Boltune bt bh020 review

Boltune BT BH020 Review: Best and Cheap Earbuds

The use of wireless earbuds has surprisingly increased by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. This Boltune BT BH020 Review will cover the best features of the device in terms of portability, versatility, and providing quality sound performance. There are a few of the many reasons they are this popular. They can be used for several applications like traveling, working out, commuting, cleaning around the house, and many more, which are impossible with wired earbuds.

However, it’s not that easy to choose the perfect pair of wireless earbuds within a small budget. If you are thinking of purchasing the new wireless earbuds of Boltune (BT-BH020) but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, you need to read this detailed review of the product before buying it.

Boltune BT BH020 Review At a Glance

  • Boltune BT-BH020

    boltune bt bh020
    • Stereo sound quality
    • 40 hours playtime
    • Superfast charging
    • IPX8 Waterproof
    • Advance Bass Technology
    • Super light and comfortable to wear
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Best Earbuds Under $50

Sub Title

  • One-step paring technology
  • Enhanced Deep Bass Bluetooth V5.2 Wireless
  • Type-C quick charge
  • 6mm dynamic speakers
  • Noise cancellation technology with 8.0 Noise reduction function
  • IPX8 Level Waterproof

Build Quality and Design: In-ear Stereo Earbuds

  • The ear tips and jackets of Boltune BT-BH020 are made with super-soft liquid silicone to deliver the best in-ear comfort. The set comes with multiple angles and jackets of different sizes to ensure a perfect listening experience.
  • The Boltune earbuds charging case is a tad bigger than most of the cases out in the market due to the earbud’s elongated shape and the vast battery present inside it. The outer part of the case is made up using essential ABS.
  • It comes with 6mm dynamic speakers and a dual microphone for a flawless and fantastic in-ear calling experience.
  • With the buttons provided on the earpieces, you can perform control operations such as play/pause, skip soundtracks, reject calls, answer/end calls, redial and adjust the volume. Moreover, you can activate Siri using these, but it has been programmed to speak only in Chinese.
boltune earbuds for travel
boltune earbuds for travel

Sound Quality: True Wireless

  • Boltune BT-BH020 provides excellent sound performance under this price range, owing to its design. The crystal clear deep sound and the resonant bass provide immersive sound.
  • While listening to low-frequency sounds, the bass feels relatively controlled. As far as the detailing is concerned, the earbuds do a satisfactory job. The midranges give away the presence of a little low-mid range, which is not very clean. In high-frequency sound, we need to bear a slight crispness too. Overall, it does a decent job if we ignore the shortcomings.

Pros and Cons: Boltune Earbuds


  • These earbuds are powered with Bluetooth V 5.2 technology, delivering two times more rapid transmission than older models and better and stable connectivity. It can operate well within a diameter of 50 ft.
  • The One-step paring feature allows even a blockhead to use the earbuds without any prior knowledge. All they need to do is to turn on the Bluetooth option on their mobile phone and connect with BT-BH020. When they are using the device again, it will automatically connect to the mobile phone as soon as the Bluetooth option is turned on.
  • It is pretty light in weight and comes with a firm fit, blocking out most of the extra disturbances from the surroundings. This makes it the right product for jogging or working out, canceling the risk of getting lost.
  • It gives the playtime of 5-6 hours, as mentioned in the description, and even allows quick charging technology.
  • It supports the option of using only one bud at a time so that if one of them gets dead, you can use the other one until the first one is re-charged.


  • The bass might not be great for many people. Although charging the earbuds to a larger size may help a little.
  • Many complaints are stating that while conversing on a phone call, the receiver’s end cannot hear the voice clearly, and instead, they sound faint.
  • As noted while using, the control buttons on the earbuds are a little resistive.

Boltune Earbuds FAQ: How to Use

How to Pair Boltune Earbuds?

The pairing is as simple as turning on the device and making it discoverable. Then use your smartphone or laptop by turning on the Bluetooth and pairing it with the earbuds.
User guide and manual are included in the package which can help you with the instructions.

Are Boltune earbuds compatible with the iphone?

The earbuds are completely compatible with iPhone.

What is the best place to buy it?

The best place to buy the product is amazon since you can opt for replacement options and get the genuine product at a discounted price.

Final Verdict

The Boltune wireless earbuds are great under this price range, providing warm and full sound, punchy bass, decent call clarity, and long battery life. Compared to many wireless earbuds in the market, Boltune BT-BH020 is probably the best under $50.

Although there is a lot of ground for improvement, we can ignore it since it is relatively cheap and durable. In case you are thinking of buying it precisely for making phone calls, it is the right choice since it comes with a mic, and has a good Bluetooth range.

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