Tozo T6 vs T10

Tozo T6 vs T10 Wireless Earbuds: Best Detail Comparison [2021]

Today, we are going to find the best earbuds from Tozo T6 vs T10 comparison.

Whether you are concerned about specification details or pricing, we have got you covered in this most comprehensive Tozo T6 Vs Tozo T10 comparison on the web.

So let’s dive right now and see who stands out!

What is the difference between TOZO T6 VS T10?

Tozo Specs Illustrated
Tozo Specs Illustrated
SpecificationTozo T6Tozo T10
Bluetooth Range25-40 feet25-40 feet
Dimension0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59 inches1.04 x 0.99 x 0.66 inches
ChargingWireless Charging and Micro USBWireless Charging and Micro USB
Wireless Charger in the boxNot AvailableNot Available
Battery Lifespan5-6 Hrs3-4 Hrs
USB PortMicro USBMicro USB
Case Battery Backup24 Hrs9 Hrs
MicrophoneYes, 2 microphonesYes, 2 microphones
Waterproof YesYes
Waterproof RatingIPX8IPX8
ColorsBlack, Blue, Green, White, Champagne, Rose GoldBlack, Blue, Gray, White, Khaki
PriceCheck Tozo T6 Price Check Tozo T10 Price

Tozo T6 vs T10: Which Is The Best Budget Earbuds ?

Tozo T6#1

Tozo T6Better Battery

  • Delivers in-call stereo sound with super-convenient touch controls!
  • Gel-flexible earcaps with expertly designed super-lightweight design to hold your earbud firmly in your ears!
  • IPX8 Waterproof TWS & Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds with a case to charge on the go.
  • Best suited for audiophile music listening like a pro!
Check PriceFull Review >>
Tozo T10 #2

Tozo T10 Budget Buds

  • Offers Hassle-Free Music Listening, one step pairing with Brilliant Noise-Reduction!
  • Super Lightweight + Ergonomically Design for convenient listening like never before!
  • Delivers Natural and Authentic Hi-Fi stereo sound quality with powerful Bass Performance!
  • IPX8 waterproof and sweatproof design for your favorite musical showers!
  • Laced with the most advanced Bluetooth technology with wireless charging
Check PriceFull Review >>

As with human evolution, with each passing day, we have seen many inventions in the past. But, as we all know, from telephones to mobile, wired earphones to wireless earbuds, in tech space, we have seen the greatest revolution in human history all take place most swiftly. Luckily, we all belong to this 21st century to enjoy all this technology.

With that being said, I want to introduce our readers today to our new tozo wireless earbuds review for Tozo T6 vs T10, which has been so popular and trending since their launch.

The reality is, despite a few misses, TOZO has been making slow progress in the past few years, and now it’s a brand that takes a piece of the wireless earbuds market.

Anyone investing their hard-earned money would like to know how to choose the best earbuds or the factors we should look for before buying them. Don’t worry if nobody hasn’t told you before, we are here to help you out.

What Makes A Pair Of Earbuds Outstanding?

Build Quality: One should look for overall durability and longevity. The earbuds should withstand extreme and harsh conditions for extended periods.

Sound Quality: Anyone interested to buy brilliant earbuds should look for excellent overall music, phone calls, or video audio quality.

Comfort: The ability to stay relaxed without itchiness, discomfort, or ear pain for an extended time.

Noise Cancelling: In a world full of noises, if you are not looking for how well the active noise canceling or noise isolating abilities are, you miss something worth looking for.

Battery Life: How long the pair of earbuds battery life is at full charge. Wired earbuds have no battery life at all.

Some Added Features: Bluetooth wireless capabilities or an integrated microphone for phone calls can be a few examples of additional functionality provided by earbuds.

So, let’s get started without wasting a single pie of your time:

Is Tozo T6 good?

Tozo T6 Review
Tozo T6 Overview

Smart Touch Control

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Lightweight
  • Hassle-Free Listening
  • Last for over 30 hours with charging case

Tozo T6 Overview: Best Wireless Earphones in 2021?

Tozo T6 Details
Tozo T6 Details

Tozo T6 comes with tons of worth mentioning features, and the company has done exceptionally well with T6 earbuds. The earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Fast and reliable transmission is also available. It supports HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP.

You’ll note a simplistic but elegant appearance at first glance, a sleek black look combined with a portable charging case to store them when not in use while simultaneously topping off the earbuds’ batteries.

Two small earbuds with soft tips and a sturdy body meet you before you flip the case’s cover and take them out.

They quickly became popular with their rugged design that gives you the feeling of premium in-ear devices. With a touch-sensitive surface, they have a small and modern-looking design.

The T6 is more comfortable, has better controls, a better-balanced sound profile, better battery life, a smaller case, and more distinct tip offerings.

Tozo T6 Build Quality: Durable as You Expect

Tozo T6 Build Quality
Tozo T6 Build Quality

The TOZO T6, made with durable plastic, has a reasonably decent build quality with nothing much to worry about. Its remarkable water-proof capabilities are one of its key strengths.

You’re able to put the earbuds one meter deep in water for 30 minutes with its IPX8 rating. Sweating is not going to become a concern, either.

Tozo T6: Build Quality

The case is well built. It’s very lightweight and is pocket-friendly in its dimensions.

It very well holds the charge. You are informed by the lights on the case how low the charge is.

At 90 degrees, the case’s lid is magnetic and can be opened. The earbuds are often kept in the case magnetically, which prevents them from falling out. Tozo T6 Charging Case also supports wireless charging, or you can use a USB cable to charge it.

The Tozo T6 wireless earbuds are a perfect pair. Measuring in at 0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59 inches and weighing just 0.01lbs, they are so small and lightweight that you can take them almost anywhere with you.

Tozo T6 IPX8 Waterproof Design: Made To Attract

Tozo T6 Design
Tozo T6 Design

The device comes with an ergonomic design that is aesthetically appealing. To ensure that your In-Ear Bluetooth tozo headphones fit securely in the ears, use the ergonomically built gel-flexible silicone earcaps.

But other than this, a lot of people struggle to find earbuds that fit into their ears.

Why Choose Tozo T6?

The TOZO T’6’s most notable advantage is the touch-sensitive controls.
It is more comfortable than other earbuds with button control. TOZO T6 Headset touch control sensor features will significantly reduce your ears’ pressure when you touch the button for different tasks.

Its IPX8 waterproof feature makes it ideal for use during sweaty outdoor sessions.

Tozo T6: Design
Tozo buds

Without operating the handset, you can easily manage it. With high sensitivity, the touch controls work flawlessly. They look more streamlined and stylish because they don’t have any physical buttons.

The case is well designed and does what it needs to do, but we would have liked to see TOZO come up with its design style rather than copying the charging case of AirPods so blatantly.

Tozo T6 Comfort: Convenience On the Go

A earbuds’ ability to make you feel relaxed without scratching, discomfort, pressure, or ear pain for extended periods should be your priority before buying any earbuds. Considering that many people use earbuds for commuting, air travel, or work, a critical aspect is a comfort.

These earbuds are highly convenient. Without movement or pain, they fit reasonably comfortably between your ears.

Tozo T6: Comfort
Tozo Comfort

What makes this ear-tips noteworthy is how they can seal your ear with such a firm (yet soft) seal. That allows for not only a decently relaxed listening experience but also a greater degree of isolation from noise. They used some pretty good silicone bits.

Without sounding muffled, the audio is excellent and crisp (some other earbuds seem to struggle at this price), and the bass performance is surprisingly powerful, giving your music a deep, punchy feeling you wouldn’t expect when spending $50 on real wireless earbuds.

These Tozo T6 and Tozo T10 earbuds both come with three separate ear tips: small, medium, and big. It would be best to choose an ear tip that is comfortable for your ears.

You’ll need to spend a few minutes deciding the right ear tip for yourself by putting the T6 in your ears for the first time.

We’d say it’s crucial at this time to achieve a fit that’s snug and not too close. This will build a good seal around the earbuds, so there’s no sound leakage problem. Once you have done so, if you can wiggle your head vigorously without the earbuds dropping out, you will know you have the correct tips.

Tozo T6 Sound Quality: The Real Deal

The overall sound quality is a significant factor in finding your ideal pair of earbuds, mainly music listeners. Multiple parameters affect the sound quality of a couple of earbuds.

Tozo T6: Sound Quality
T6 Sound Performance

We are now moving on to the TOZO T6-sound quality’s critical function, perhaps. Looking at the specifications, it is evident that some excellent features for maintaining high-quality sound have been included. It uses Bluetooth 5.0, combined with HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP sound profile to play an essential role in clarity and overall quality.

Some earbuds over others would succeed. That’s just the game’s essence. When it comes to earbuds, producing a deep and rich bass profile is tricky. This is because of the earbuds’ physical constraints and their limited size.

It is challenging to create resonating effects that are far more feasible with over-ear or noise-canceling headphones when you have such a small unit responsible for bass.

There is a 6mm speaker driver in the Tozo T6, and the sound quality is impressive. It has many basses, but the sound is excellent clarity; it’s perfect for canceling the noise.

These earbuds might be the choice for you if you’re looking for a crisp sound with a slight spike in the bass. Many people enjoy the clarity and full bass response that doesn’t compromise any other frequencies. They comfortably outperform their price range by a broad margin with their 6mm speaker drivers.

Overall, the natural and aesthetic sound of the TOZO T6s was very pleasing.  Yeah, the bass isn’t as rich as we’d expect, but for the low price point, you’re getting several features that make sense for the kind of quality you get.

Tozo T6 Battery Life: A Big Difference

You need to pick those earbuds that have longer battery life before buying a wireless device. We can spot a significant difference in battery life by relating TOZO T6 to T10.

The Tozo T6 has a much longer lifetime for the battery, making it a little bulkier. These earbuds give you 6 hours of battery life, while 24 hours are attached to the case. To show the current battery/charge state, the front of the case has four LED lights.

The charging case supports wireless charging for T6 and T10. The Tozo T6 wireless earbuds are the best option for better battery life and increased sound quality.

Tozo T6: Battery Lifespan
Long-Lasting Battery!

The battery life is about 5-6 hours (about 70 percent-80 percent of volume) per charge and recharges in less than 45 minutes. Before recharging itself, the case will recharge the earbuds up to 4 times. To recharge the case from 0 percent to 100 percent, you need about one hour. Your case charge’s importance can be known from the LEDs on the case. One LED (0 percent-25%), two LEDs (25 percent-50 percent), three LEDs (50 percent-75 percent), four LEDs (50 percent-75 percent) (75 percent -100 percent ).

The earbuds of the predecessor TOZO T10 have a real battery life of approximately four hours, while the T6’s have a battery life of 6 hours.

However, both of them come with wirelessly charged cases that, on the go, can pump up even more power. There is a more lightweight charging case for the TOZO T6, which is easy to take with you, and it offers an extra 24 hours of battery life.

While there is a more significant justification for TOZO T10 earbuds, they have a lower additional battery than the T6’s, hitting only 14 hours since both earphones come with an old-fashioned charging Micro-USB.

The wireless earbud’s charger is not in the package, so you can purchase it separately (the wireless charging device can be bought separately from here). Charging times are shorter than their rivals; it takes about an hour for both of them to get the full charge.

Tozo T6 Touch Controls and Connectivity That Won’t Disappoint You

Tozo T6: Connectivity
Touch Controls

The range was between 25-40 feet for Bluetooth. And in reality, there is no difference between the Bluetooth range of t10 and t6.

However, many of you still want to know what’s new in Bluetooth 5.0 and how it is different from Bluetooth 4.0; well, what’s the big deal? You can discover all information here.

It’s super swift and straightforward to pair; all you have to do is take them out of the case, and then in your Bluetooth settings, you will see them available.

Link them to your phone, and any time you want to use them, they will automatically pair up after that. When you put them back in the case, they will immediately disconnect, and it’s so sensitive because these earbuds have touch power.

We’ll explain the way it works for you:

  1. Long-press to decrease the volume on the left and long-press on the right to increase the volume
  2. Tap to respond to the call and long press to dismiss the call
  3. Music pauses with a single tap on either hand.

Tozo T6 Earbuds: Pros and Cons


  • Incredible Sound Quality with an astounding bass response!
  • Enjoy Great Shower Music Listening with an IPX8-rated waterproof feature.
  • Fully Tactile Touch Control Features to play and pause music like a pro!
  • Great sound isolation even in noisy environments!
  • Efficient wireless charging and one-tap pairing feature


  • The bluetooth connection has some issues.
  • Touch controls are too sensitive

Does Tozo T10 Wireless Earbuds Lasts Better?

Tozo T10 Review
Tozo T10 Overview

Noise Reduction Cap

  • Bluetooth 5.0¬†
  • Super lightweight
  • Premium Sound¬†
  • Deep Bass

Tozo T10: Overview

In several respects, the Tozo T10 wireless earbuds are like its sister model, the T6. They share the same calm, funky look, and they are both tiny and lightweight. And like the T6 earbuds, they’re also pretty good at blocking out background noise while having no active noise cancellation (AWC).

However, the T6 earbuds measured at 0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59 inches are slightly thinner in size and more prominent than the T10s. That being said, without any issues, they are still comfortable enough to wear for many hours.

Tozo T10: Overview
T10 Performance

With the T10, there are no touch-sensitive buttons. Physical, clickable buttons are all the controls available. And although they function well, they are not the same as the controls that the T6 has that are touch-sensitive.

The battery life is another thing on the T10s that is not quite great. On a maximum charge, the Tozo T10 battery will last for 3.5 hours, a whopping 2 hours less than the T6 earbuds.

With a soft rubber finish, the build quality is excellent. It’s a bit streamlined and more significant than the Tozo t6. They have one mechanical button (outer ear bud L and R). And come for the best comfort with various ear tips (small, medium-large).

The Tozo T10 is, in terms of performance, a bit of a bass monster. They create a very warm yet bass-heavy sound and be well suited to many genres.

If you are worried about connectivity issues, that will be a thing of the past if you buy the TOZO T10. They come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that is very reliable and instantly connects.

Tozo T10 Build Quality: Superior in Material

Tozo T10: Build Quality
Is it worth it?

The earbuds have a robust build quality that’ll surprise you for their price range. While running, they also fit very well and remain securely in your ear. It has a soft rubber finish, which looks like it will last quite a long time.

The material seems much more pricey than the cost of earbuds.

Not only are the earbuds themselves durable, but the case is also sturdy. Each bud is about 0.9″ tall and 0.7″ wide in dimension. That’s very similar to the average but slightly smaller than many of the bulkier buds that have recently come into fashion.

Additionally, with an IPX8 waterproof certification, the T10 becomes a more powerful option.

That’s almost the most acceptable certification for waterproofing you’ll find on any pair of earbuds. It helps them survive for around half an hour with a full submersion meter.

You probably will not experience problems with sweat, rain, or similar forces. The IPX8 certification also offers protection from sand and debris.

Tozo T10 Design: Eye catching

Tozo T10 Design
Tozo T10 Design

The Tozo t10 has the same form of pairing as the Tozo t6. These earbuds have a mechanical button if we talk about the interface, and actually, you can use this button for Play/Pause/Answer call/Hangup and skip.

And you can use your phone for voice volume control to regulate it.

Design That Suits Your Style

The Tozo T10 Earbuds appear like athletic earbuds. Since they are in-ear headphones, they are slim and light, and have no ear-wings or ear-hooks, and do not look like other bulky earpieces available on the market.

Their physical buttons are flat to keep them from sticking out of the earpiece.

Tozo uses the ergonomically built gel-flexible silicone earcaps to ensure that your In-Ear headphones fit securely into your ears.

Tozo T10 Comfort: Perk of Being Slim And Adjustable

The earbuds are very comfortable. Without irritating the ears, they are slim in design and comfortably fit in.

They are adjustable in the ears by further adjusting them according to an individual’s need to remain within the ears’ contours. It allows them to stay without falling again and again.

Tozo T10: Comfort
Wow, Comfort!

There are two sets of ear tips in three sizes in the TOZO T10: small, medium, and large. It also consists of a thicker and broader ear-tip, which is better for isolating noise.

The standard ear-tips are intended, but nothing more than usual, to provide relatively good noise isolation. The wider pair offers a little more isolation from the noise.

This is a minimal set of sizes for ear-tips, but it suits the price range as few as two different sizes are used in several earbuds similar to these.

Since almost everyone can accommodate two sizes, in fact, even a single dimension of ear-tip, the size we think of as medium, can adjust about 85 percent of all people! Three sizes are adequate most of the time practically for all.

The more comprehensive pair provides somewhat more isolation from the clamor. Indeed, a few problems can prompt even a small difference in measurement.

Tozo T10: Sound Quality: Why Can We Call It Decent?

In this review, Is the sound the one redeeming quality that will save the T10? Yeah, almost. Like any other consumer-grade audio gear, the T10 goes straight for the bass.

There’s a bass bump, and the buds are loud. But it doesn’t bloat into the midrange with the bass boost, which helps prevent the bloated feeling.

For a dedicated wireless in-ear earphone, sound quality feels relatively competent. 

The sense of space still tends to suffer from this design, however. While not optimal, compared to other real wireless earphones at this price, it is still reasonable and probably actually pretty decent.

Tozo T10: Sound Quality
Control Specs

Most of the time, earbuds are either designed to call directly or use calling features as an afterthought. You’re looking at a pair of earbuds in the case of the TOZO T10, where call quality was pretty obviously an afterthought.

In reality, the earbuds microphone included is practically nothing special at all since each earbud has one on it.

Two different microphones generate immense capacity for incredible things to be achieved. For example, two microphones can be used in your wireless calls to reduce noise significantly.

During workouts, people prefer to listen to upbeat and high-energy songs and it offers its users just that with these earbuds since it plays them very well.

In the end, with powerful bass and moderate high-mid vocal emphasis, the T10 has a slightly scooped tone.

Tozo T10 Battery Lifespan: How Long Can It Last?

Tozo T10 battery life
Tozo T10 battery life

Any device’s life span is determined by its use. The heavier you use, the faster the battery life of the Tozo T10 will fade away.

The lifetime of T10 is usually up to 5 years. But if you’re using this device extensively, this time it may be less, up to 3 years or so.

The charging case is roughly 1.3″ tall and 3.6″ long. Thinking of three quarters, positioned side to side is an excellent way to imagine the length. And the total length of the case is a pair of coins.

Besides, the whole case weighs just a couple of ounces while you have the earbuds inside.

Three little blue LEDs will light up inside the case when you plug in the case and start charging up. Those lights will give you an indication of your charge’s status.

Similarly, when the buds charge, a small red LED will appear and then alert you when they’re full.

Each earbud will last 3.5 hours or so. The charging case helps you to extend the time by 9 hours.

These estimates rely on many different factors. Take the TOZO T10, switch the volume to its highest level, then walk through some cold winter air outside. You can find that the battery lifetime of the T10 creeps closer to 2.5 hours per bud.

Tozo T10 Connectivity: The Power Of Bluetooth 5.0

Tozo T10 Connectivity
Tozo T10 Connectivity

When you pop out the earbuds from their charging case, they will automatically pair up with each other.

After the first time, you have experienced the initial setup process. You will also get a battery indicator displayed on your Windows, iOS, or Android devices, thanks to Bluetooth 5 support.

The Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds are also the same as the IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earbuds, allowing remote contacts with the aid of Bluetooth 5.

Because these are in-ear earphones that do not rely on wing-tips or ear-snares to make sure they are against your ear, it is much more essential than anticipated to find an ideal silicone option for ear-tips.

With the assistance of Bluetooth 5, the TOZO T10 establishes wireless connections. That makes it possible for the T10 to support HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, and HDP. You can get stereo sound in your calls, which implies pairing is a one-step procedure.

Tozo T10 Wireless: Pros and Cons


  • Very Comfortable Fit with each earbud holding steady on your ears.
  • Stereo Sound quality with nice bass and well-defined mids and highs!
  • Hands-free use, decent battery life, and wireless charging.


  • Not good for outdoor listening.

Tozo T10 VS T6: Who Wins Your Best Choice In 2021?

Our Final Thought and Recommendations: Which is better tozo t10 or t6?
Who wins your best choice?

The newer variant of Tozo T10 is Tozo T6. Both earbuds are excellent, and the only way to distinguish them is by personal choice. Like premium earbuds, they appear and feel fabulous, offering simple sounds and decent battery life; while they come at a fraction of the price, the Tozo T6 earbuds go a little beyond that.

The Tozo T10 earbuds are still fine, too. In their way, the T10 earbuds are fine, and Tozo T10 is worth buying if you are looking for a moderately priced pair of wireless earbuds that are easy to wear and if you don’t like the touch buttons.

It’s going to give you a decent amount of playtime from a single charge, and don’t mind your bass-heavy sounds, so this is a perfect match for you.

The Tozo T6 wireless earbuds are the better option for better battery life and enhanced sound quality.

Please note that our conclusion is not the end, although. As stated earlier, everyone has different preferences, specifications, and budgets for their earbuds. Equipped with touch-sensitive controls and much better battery life than the T10 earbuds, the overall sound quality of the T6 is also marginally better.

At last, our winner is the Tozo T6 wireless since it’s the best in this segment. We would highly recommend you all to go for it or choose wisely according to your listening preferences.

Looking for more earbuds from Tozo, check our full in-depth review of the best sound quality Tozo T12 wireless earbuds review only on our site.

Is Tozo Really Worth it?

Let me now give you a short introduction about the company which is manufacturing such great earbuds.

TOZO is a leading and colorful brand of 3C digital accessories and electronics. Their focus is to promote the ultimate modern tech accessories that are reasonably priced and have plenty of features. TOZO rapidly received popularity with the previous few launches, and their products speak for themselves(as mentioned on tozo official website).

Perhaps you’ve never heard of TOZO as a brand before. The reality is, in the mainstream market, they’re not precisely well-known, but through online e-commerce presence, they’ve built quite a good following, especially for tozo earbuds.

The tozo wireless earbuds T6 is not a lot different in this respect. The earbuds are priced low enough to justify most, but not expensive enough to make people hesitate to buy them.

We hope this ultimate Tozo T6 vs T10 guide will help you make the best choice.

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