How To Connect Soundbar To TV With Red And White Cable

How To Connect Soundbar To TV With Red And White Cable?

How To Connect Soundbar To TV With Red And White Cable: Red and white cable which are being used by us for a long period of time for transmitting audio signals is also called RCA cable. When connecting a soundbar to a TV we can look for modern connecting methods such as using a wireless connection or HDMI cable. However if you are stuck with an old TV without HDMI port or option for wireless connection you will have to try some old school method and use red white cable which is also called the RCA cable to connect it with your Soundbar.

Connecting A Modern TV To Soundbar Using Red White cable

The advantage that you can get if you are using a modern cable is that the TV is capable of processing the audio and video signals. Unlike older TVs you don’t have to split the connection to get the audio output.

In this article we will discuss the devices in which you can connect a TV with soundbar using RCA cable and the possible outcomes that you can expect including the pros and cons.

rca cable input and output
rca cable input and output

Step 1: Check For Output and Input Ports

Before buying the red and white cable audio so-called RCA cable you have to check whether your TV and sound but contains the output and input ports or not. In case your TV and soundbar are modern and consist of some better option such as HDMI ports you need not go for the RCA cables. You might also have the option of connecting bluetooth soundbar to TV which you should check before buying any cable.

Step 2 Plug and Play: Connect Soundbar to TV without Optical Cable

Once you have ensure that all the proper input and output ports are present the second step becomes easy because we just need to connect cables and you can enjoy your music.\

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Pros of Using Red and White Cable (RCA cable)

  • The most convenient advantage is that RCA cables are very inexpensive and can be found anywhere.
  • RCA cables are very easy to use you don’t need any manipulation on the users end.

Cons of Using Red and White Cable (RCA cable)

  • The first and foremost problem that you will face is low quality sound. Compared to advanced Technologies like HDMI cables have low resolution of audio and reduces the overall audio experience as well.
  • The only way to overcome this is to upgrade your TV or your connection type. You can also go for one of the adapters available in the market to optimize your connection.
  • You won’t he able to enjoy the feature of surround sound even if the soundbar supports it.

Bottom Line

With so many cables out there in the market, it can get hectic to understand which suits your needs. If you don’t have much idea about technical aspects of devices, you mind might understand what’s the best option for you.

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