tozo t12 review

Tozo T12 Review: Best Sound Quality with Powerful Bass

Just a few years ago, no dedicated music fan will even consider using True Wireless Stereo (TWS). But the trend is changing now, thanks to Tim Cook. Here we present the ultimate Tozo T12 Review for your best listening experience!

The Apple CEO batted for TWS when he announced that iPhone 7 will be fully wireless. His decision wasn’t taken well by the public then. But today, we do know that TWS is a big market segment. TWS offers several benefits to its users. Even on a wireless connection, you can listen to music in full stereo. You can significantly allow better sound quality with hi-bitrate audio. No doubt all big headphone brands have kept TWS in their product portfolio.

TWS is the latest trend in the in-ear segment, but how to choose a reliable set of powerful earbuds? The question is quite relevant but the answer is not simple. One way to find your ideal earbuds is to target established manufacturers like TOZO. They are known to manufacture high-quality earbuds at an affordable price. We have compared Tozo T10 vs T6 earbuds earlier. Now, it’s time to find the Tozo T12 specs in this article.

Tozo T12 Review: Quick Overview And Analysis


Tozo T12 Wireless Earbuds

  • Delivers Excellent Sound Quality with wide 10mm drivers.
  • Offers an excellent battery with 5 hours of playtime.
  • Well-engineered overall design with a secure ergonomic fit.
  • Protected with IPX8-rated water resistance for the best shower music!
  • Added features include wireless charging, sleek LCD display, and easy hands-free calling.
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Tozo TWS Earbuds: Overall Design

Best Design

Well-Engineered T12 Design

Comfortable Fit

The Tozo earbuds offer a two-part design just like most other earbuds. They comprise a pair of TWS earbuds along with the charging case.
The earbud case is constructed from a matte black ABS plastic. The matte finish design doesn’t show fingerprints as easily as the glossy design. This makes the Tozo earbuds easy to clean even if you sweat making them ideal for gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts.
Tozo earbuds offer touch control buttons to play/pause music, skip tracks, and answer/end calls. You can also use these tactile buttons to adjust the music volume.

Tozo T12 Wireless: More Design Specs

  • The TWS earbuds comprise ear-fins that provide a tinge of added security in your outer ear. These ear-fins are specially designed to sit-deep in your ear canal ensuring a tight seal and a secure fit.
  • Tozo is very caring as far as the best ear fit is concerned. The True Wireless includes three extra sets of ear tips in the kit so that you can be comfortable listening to your favorite songs.
  • T12 wireless earbuds have a clamshell-style design with a spring-loaded lid. Don’t underestimate this lid, it makes the audio device great for travel. The spring-loaded lid will not open in your pocket by mistake making it seal-tight.
  • The Tozo wireless earbuds allow fast and effortless charging. The charging case and the wireless earbuds are protected with IPX8-rated for water resistance. As we know, IPX8-rating is the highest rating available to signal waterproof features. This proves that the Tozo TWS buds are suitable for complete submission, in the shower, or during swimming. But we don’t advise using any TWS in wet conditions if it’s not required. Still, the choice is yours!

T12 Wireless Review: Battery and Connectivity

Tozo T12 offers excellent battery life to support your marathon music sessions. The earbuds deliver 5 hours of music playtime on a single charge assuming they are fully charged. In total, the charging case guarantees you 18 hours of additional playtime without a single recharge. 18 hours of additional playtime can be considered average considering the 25-hour industry benchmark of today.

Recharging T12 wireless is super easy. There are two options: Charging via USB Type-C cable and wireless charging. It takes 2 complete hours for complete charging via USB Type-C cable to plug it into an AC adapter or USB port. Wireless charging will take 3 hours depending on charger quality and placement.

Tozo wireless lets you connect your smartphone or MP3 player using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The wireless buds allow automatic pairing, high-bitrate audio, along various other connectivity features. Tozo TWS disallows any random disconnections ns establish a more stable connection for your favorite music playlists.

The wireless device delivers almost zero latency so use Tozo TWS for watching movies for a great experience. Users won’t face any issues regarding the signal range as 33 feet is more than enough.

Tozo T12 review also includes a voice assistant feature. You can activate your smartphone’s VA by tapping on the earbud three times. So, Tozo earbuds not only offers a hands-free melody but also makes it easy to operate your phone, even when you are driving.

The battery and connectivity features of this awesome TWS is enough to leave you mesmerized with music, wanting for more.

Tozo Wireless Earbuds: Sound Quality

  • T12 has an excellent sound quality feature for their class largely because of 10mm wide sound drivers. The large size of the drivers helps users a lot, as you get plenty of response across the sound spectrum.
  • Tozo TWS delivers a powerful and impressive bass performance. The bass infuses plenty of punch into your playlist but it doesn’t affect other frequencies.
  • The sound output of Tozo produces clean and clear mids. The vocals sound just fine and the highs are present and shimmery. However, the highs may sound a bit weak on some occasions. It
  • Overall, the sound stage is nice and wide, so you can differentiate instruments without any interference.
  • The T12 wireless sports dual-mic to allow fine hands-free calling. So use these earbuds to attend important calls hassle-free anytime anywhere. But the TWS doesn’t offer any noise cancellation feature. So, you may far certain distorted sounds when used in noisy environments.

Tozo T12 Wireless Earbuds: Pros and Cons


  • Offers secure, comfortable, and ergonomic fit and design.
  • Delivers wide soundstage and powerful bass sound.
  • Secured with IPX8-rated water-resistant feature.
  • Supports wireless charging for easy recharge.


  • Battery life is relatively short considering industry standards.
  • High frequencies may sound weak in the TWS earbuds.

Tozo T12 Review: Final Verdict

Tozo Earbuds Analysis

  • Overall Design
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery and Connectivity


Tozo T12 earbuds score well in most parameters ranging from sound quality to design. Despite suffering from average additional music playtime, it offers excellent bass performance with clear mids and highs. It offers premium features at an affordable price making your go-to TWS choice in any situation. Ideal for travel and outdoor music listening with the highly-rated water-resistant feature.