JBL T160 vs JBL C150SI

JBL T160 vs JBL C150SI: Get Your Best Music Buddy [2021]

A good earphone in JBL T160 vs JBL C150SI can be your best companion.

Whether you are on the road, gym, or your home, you want an earphone that is suitable for all places. JBL, best known for its speakers and headphones has two amazing earphones almost having the same specs but are designed to meet your requirements in their ways.

Look no further than this one-stop comparison post for the best earphone available as of today.

JBL T160 vs JBL C150SI: Best Overview

JBL T160

JBL T160

  • Sleek looks, versatile product and high quality
  • JBL Pure Bass Sound
  • Noise isolation inbuilt microphone
  • A cord that won’t get tangled
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  • Ultra-lightweight and dynamic
  • Powerful 9 mm drivers
  • Superior sound quality
  • Made for all-day comfort
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Is JBL T160 Good?

JBL T160
JBL T160

JBL T160 Specifications: Build and Sound Quality

  • The product quality is always a priority when it comes to JBL. JBL T160 is only 14 grams in weight which ensures that the device can be carried all day long. Such a low right device can be kept attached to your shirt without having an uncomfortable feeling.
  • The device comes with JBL’s Pure Bass Sound that promises to deliver a precise and high-quality sound that you can only find at big venues. The bass is very superior to its competitors and the power of the audio can be felt.
  • The design has been kept simple consider your comfort with a single button to answer your calls too. The cord provided is tangle-free which makes you think about this product twice.
  • The sound quality is made to suit all kinds of audios. Whether you are listening to soothing music or watching a horror film, you will get to feel sound at it’s best version.
  • The noise cancellation feature won’t let any outside side disturb your peace except that when you get a call on your device.
  • The mic is noise-canceling too, which allows you to play games without any disturbances and talk on calls easily.
  • The device is very durable and can withstand rough conditions. As reported by a verified user, the device didn’t get damaged despite leaving it in water for three hours.

Which is better JBL c150si or JBL t160?


JBL C150SI Full Specification: Build and Sound Quality

  • The product is featured for its bass and vocal clarity. Sound performance has been reportedly crisp and very clear as if the performance is live.
  • The bass and treble effect are perfectly balanced which is responsible for the crisp sound. This lets you differentiate between the mids and highs.
  • The device is designed to be very comfortable and has been recommended over its competitors like Sennheiser Cx180 Street 2 and Sony XB-50, giving it weightage in this JBL T160 vs JBL C150SI guide.
  • The device also comes with a 1-button universal remote with a mic. You can quickly launch google assistant or Siri.
  • The sound quality becomes noteworthy because of the JBL signature sound and extra deep bass. This device in JBL c150si original vs fake is not going to disappoint you in this sphere.
  • The device is stylish, available in a white variant. It weighs 50 grams which might be worth it after you listen to the sound quality.

What is the difference between JBL t160 and JBL c150si?

JBL T160
  • At very high volumes, harmonics are generated which can be unpleasant to hear.
  • Durability issues have been reported.
  • Issues with wire quality have been reported.
  • 50 grams weight which is far more than JBL T160.
  • No specific cons except for duplicate products. Therefore, choose the seller wisely before purchasing.

Time To Answer Your FAQs!

Is JBL c150si good?

Well, the answer is complicated. It is true that the quality of JBL C150SI is overall satisfactory. But, this earphone isn’t built to last long-term regular use.

Anyway, the weight of the earphone is so light and comfortable that casual users won’t face any problems. It has 3 ear-tips to choose from, and its casing is by far decent.

Its built-in microphone can well serve your purpose too.

Which Earphones is Better In Quality, Boat or JBL?

First up: both these brands manufacture decent quality headphones within the budget. But for a winner, I would suggest that referring to specific product comparisons is better. Buyers like you and me don’t have to give a damn to any brands!

Refer to this Sony earbuds review if you agree with what I mean!

Which are the Best JBL Earphones?

Well, there is a good list of them. Here you go:

1. JBL Club 700BT
2. JBL Reflect Flow
3. JBL Club 950NC
4. JBL Tune600BTNC
5. JBL Live Free NC+

And a lot’s more! Read the reviews, see their specs and make your decision. If you are interested in multi-brand IEMs, I can help you too!

We hope that with this JBL T160 vs JBL C150SI best reviews guide, you can make the best choice. To add information about user experiences, we have also added information based on reviews on shopping sites. For more earphone options to buy from, add our site to your home screen!

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