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As we all know, earphones or in-ear headphones are the most popular audio device available in the market. They are simple to use, provide excellent bass sound, and come in various types. Different types of earphones can overwhelm the buyers so it is necessary that you assess your specific need before you search for a particular earphone type for your coveted purchase.

The first type to mention in this category is wired in-ears. They are the most popular and common audio device in the market which comes in a very affordable price range. They are light-weight, portable, and easily fit into your pocket. They compromise a little on sound quality but that is largely accepted due to its cheap prices.

Next, we have wireless in-ears. They are easy to use, are super-portable, and are best suited for outdoor listening during exhaustive gym sessions or music on travel. They have easy play/pause controls and deliver a complete tangle-free experience to all its users.

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Then we have True Wireless Headphones (TWS) as another in-ear type. They are extremely popular among all sports-enthusiasts and music lovers alike. They come in awesome premium design and provide a holistic wireless experience like no other. We personally use this type of headphones to help us remain motivated in these difficult times through the Power of Music.

There are many popular brands that claim expertise in the production and sale of diverse types of earpieces. Boat, Sennheiser, Sony, JBL, Skullcandy are some of the brands which have made an international presence in the audio device industry winning the hearts and ears of the users alike. We at Swing Vertigo believe in the motto: “Variety is the Spice of Life”. Hence, we always try to include product choices across brands so that you are the ultimate winner in this age of competition.

Our articles are designed to provide you complete information on diverse types of best earpieces available in the market. Our product selection is based on the top reviews on trusted agencies and the consumer ratings available on Amazon. We are updating our choice pattern on a regular basis so that you can immerse yourself in music like a Next-Gen Pro!

We request you to follow a simple set of steps to get your best purchase through our curated articles. Our articles range from single product reviews to top ten lists so that you get variety both in presentation and choices. You just need to scroll through the product overview along with detailed specs to match your requirement with the product listed. After you get the matching product you desire, click on the big fat CHECK THE PRICE button so that you can comfortably purchase the in-ear product from Amazon from the comfort of your home.

We value your feedback. Your thoughts on the comments below can help us provide you better choices through new articles and updates in the future. Share your experience – good or bad with us as it helps us grow a budding audiophile community which is simple yet powerful to sustain in this New Normal Times.

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