not ads and promotions.


  • Suitable for all settings: campfire, bonfire, yard, and so on.
  • 57.2 watt-hour powerful battery for
  • Sharing and lockable features.


  • Portable but not water-resistant
  • The battery can be extended at $85 extra

Aiwa Exos-9: Design and Build Quality

  • Dual coil subwoofer with a dedicated tweeter for the best music experience at this price range.
  • The stereo image is deep and wider that makes the product stand out.
  • 4 presets to fine time the EQ that is customizable and can be fine-tuned.

Aiwa Exos-9: Sound Quality

  • Highly recommended sound quality for a party because of its sound clarity and loudness.
  • High sound clarity for 9 hours without any interruption.

400 W Best Party Speaker: Cheapest Option

400W Best Party Speaker

400 W Best Party Speaker

Cheapest Option

  • 400 watts full-range speaker
  • Heavy-duty 1800 mAh battery
  • Flashing multi-color led lights
  • USB port and mic input available


  • Super cheap as per the quality of product and competitors
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Battery life limited to 2 hours only and charge time is 4 hrs.

Design and Build Quality

  • Durable device and small in size
  • Rolling wheels and an extendable handle for convenient portability. Hence, it can be carried like a travel bag.
  • Lightweight device, weighing only 4.28 kg which makes it easy for carrying to every occasion
  • Digital LCD display for crystal clear controlling

Sound Quality

  • High power outdoor at 400 W and surround sound experience.
  • Full-range speakers and fill range stereo sound reproduction to suit any occasion, be it a party or karaoke concert.

LG PL7 XBOOM Go: The Boss



The Boss

  • 24-hour marathon playback
  • Water and weather resistance
  • 30 W strong power
  • Stylish LED lighting


  • LED lights capable of syncing to beats of music.
  • Can be connected to the TV as well.
  • Connect to limitless LG speakers for massive sound output.


  • Heavier than its competitors

LG PL7 XBOOM Go: Design and Build Quality

  • A sleek and stylish model that grabs immediate attention.
  • The rubberized finish makes it easier to carry and hold making it super comfortable as a portable device.

LG PL7 XBOOM Go: Sound Quality

  • Meridian Audio technology gives richer bass
  • Super clear vocal sound
  • Sound Boost EQ mode for the wider sound field.

Onforu Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


Onfuro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • 25 strong power
  • Comes in a pack of 2 for wide sound field
  • 6600 mAh for 10 hours playback at max


  • 20 hours of playback time at optimal settings
  • Advanced 5.8GHz signal technology
  • Super easy to set up without any hustle.
  • 2 side sound coverage


  • Sound quality could be crisper.

Onforu: Design and Build Quality

  • Beautiful lantern design that comes in a pack of two for immersive music experience.
  • Splashproof and waterproof that ensures all kinds of pool parties, beach parties, and so on.
  • 8 color light display which syncs with music that rocks the dance floor.

Onforu: Sound Quality

  • Passive radiators to suit every environment and cover maximum space
  • Super bass with almost no harmonic distortion for superior clarity sound
  • 360 degrees HD stereo surround sound that lets you fill the entire space with vibrations

JBL PartyBox 200 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

JBL PartyBox 200

JBL PartyBox 200

Born To party

  • Two woofers and 3 tweeters for superior sound.
  • Bass boost for the immense experience.
  • 3 light show modes.
  • Completely splash-proof


  • Beautiful lighting effects that add value to the party environment.
  • 18 hours of playback timing.
  • A pleasant spectrum of sound.


  • Requires an AC power source which might be inconvenient at times.

JBL PartyBox 200: Design and Build Quality

  • Beautiful lantern design that comes in a pack of two for immersive music experience.
  • Splash-proof and waterproof that ensures all kinds of pool parties, beach parties, and so on.
  • 8 color light display which syncs with music that rocks the dance floor.Light show modes include-pulse, meter, and party.
  • Jacks available for microphones and guitar.
  • Splash resistance makes it suitable for pool and beach parties.Beautiful lantern design that comes in a pack of two for immersive music experience.

JBL PartyBox 200: Sound Quality

  • Far better sound when compared to other Bluetooth speakers.
  • Beautiful low-end sounds which can be full or bouncy.
  • The high clarity of sound with easy-to-use EQ setting.

Sony GTKXB90: Bluetooth Speaker

Sony GTKXB90

Sony GTKXB90

Born To party

  • Deep and rich sound quality.
  • Infinity mirror lighting feature.
  • 16 hours of playback.
  • Extra DJ effects with Fiestable app


  • Extra Bass which makes it superior to its competitors.
  • High capacity battery with 3.5 hours playback time at high volume.
  • Stamina Mode to give good sound and conserve battery.
  • Settings can be customized in terms of sound and lighting.


  • Speaker grill dents easily as per reports.
  • Good highs and mids not supported by the speaker.

Sony GTKXB90: Design and Build Quality

  • Special two-way design for advanced portability.
  • Awesome visual effects due to infinity mirrors for best in class party experience.

Sony GTKXB90: Sound Quality

  • The extra bass feature is the highlight of this product.
  • 3 tweeters and 2 subwoofers for higher quality sound.
  • Bass punch along with low-end mode.

Hopefully, now you will find it easier to buy the best party speaker for yourself after balancing the pros and cons as per your needs. For more exciting audio deals and genuine bluetooth speaker reviews please follow our site.

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